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Ezra Koenig

Ezra Koenig (born April 8, 1984, in New York City) is the lead singer and guitarist of New York based indie rock band Vampire Weekend.


  • Sit on a park wall
    Ask all the right questions
    "Why are the horses racing taxis in the winter?"
    • Song "White Sky"
  • Every dollar counts
    And every morning hurts
    We mostly work to live
    Until we live to work
    • Song "Run"
  • But, wait,
    Oh, it's much too late
    Oh, and I cannot be walking home
    Until I've found my love.
    • Song Carby
  • I think ur a contra,
    And I think that you’ve lied.
    Don’t call me a contra
    Till you’ve tried.
    • Song I Think Ur A Contra
  • His Honor drove southward seeking exotica,
    Down to the pueblo huts of New Mexico,
    Cut his teeth on turquoise harmonicas,
    Oh, Oh, Oh...
    • Song A-Punk
  • a writer once asked what I'd say if i ever met my biggest hater. I paused, thought deeply and said, "probably 'suk a dog dik, motherfuker'"
    • Tweeted on Twitter
  • that story is 93% true
    • In reply to his previous tweet on Twitter
  • #1000daysof1d congratulations. may you reign for 1000 years. your humble servant, ezra
    • Tweeted to the trending hashtag at the time on Twitter
  • 7 min or less - ur not late, 7-10 "sorry", 10-20 "SO sorry!", 20-30 "i am truly ashamed", over 30 min late - fake ur own death
    • Tweeted on Twitter

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