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FBI (2018–present) is a CBS network procedural drama about the New York City office of the FBI where they use all of their skills, intellect, and technology to keep the state of New York and the United States safe. FBI stars Missy Peregrym as Special Agent Maggie Bell and Zeeko Zaki as Special Agent Omar Adom (OA) Zidan.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

OA: How are you dealing with this? Because swallowing hard is the plan.
Maggie: Well the job doesn't stop. So I don't. Eventually, you outrun it.
OA: Did that work with your husband? I'm sorry. It just felt more disrespectful for me to pretend I didn't know. Were you really back to work just a few days after he died?
Maggie: It was a situation that required all hands on deck.

OA: Let's go back to talking about bombings on synagogues and minority communities.
Cole: Is our conversation too difficult for you to follow, agent Zidan? You must be terribly conflicted.
Maggie: We're not here to talk politics.
Cole: Or maybe you and your partner can't handle hard truths. Don't you have anything to say?
OA: Not to you.

Maggie: I never saw Emmett Grant, but I can't get him out of my head.
OA: A lot of people made it out of that building because of you. That matters.

OA: I haven't seen grenades like these since West Point.
Maggie: These are U.S. Army?
OA: Not anymore. They got way more high tech stuff now.

Green Birds [1.02][edit]

OA: The name of the site is Dark Jihad.
Maggie: Jihad?
OA: Caroline was not working with amateurs, she was working with ISIS.

Maggie: I remember being a teenager. You know, I understand wanting to do something because a boy is giving you attention or you want to belong, but I cannot understand why those girls would be attracted to ISIS.
OA: Sure, but you probably had good grades and friends and made the track team and had a good relationship with your father.
Maggie: I understand vulnerability. You don't have to mansplain the female teenage brain to me.
OA: [smiles] Okay, fair enough. My point is, when I was undercover, I saw my faith weaponized all the time.

Barhom: You're familiar with my work?
OA: I saw it with my own eyes.
Barhom: Sometimes, one has to make mistakes on the path to glory.
OA: 'Your path isn't to glory.
Barhom: I've been cleansing the world. Doing Allah's work.
OA: Guys like you shouldn't get to say Allah's name. But you can't help yourself. You got nowhere to go. What's all this for, huh? You've been hiding behind women all day, isn't it time to give up and take credit for all you've done?

Maggie: It was a good shot.
OA: I know. I would have preferred to lock him up. Killing him, they're just gonna call him a martyr. But he was a monster, so a big part of me's gonna sleep a lot better tonight knowing he's dead.


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