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Extra Credits is a video lesson series presented by game designer James Portnow, animator/narrator Daniel Floyd, and artists Allison Theus, Elisa "LeeLee" Scaldaferri, Scott DeWitt, and Dan Jones.

Main series[edit]

Season 10[edit]

What Makes Us Roleplay?[edit]

Dan: You only have to re-align the player's thinking one time from "This is just a game!" to "Wait, what have I done...?!"

Side Quest[edit]

Dark Souls[edit]

James: Hello, dude! ... Let me introduce you to my sword! Uh, do not introduce him to your sword.

James: [after Dan retrieves his souls] Sweet! Now we can die again!

James: [after Dan shoots an arrow...into the floor; busts up laughing] ...There goes 2 souls!

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