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Everybody Loves Raymond (1996 – 2005) was a long-running CBS sitcom about a successful sports writer Ray Barone, whose oddball family life consists of a fed up wife, overbearing parents (who live across the street), and an older brother with lifelong jealousy of Ray.

Season 7


The Plan [7.18]

(Amy comes into the kitchen in a panic)
Amy: (hysterical, to Robert) What did you do?
Robert: (not understanding what's going on) What do you mean?
Amy: What did you do? The invitations! (She hands Robert one of the offending invitations) My Aunt Lynn got this in the mail! What did you do?"
Robert: (panicking himself) Oh, my God! This was in the mail?!
Amy: What did you do?!
Robert: Nothing. Nothing. This wasn't supposed to go out.
Debra: (taking the invitation from Robert) Wait a minute, what's the problem? (She finds it, and is equally aghast.) Oh, my God!
Amy: I know! I couldn't even finish reading it because I heard someone screaming, and then I realized it was me!!!
Robert: The wedding planner lady was supposed to print it out and you were supposed to look it over--
Amy: She said you said "send it out"!
Robert: No, I said print it out!
Amy: Well, she sent it out!
Robert: (truly hysterical) OH, MY GOD!!! (Marie comes in, holding an invitation)
Marie: (hysterical) AMY!!! OH, MY GOD!!!
Amy: (matching their hysteria) I KNOW!!! OH, MY GOD!!!
Marie: What happened to it? (Amy points accusingly at Robert)
Amy: Robert! Robert happened to it!
Robert: (feebly) It wasn't supposed to go out! (Amy goes over and thrusts the invitation at Robert.)
Amy: Look at this! Hank N' Pat? N' Pat? They're not hillbillies, Robert! Hank 'N Pat McDougal request the honor of your "presents"--
Debra: Robert, you spelled "presence" like gifts!
Robert: (quietly) It wasn't supposed to go out!
Amy: You even put the wrong date! It's the ninth, not the sixth! People are going to be showing up three days early!
Debra: And what is this: Attire optional?!
Amy: It's black tie optional! Attire optional means "maybe naked!" (The horror of it just never ends...) There's going to be nude people! At the church! On a Wednesday!!
Robert: (quietly strained) It wasn't supposed to go out!