Eyvind Johnson

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Eyvind Johnson

Eyvind Johnson (29 July 190025 August 1976) was a Swedish author. He became a member of the Swedish Academy in 1957 and shared the Nobel Prize in Literature with Harry Martinson in 1974.


  • Man bör tänka sig själv som en person som finns i framtiden och kan bedöma – fördöma eller gilla – det jag som handlar idag, det jag som håller stånd eller sviker.
    • One should think that you're someone living in the future and that you have to judge—approve or disapprove—the I that acts today, the I that keeps up or fails.
    • "Om mod" in: Tor Andræ and Anders Österling, I angeläget ärende, Stockholm: A. Bonnier, 1941.

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