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Fahrenheit (published under the title Indigo Prophecy in Canada and the US) is a 2005 video game about a man named Lucas Kane who kills a total stranger in a possessed trance, and soon finds himself thrown into a worldwide conspiracy involving ancient prophecies, global ecological catastrophes, and supernatural battles against omnipotent cults. The game plays in highly cinematic fashion, featuring moderate non-linearity and allowing the player to assume roles of multiple characters, such as Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, NYPD officers in charge of finding Lucas. Fahrenheit features multiple endings, depending on the player's actions.

Directed and written by David Cage.
Guilt is a chilling feeling (taglines)

Lucas Kane

  • Things are never quite what they seem. We think we understand the world around us but we really only see the outside. What it seems to be. I used to be just like you. I believed in humanity, the newspapers, soap commercials, politics and history books. One day the world kicks you in the teeth and you don't have any choice but to see things the way they really are. My name is Lucas Kane. My story is the one where an ordinary guy has something extraordinary happen to him. Maybe it was supposed to happen. Maybe it was my destiny or my karma or whatever. I know one thing for sure... nothing's ever going to be the same again.
  • It all started right here... Where else could it happen? New York, capital of the universe, the chessboard destiny chose for the last big game. I was just another pawn living my pawn's life. Until that night when my life descended into chaos...
  • [to AI, only in the ending where Lucas gives Jade to Agatha, then defeats both the Oracle and AI] That is not how I see the future.
  • [in Hero ending] The cold went away, just like it had come; in silence. As if the Indigo Child had turned the hourglass by delivering her message. Everything was just as it was before. I guess that means the lesser evil, The Oracle and the Orange Clan, went back to their places of power in the secret government of the world. And the Purple Clan went back to haunting us on the Net. I should be happy, I guess. I've been living with Carla for three months. She's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Yesterday, she told me that she's pregnant. It must have been that night in Bogart's underground base. That means that our child was radiated by the Chroma at Wishita. Just like I was in my mother's womb. I don't know what's gonna happen now. I'm the one and only keeper of the greatest secret in the universe. What should I do with all that power? Forget it? Put it in the service of humanity? I've never dreamt about being a god. I just want to live my life, like anybody else, with my wife and child. I'm afraid that destiny might have another path in mind for me.
  • [in Orange Clan ending] After a few days, the temperature on the planet went back to normal. The Oracle let us go. I guess his victory was enough and he didn't feel the need to confront me needlessly. Carla and I went back to New York to await the big changes that were coming, but, nothing happened. Three months after the revelation of the Indigo Child, nothing much had changed for humanity, at least it seemed that way. But I know that one day their plan will reveal itself. Carla and I have been together ever since Wishita. Yesterday, she told that she's pregnant. It must have been that night in Bogart's underground base. That means that our child was radiated by the Chroma at Wishita. Just like I was in my mother's womb. I'm not sure what's going to happen now. Carla and I are trying to lead normal lives, as though nothing had ever happened. I still see through the eyes of the Oracle from time to time. I know that what we went through is just the beginning.
  • [in Purple Clan ending] The temperature continues to drop. It doesn't seem like its ever going to stop. Three quarters of humanity have already perished. The rest are chased night and day by the machines. We're forced to live underground like rats. The Purple Clan are the new masters of the planet. Now that they have the secret of the Indigo Child, nothing has the power to stop them. Carla and I have taken refuge with Bogart and the Invisibles. She's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Yesterday, she told me that she's pregnant. It must have been that night in Bogart's underground base. That means that our child was radiated by the Chroma at Wishita. Just like I was in my mother's womb. The Chroma has made me a sort of hero among the humans. We try to damage the A.I. machines as much as we can, although, our chances of victory are obviously pretty small. Even if we could beat them, we'd still have to live underground because of the cold. In my dreams, I hear voices telling me that our child is the next Indigo Child, the savior of humanity. I try not to listen. For the time being, all I care about is protecting my wife and my child.

Carla Valenti

  • Kate? I'm Inspector Carla Valenti. I'm in charge of the investigation here. Would you mind answering a few questions?
  • Did you get the impression that John and the suspect knew each other?
  • Kate, try to pull yourself together. You are our main witness so I'm gonna need your help.
  • You have to try to be strong, Kate. I know this has been a shock for you, but you're the only one who could help us find the suspect.
  • Did you happen to notice anything strange about John tonight? Did he seems worried or stressed out?
  • [VO; about John] He didn't see the murderer until the last moment.
  • [VO; about John's head] He cracked his head when he fell.
  • [VO; about John's eyes] Why his pupils are dilated? What did he see before he died?
  • Several elements match the M.O. of a ritual killing or mystical trance. The choice of weapon, the killer's cutting himself, the manner in which the victim was stabbed, with precise cuts to the heart... all this points to a religious sacrifice. He might be a Satanist or something like that.
  • Several elements match the M.O. of a serial killer. They like to kill up close, often use knives, and like to leave clues for the stupid police. This would explain the quantity of the clues. 90% of the time, these guys are whites and they kill other whites. It's not a bad match.
  • We didn't have information to determine that right now. He might do it again tomorrow or we might never hear from him again.
  • It seems likely. He got away with this one; everything went perfectly, so he's probably feeling very powerful. It seems likely he'll do it again as soon as he thinks he can.
  • As far back as I can remember, I've been frightened by small spaces. Whenever I'm in a small confined space, I start to panic. I have trouble breathing and I need to get out right away. Yeah, you've heard the name: claustrophobia. Well, I had decided not to let my fear control me. I decided to try and fight it every chance I get.
  • Hello, I'm Detective Carla Valenti, NYPD. You are Lucas Kane, right? I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.
  • [VO; about Lucas linking to the composite] The composite fits this guy like a glove. Could he be the one?
  • [VO; about Lucas] Damn, it would made my life a lot easier if he'd recognize somebody...
  • [VO; examining the list of taxi destinations] The list of taxi destinations on the night of the murder. If the killer left the scene in a taxi, his address might be here.
  • [VO; examining the employee files of Naser & Jones] The list of employees at Naser & Jones. We have the name, address, and photo of everyone who works at the bank. Hey, here's Kane's file... Is he our man?
  • [VO; examining Lucas' fingerprints] Lucas Kane's fingerprints...
  • [VO; when discovering a link to the computer paper and the bookmark] The page mark correspond exactly with the stock quote's found on Kane's desk. He definitely tore his book mark from this page.
  • [VO; when discovering a link to the prints of the pen and the prints from the restaurant] No doubt about it, the prints from the restaurant and the pen come from the same person.
  • [VO; when discovering a link to the two Shakespeare books] The two books are the same collection and have the same dedication. They obviously belong to the same person.
  • [VO; when discovering a link to the composite and Lucas' file] The composite photo responds exactly with Kane's employment photo.
  • [VO; when discovering a link to Lucas' file and the list of calls] Somebody called a certain Markus Kane from the restaurant on the night of the murder... Lucas Kane's employee file says he has a brother named Markus...
  • [VO; when discovering a link to Lucas' file and the taxi destinations] I've seen this address before... Of course! The night of the murder, someone took a taxi to Kane's house!
  • [VO; when discovering a link to Lucas' file and "The Tempest"] The employee file says Kane has a brother named Markus... M.K., the initials of the dedication on the killer's book...
  • Nothing went according to plan, Captain. The operations was set up by the book and everybody did their jobs. But Kane displayed some... abnormal abilities.
  • We underestimated Kane, there's no denying it. We knew he was dangerous, but not that he could knock down armed policemen and then escape hanging under the helicopter.
  • Kane's photo will be in every squad car, train station and airport. We're going over every inch of his apartment and interrogating his associates. He can't stay hidden forever.
  • Hello, Ms. Harper, I'm Detective Carla Valenti from the New York Police Department. I'd like to ask you a few questions. I'll try calling you back a little later today.
  • This time, I'm going to get him. The desk guy swore to us that he was in his room, he's not going to get away.
  • [VO; about the steam not coming out of Lucas' mouth] That's weird, no steam comes out of his mouth when he talks, like his breath was already cold.
  • [VO; about Lucas' story] All this is just unbelievable. But his story is consistent and seems to fit with what I already know.
  • What about these dead people around you, Lucas? What happened to Tiffany and that old woman Agatha?
  • And your apartment? When we came to arrest you, the walls were covered with ritualistic symbols and the articles about the murder cut out of the paper.
  • [VO; about Lucas not having emotion of peoples' deaths] All of these deaths, he talks about them with no emotion, as if nothing mattered to him anymore...
  • [VO; after touching Lucas' hand] His hand... it's as cold as ice...
  • I have to get warm to do that. I'm solid ice from head to toe.
  • I think is probably now or never...
  • Yeah, you're right. I found him, but I think he's innocent. I didn't say anything because I don't want you to get involved, Tyler. You mad at me?
  • Where do we find this Chroma source?
  • If we're both going to die tomorrow, I want you to know something... I... I'm sorry that we didn't meet under better circumstances... maybe if things had turned out differently...
  • Frozen, your lips are like ice.
  • I love you, Lucas.
  • Be careful. I need you...

Tyler Miles

  • I won't be long, baby. Go back to sleep. I'll be there when you wake up. Catch you later.
  • Unless there is a gang hiding knives in bloody toilets, I think I have found the murder weapon.
  • Ok, I'll grab a shower, get dressed and then I'm outta here.
  • Sam looks like she's sulking. And I know what's bothering her.
  • I know how you feel, Sam. You just need some time, that's all. I don't like to see you like this, you know that, baby.
  • I know how you feel, Sam. There's a lot of violence out there. But if nobody does anything at all, gonna go to shit... We're gonna have kids someday and I'd want to leave a world that's a little better than the one we got now.
  • I'm not ready for a normal life, Sam. Right now, I belong here. You need to try to accept me for what I am, and what I choose to do.
  • I'm just not made for that kind of life, Sam. I've been around too much violence all my life to go live some kind of normal life like that. I know you love me, so try to understand me, too.
  • Yeah, I know. So you're ready for retirement, man?
  • Let me hang up my coat and I'll be right with you.
  • The program consists of several types of facial features. You scroll through them until it looks like the man you saw.
  • Thank you very much for your help. We're going to get this picture out to all the airports, train and bus stations, and to all of our patrolmen. If this guy is still in New York, we're going to find him.
  • We know it wasn't premeditated and it wasn't done for money.
  • Some of the elements match the M.O. of a psycho. You know, he left prints and blood everywhere, let himself be seen by witnesses, man, he practically left his name and address. You know, these guys hear God's voice telling them to kill somebody. That would explain the non premeditated part.
  • I don't think so. He must be really scared by now. He knows he got lucky this time, the next time he can't count on that... I think he's gonna go into hiding and we're not gonna hear from this gut for a while.
  • Carla asked me to see what I could find out about the book we found in the diner. It might be able to tell us something about the killer? I inquired in the office and I ended up in a bookshop specializing in old books run by a guy called Takeo...
  • [VO; about Takeo] Damn, this guy looks like that old Chinese dude from Gremlins. If he offers me a little box with a monster in it, I am gone.
  • Calm down, I'm not here to bust you.
  • [VO; after instructed by Takeo to look for his book] Ah man, what am I in a video game...
  • [after Takeo speaks in English accent] Is it just me or did you lose your accent?
  • Yo, nice threads, Jeffrey! Very stylish, my man. You got me totally psyched out in that shit.
  • You can kiss your money goodbye.
  • Normally, I don't like leaving Sam home alone, especially now. But this bookmark had me intrigued. I had a gut feeling that I was holding the key that would identify our killer. I felt like I was closing in on him and I wasn't about to go home to sleep until I'd figured it out what this paper meant.
  • Oh man, nothing but stock quotes. How could anyone possibly decipher these things?... Wait a minute! That's it! I've got to call Carla!
  • I've got the code. You should have no trouble identifying which bank it corresponds to.
  • Hello, I'm Detective Tyler Miles, New York Police. Are you Lucas Kane? I just got a couple of questions for you.
  • [VO; about Lucas linking to the composite] Man, the composite just looks like this guy. I think he might be the one.
  • [VO; after Lucas doesn't recognize his picture] It's gonna take us a while to track this guy down. The composite doesn't seem to be helping much.
  • [VO; about Lucas] This guy seems to be mentally unstable. I think he might be our man... but I got to be sure.
  • Okay, okay, babe. It's been exactly two years since I met the woman of my dreams.
  • Just sip some champagne and I'll be right back before you know it. I'm sorry, Sam, but this is really important.
  • Did you see what that guy just did? Shit, that's crazy!
  • Nobody could have predicated the way things went down, Captain. We should have had him no problem, but the guy pulled some unpredictable stuff out there. This Kane is not the Sunday driver we thought he was.
  • Captain, we're not amateurs. If this guy was a tourist, we would've cuffed him and stuffed him in no time. We underestimated him. He's a lot more dangerous than we thought.
  • Kane's photo will be in every squad car, train station and airport. He put one foot outside, and we'll be all over him.
  • I'm Detective Tyler Miles, NYPD. I'm working on the Lucas Kane case. I think that you two were romantically involved, isn't that right?
  • Have you heard from Mr. Kane recently? Has he tried to contact you?
  • Be careful, miss. Kane's a very dangerous man.
  • I hope that guy didn't screw up when he said he recognized Kane's photo from the papers. He looks so blind, he wouldn't recognize his own mother in a phone booth.
  • Either he's gone through some changes since the photo, or this is not him.
  • Yeah, hey can I get real with you here for a sec, Carla?
  • I get the feeling you're hiding something from me on this Kane thing. Am I right?
  • As long as you do what you think is right, you can't go too wrong.

Markus Kane

  • Hello, you've reached Markus Kane. I'm not in the moment. Please leave a message after the beep.
  • Lucas, it's good to hear from you. I thought I'd call to find out if maybe you want to go to Mom and Dad's tomb together. And, to be honest, I thought it might be a good excuse to get back in touch with you.
  • My God... I can't believe this, Lucas. Tell me it wasn't you. You're not capable of something like that.
  • Had you been drinking? Or taking drugs?
  • Listen, Lucas. I... I'm a bit lost here. This whole story is just so bizarre...
  • It might be better... maybe you go and tell your story to the police, Lucas. Turn yourself in before they find you.
  • Maybe you need some... professional help. Most cases of possession are know to actually stem from psychiatric problems and...
  • I am a priest, Lucas. The fact you have taken a life is a very serious matter.
  • Lucas, don't ask me to make a choice between my faith and my brother.
  • Very well. I'll do whatever I can to help you but I can't do anything against my beliefs.
  • I am happy that you could come.
  • I did a little checking around. Without giving your name, obviously. I was told about a who is familiar with... let's say, unusual phenomena. I think that maybe she could help you. Here, this is her address.
  • You know that I don't believe in any of this, Lucas. But, I sincerely hope that she can give you some kind of answer.
  • Lucas's terrifying story haunted me, all night long. I had to see him, talk to him. I had to find out what Agatha had told him. I wanted to look my brother in the eye, and hear the truth. I'd never been to his apartment before. And it took me some time to find it.
  • Lucas? Lucas, open the door! Lucas!
  • I could swear I heard a scream from the inside. The doorman said Lucas is at home. He isn't opening. Lucas is in danger. I got no other choice.
  • This is all going to end badly, Lucas. You've killed a man, you admit that yourself. You're a murderer, you've got to turn yourself in.
  • Agatha is dead? Are you telling me you...
  • But you're saying you talked to a dead person? None of this makes sense.
  • This is all a bit much, Lucas. What if this whole thing is all in your head? Isn't it possible that you're losing your grip on reality?
  • [VO; about Lucas] Lucas has gone insane. I'm protecting a murderer. But, I can't betray my brother... Dear God, help me. Tell me what should I do.
  • Our host will explain everything.

The Oracle

  • It's one of my favorite books. A shame, so few people read Shakespeare these days. Would you mind if I sat down for a moment?
  • So much has been written about "The Tempest". Especially concerning the theme of magic.
  • Do you believe in the power of magic?
  • You're wrong. You know, there's much more to our universe than can be perceived by the naked eye.
  • Oh, I won't be long...
  • Ah, there you are. I have been looking forward to meeting you. Few men are capable of resisting an Oracle. What is there so different about you?
  • How did you acquire such a power? No matter. What matters is: the time has come for you to die...
  • Pure chance... the Executor is always taken from the crowd. It's a great honor for you to be chosen to serve Quechnitian.
  • The sacrifice has created a link between our souls. Each time that I look through the Serpent, you see what I see. The only way to break the link is for one of us to die.
  • The force that created the universe, the origin of everything. It gives extraordinary powers to those who possess it.
  • Reality is a notion that doesn't have any meaning where I came from. We're not really here, and yet you will die here. Believe me, this world is just as real as your own.
  • Enough talk. Other matters await my attention. We will see each other again in the Other World.
  • It's just... I was unaware of certain factors, my lords.
  • I know not, but it is certainty that he does. This is how he resisted my psychic attacks and successfully evaded the police.
  • Yes, my lord. Someone brushed aside all of my attacks on Kane and protected him.
  • I have already taken measures. He will be definitively dealt with, and soon.
  • You must realize now that I am not joking. So, please don't delay.
  • Enjoy your ride in the other world...
  • The visions are becoming clearer and clearer. I've nearly got her position localized.
  • So, I see you're still alive. I don't know how you've managed it, but that's of no importance now. Give me the child and I will grant you a rapid death.
  • So, you're still alive... I don't know how you've managed it, but that's of no importance now. You've lost the game. The child is mine. Now, I'm going to put you out of my misery once and for all...
  • That's no concern of yours. You'll be dead before that comes to pass. Give me the child, I don't have time to play with you.


  • The bird is such a unique animal. It can spend its entire life locked up in a cage and yet, still keep on singing away.
  • What brings you to me, young man? Tell me, what is your cage like?


  • [as Agatha] You're committing a fatal error, Lucas. I'm going to have to eliminate you.
  • [as Agatha] Perfect. You are no longer necessary. Fool... I can now eliminate you for good...
  • Oh, I forgot to mention one small detail. When we brought you back to life, we added a module within your cortex. It's impossible to kill you as you are already dead. I can, however, annihilate you. A simple touch from me and you will be erased forever. There's no use trying to resist, I have control of you now.
  • Leave him, human. Enjoy these last few moments of life before we take over this planet and rid it forever of your inferior race!
  • Thank you for ridding us of the Oracle, Lucas. Clearly, you have been our greatest ally. Our calculations predicted your victory over him. Now, it only remains for us to play out the final act of this little drama, the one where we activate the module placed in your cortex to control you and force you to place the Child upon the Altar in our name!


  • Bogart: Welcome to the camp of The Invisibles, Lucas. Come and take a seat by the fire.
  • Bogart: [about the Purple Clan] Ah, we've only become recently aware of the Purple Clan. We know almost nothing about them. We suspect that some AIs acquired a sort of consciousness using the net during the '80s. They want the Indigo Child in order to become the dominant life form on the plant. First the dinosaurs, then Man, now Artificial Intelligence.
  • Bogart: [about why the Orange Clan wanted the Indigo Child for] Because they want even more power! The secret of the Indigo Child would allow them to become Gods...
  • Captain Jones: Five men in a hospital, four wrecked squad cars, a helicopter that just missed blowing up in our faces... meanwhile the killer takes a nice, quiet ride on the subway! I hope there is a good explanation for all this!
  • Captain Jones: Just what are you trying to tell me here? That this guy is Superman, that's your excuse? And you seriously expect me to buy that crap?
  • Captain Jones: I don't give a crap about your two-bit excuses! When the press finds out that Kane slipped through our fingers, they're gonna make me a laughing stock and the mayor is going to come looking for my head! Now what is the plan, people? Are you on his trail?
  • Captain Jones: I want every available man on Kane's ass right now. I want him locked up tight in 48 hours or less, you understand me? I want this nut job behind bars before he decides to cut somebody else. Now, get out of here!!
  • Garrett: I called to tell you that I sent you the results of the testing we did on the prints on that pen. They should already be in your e-mail.
  • Garrett: The taxi company should have sent you a list of taxi destinations from the same street as the diner the night of the murder. It should be on the fax in your office.
  • Janos: I was there. I can see through his eyes. Every one of the murders, I'm there.
  • Professor Kuriakin: [VO; about Lucas writing in NY Times] The New York Times is interesting in my work. I bet my esteemed collegues will be green with envy...
  • Professor Kuriakin: You see before you, the ancient Mayan god, Quechnitlan, the Serpent with Two Heads. One head sees in this reality, the second in the Other World. By opening both mouths, the Mayan Oracles could see through the serpent into the Other World.
  • Professor Kuriakin: This painting, dating from the first century BC, shows a sacrificial ceremony. The victim's agony must have lasted quite some time, the priority to keep the mouths open as long as possible. The victim was stabbed three time, each wound cutting a pulmonary artery leading to the heart.
  • Professor Kuriakin: You aren't a journalist, are you? Who are you?
  • Professor Kuriakin: [last words]: The Codex speaks of the coming of a child... a prophet... the answers to all of life's questions... The Oracle... kills to find the child... Ahhhhh....
  • Sam Malone: There is a train leaving in one hour for Florida. It'll be the last one for a long time. I'll be on it, Tyler. With or without you. If you really love me, quit the police and come with me. When this cold stops, we'll get on with our lives, our new normal lives. It's time to make a choice, Tyler.
  • Sam Malone: Hello, Detective Miles... Do you know what day it is today?
  • Sergeant Mitchell: No, at least the investigation never found a connection. Apparently, it was temporary insanity.
  • Sergeant Mitchell: He didn't move from the spot. We found him sitting to the floor next to the victim, like he's waiting for us. With this... blank stare on his face.
  • Sergeant Mitchelll: No idea. All I know is that the murders were basically identical. He slices the arteries leading to the heart, slices them cleanly, and then carves a symbol on his own arms.
  • Sergeant Mitchell: Either they committed suicide, or else they went nuts.
  • Takeo: Ah! I am sorry to cause waiting on you, your presence here bring honor to my miserable shop. My name is Takeo. Ah! Tell me what can I do to make you happy.
  • Takeo: Oh yeah, that's for the customers they love that wise old Japanese master stuff. I was born in Brooklyn man, I never been no further than Long Island. I'm more American than you are, man!
  • Tiffany Harper: I love you, Lucas. I don't want to lose you...


Kate Morrison: Sir, can I get you something else?
Lucas: No, nothing.

Martin: Can I help you with something, sir?
Lucas: In the toilets... it was horrible. It... it wasn't me. I'm innocent.
Martin: I think you better splash some water on your face. That will do just fine.

Carla: How's it going, McCarthy?
Martin: Evening, Inspector, I've been waiting for you. Hey, Tyler.
Tyler: Hey, Martin.
Carla: So, what happened?
Martin: Homicide. I found the body in the toilets. I had to go before I went home.

Tyler: Hey, Martin, you know where I can find some coffee?
Martin: The machine is behind the bar. Just help yourself.

Tyler: Do we know anything about the victim?
Martin: His name was John Winston, he worked at the little store next to the neighborhood. He lives alone in a small apartment. According to Kate, he was just a guy.

Garrett: It's funny seeing you on the job at this hour, Tyler. What, you fall out of bed?
Tyler: Yeah, don't make me laugh, Garrett, my lips are chapped.

Frank: You look hammered, Tyler.
Tyler: Yeah, this is my third night on call in a row. You know me, man, if I don't get my beauty sleep, it's zombie city.
Frank: Ah, you should be outta here pretty soon now.
Tyler: You don't know Carla. She's capable of keeping everybody up till breakfast. She is by far most stubborn girl I ever met.

Carla: Do you know the victim well?
Kate Morrison: John was a regular, he came every Monday. He always ordered the same thing and left a nice tip.

Carla: Can you tell me anything about the customer who left just before they discovered the body?
Kate Morrison: He was just a normal guy. I didn't really pay any attention to him.

Carla: What was he like, Kate? Do you think you could describe him for me?
Kate Morrison: I only saw him for a few seconds. I guess he was about average height, fairly young. That's all I can remember.

Carla: Could anyone else have come in?
Kate Morrison: No, I don't think so. You can only get in the front door. If somebody would have come in, I would have seen them.

Carla: What was the man doing before the murder happened?
Kate Morrison: He was there for a while. He was reading, I think.

Carla: Do you know whether the victim had any enemies, anybody that might want to kill him?
Kate Morrison: John was just a nice normal guy. I can't see why anybody would want to kill him.

Carla: Was John here alone? Did he speak with anyone?
Kate Morrison: John always came alone. We chatted a bit; the weather, his job... The usual stuff. He never talked to anybody else.

Carla: Did you get the impression that John and the suspect knew each other?
Kate Morrison: No, I don't think they did know each other. The man had already been here a while when John came in. They didn't talk to each other. No, I'm almost certain that John didn't know him.

Carla: There was a cup of coffee on his table. Do you remember whether he was the one who ordered it
Kate Morrison: A cup of coffee? No... No, I'm certain he didn't order any coffee.

Carla: Was anyone else sitting at the his table?
Kate Morrison: It's strange, I can't really remember... I remember him very clearly, but I'm not sure if he was with anyone or not...

Kate Morrison: My shift was almost over. I was just chatting with Martin at the bar. John got up and went into the restroom. The man must have followed him and snuck afterwards because I didn't see him leave.
Carla: What happened next?
Kate Morrison: Martin went into the restroom and that's when he found John.

Carla: Did you happen to notice anything strange about John's behavior tonight? Did he seemed worried or stressed out?
Kate Morrison: No, he's just normal as he is. He even made a joke when he came in.

Carla: Did you happen to notice anything strange about the suspect's behavior before he went to the restroom?
Kate Morrison: No... Wait, yes, I remember something. I came back at one point just to check if he needed anything. He didn't answer me. He just stared straight ahead. It's weird, I didn't push it... My god, if I only had known...

Policeman: Are you Lucas Kane?
Lucas: Yeah.
Policeman: Mr. Kane, the neighbors heard yelling from your apartment. Is there a problem?

Policeman: What happened to your wrists, sir?
Lucas: I told you, I had a stupid accident with some broken glass.
Policeman: Holy cow, when you cut yourself, you go all the way, don't you?

Markus: I'm happy to see you. I missed you. It's been a while...
Lucas: Two years.
Markus: So, tell me what's happened, Lucas.
Lucas: I've killed a man, Markus. It happened in a restaurant last night. It's like I was... possessed. In a sort of trance... Like I was a puppet on a string. I saw what I was doing, but I was powerless to stop it.
Markus: My God... I can't believe this, Lucas. Tell me that it wasn't you. You're not capable of something like that.

Jeffrey: Hey, Carla, can you tell your partner to pay me back that 100 bucks he owes me? I've been waiting six months for it now.
Carla: Can't help you there, Jeffrey. Talk to him about it.
Jeffrey: He's been avoiding me like the plaque. Plus, you know you're the only he listens to.
Carla: Catch you later, Jeffrey.

Tyler: Go back to bed, Sam. You're gonna catch your death of cold like that.
Sam: I'm not cold.
Tyler: Look, Sam, please don't start. I got no intention of dying today.
Sam: I'm sick of living in fear like this. Every morning, I'm terrified that something is gonna happen to you.

Jeffrey: Hey, Tyler, whatta ya know, just the guy I was looking for.
Tyler: Oh, shit.
Jeffrey: Remember that 100 bucks I loaned you about six months ago? I really want you to get it back to me as soon as possible, like maybe now, for example.

Tyler: Jeffrey, don't tell me you're prepared to ruin a beautiful friendship for a hundred lousy dollars?
Jeffrey: This may surprise you, but yes. So give up the cash before I start to get really angry.

Tyler: Jeffrey, do you believe in our lord Jesus Christ? Because he believes in you! And way up in the clouds, he's telling you: "Money has no value, Jeffrey! The only thing that really matters is love, man!"
Jeffrey: That's real funny, Tyler. Now give me my 100 bucks before I get really pissed.

Tyler: Jeffrey, I'm going to be honest with you, man. I have no more money. I gave it all to charity in an effort to make the world a better place for you and for me.
Jeffrey: That's real funny, Tyler. Now give me my 100 bucks before I get really pissed.

Tyler: Listen, Jeff, I got a little cash-flow problem at the moment. Nothing I can't handle but, it's pretty tight right now, and...
Jeffrey: Tyler, I'm gonna be frank with you here. I don't really give a shit about your problems, I want my 100 bucks and I want it now!

Tyler: Yo, let me make you a deal. I'll play you a game of B-ball for your 100 bucks. If you win, I'll give you 200 bucks right there, but if you lose, we're cool.
Jeffrey: You'll give me 200 bucks if I win?
Tyler: You got my word, man.
Jeffrey: Alright, you're on. But don't even think about not paying me when you lose because that...
Tyler: Don't worry, Jeffrey. I'll come by and see you when I get five minutes.

Tyler: What did you find on the knife?
Garrett: Got some good prints off it. They matched those found on the fork and glass at the suspect's table.
Tyler: So the murderer is definitely on that table.
Carla: Anything on the blade?
Garrett: I'm getting to that. We definitely had blood from the victim, but the weird thing is we also found blood from the killer.

Tyler: Did you get the list of calls that came through the telephone at the restaurant?
Garrett: Yep. There were about a dozen that preceded the murder. I'll send you a list by e-mail.

Carla: Did you find anything on the coffee cup?
Garrett: The only prints we found belonged to the waitress.
Tyler: That's impossible, man! That cup was half empty! Someone must of drank it!

Garrett: So, what do you think of all that?
Carla: I don't have any explanation for the blood in the stall. The victim could have wounded the killer during a struggle, but it doesn't make sense that it would be in the stall. It's as though the killer wounded himself...
Garrett: Hey, why not? You get clumsy fools in every other profession, why not killers?
Carla: That's kind of a flimsy explanation, Garrett.
Garrett: To each his own, Carla. I do the testing, you figure out the reason why.
Carla: Thanks for your help, Garrett. See you later.

Garrett: So, what do you think of all that?
Carla: Not a whole lot right now. This case just doesn't make sense... There's something not right here.
Garrett: You know, with all of the weirdos running around loose these days, nothing makes any sense anymore. These killers, half the time they don't know why they did it. The world is going crazy, Carla, I'm telling you.
Garrett: Thanks for your help, Garrett. See you later.

Carla: Did he die immediately?
Morgue Doctor: No, it would be fairly slow, probably at least three or four minutes; the time for the brain to stop functioning due to the lack of oxygen.

Carla: Do you think the killer had some knowledge of anatomy?
Morgue Doctor: It's not impossible, but I doubt that someone who understood human anatomy would do this. You'd really have to be deranged to want to provoke a slow and agonizing death in this manner.

Tyler: Now we're going to try an assemble a composite photo of the suspect you saw. We have a computer program to help us. We'll see, it's really simple. It's kind of like a video game. Have you ever played a video game, Mrs. Morrison?
Kate Morrison: No.
Tyler: It doesn't matter, you're gonna do fine. The most important thing is to try and remember exactly what happened.

Lucas: So, how's life?
Tiffany: I'm pretty swamped with work at the hospital right now and I'm not completely moved in yet, but I'm doing fine.

Lucas: I had a few health problems, but I'm better now.
Tiffany: That's good...

Lucas: I've got some big problems right now. I can't really talked about it, but it's fairly serious stuff.
Tiffany: If there's anything that I can do for you, Lucas.
Lucas: Man, I wish there was, but no thanks for offering, though.

Lucas: Are you... Are you with anybody? I'm sorry, I shouldn't be asking you that.
Tiffany: No, no, it's okay. I don't mind. No, I'm still alone. And you?
Lucas: Yeah, I'm alone too. I've had a little trouble getting over you.

Young Markus: Lucas? You coming?
Young Lucas: I don't want to, Markus. Leave me alone.
Young Markus: I've about had it with you, Lucas. You're always off by yourself, you never talk to anyone, you never play with anyone. I'm starting to think maybe you're crazy. You're weird, that's for sure.
Young Lucas: Is that bad?
Young Markus: Come on, do me a favor. Just play with everybody this one time.

Young Markus: Lucas! Are you hurt?
Young Lucas: No, just a few scratches.
Young Markus: And the others?
Young Lucas: I managed to warn them in time. They all got out.
Young Markus: How did you know that was going to happen, Lucas?
Young Lucas: I saw it. I saw it before it happened. Don't ask me how.
Young Markus: You know they'll never believe that.
Young Lucas: I know.

Tyler: I was digging around in my closet and I found this old book, thought it might be worth something.
Takeo: Ah unhappily, I am but a worthless well of ignorance. My tiny expertise extend only to books I sell here.

Tyler: Can you just take a look at it, you must have seen books like this one before.
Takeo: Ah many times yes, I very sad to say no can be helping you.

Takeo: Ah maybe there is something I can do for you. One client order very rare book. Since this morning, I look for it but impossible to find. You! Find this book and I tell you all you want to know...
Tyler: So what does it look like this book you want?
Takeo: Ah, easy! It from same collection as this one.
Tyler: Ok, I oughta be able to handle that...

Tyler: Can you tell me anything about the book?
Takeo: Yes nice edition, leather cover. Looks like one of the Shakespeare series published by Lamark & Everett, 1884.

Tyler: It's a fairly rare book, right?
Takeo: Well it's not something you'd find in a grocery store but any book specialist could find you a copy.

Tyler: Is there anyway to find out who would've sold this book?
Takeo: Na! This book ain't worth enough for any seller to remember it.

Sergeant Mitchell: You're a very good shot. I have to say you're a heck of a lot better than most I see around here. So, what do you want to know about the Kirsten case?
Carla: Well, for instance, what exactly happened?
Sergeant Mitchell: A guy name Kirsten is calmly shopping at the local supermarket. He's in the kitchen accessories aisle when someone picks up a knife and stabs him to death.

Carla: Was the killer apprehended?
Sergeant Michell: He didn't move from the spot. We found him sitting on the floor next to the victim, like he was waiting for us. With this... blank stare on his face.

Carla: Did he know his victim?
Sergeant Mitchell: No, at least the investigation never found a connection. Apparently, it was temporary insanity.

Carla: Did he have any history of drug addiction? Or, previous psychiatric problems?
Sergeant Mitchell: That's the first angle I looked into. But no. No drugs, no drinking. Just a very normal Joe, a family man, with a wife and kids, a good neighbor.

Carla: Did the killer ever try to explain why he did it?
Sergeant Mitchell: When I arrived at the scene, he'd lost all of his memory of what he did. He was talking, but he was incoherent. He kept saying he wasn't him who'd done it. That's all I could get from him.

Carla: Any other interesting elements in the case?
Sergeant Mitchell: Ah, one more detail: the killer then used the knife to carve some symbols on his own forearms. Very weird stuff... It looked like a snake or a serpent...

Carla: Maybe he just cracked lost it for a moment. Some people are like time bombs just waiting to go off...
Sergeant Mitchell: That's the first theory I had. Until I saw the coroner's report. Each knife entry cut cleanly into an artery leading to the heart with perfect accuracy. Precision like that... I mean, the guy had a one in a million chance of doing that.

Carla: You didn't stop your investigation there, did you?
Sergeant Mitchell: No, this case really intrigued me. What could have motivated him to do something like that? I checked out piles of leads and discovered, almost by accident, that this wasn't the first. There'd been other killings with the same profile.
Carla: You mean where the killer had the same bizarre M.O., and stuck around afterwards?
Sergeant Mitchell: Exactly. Three weeks earlier, on the other side of town, another stabbing victim, in the middle of the street, no motive. Then I discovered the third case, two moths prior to that. Then another, and another... And always the same M.O.

Carla: And in all these cases the perp was arrested?
Sergeant Mitchell: Nope. Either they committed suicide before we got there, or else they went nuts. But each time, the stabbing is identical. They cut all the arteries leading to the heart very precisely. Then carved a snake on their own forearms.

Carla: You mean to say the killings are all connected?
Sergeant Mitchell: No idea. All I know is that the murders were basically identical. He slices the arteries leading to the heart, slices them cleanly, and then carves a symbol on his own forearms.

Carla: Then what happened?
Sergeant Mitchell: Then I was pulled off the Kirsten case without explanation. They threw me a bone with a job as an instructor at the academy I ended up taking it. But I've never forgotten those killings. I always suspected that there was something going on there, and I think that's why they took me off it. So I couldn't sticking my nose in.

Carla: When I got here and first mentioned the case to you, you knew the file had been classified. Tell me, how do you know that?
Sergeant Mitchell: Every one of the files on those killings was locked up tight without anybody even checking for links between them. Strange, don't you think?

Carla: And the man who killed Kirsten, what ever became of him?
Sergeant Mitchell: His name is Janos. He lost his mind. They've got him locked up in Bellevue.

Tyler: Yo, you "D" up pretty good for a white cop...
Jeffrey: You ain't so bad yourself, you got some game...
Tyler: Maybe I should have mentioned that I did some ball at college... So, as for the 100 bucks. it's game over, man.
Jeffrey: You're a real S.O.B., Tyler.
Tyler: I know, and that's why you like me, Jeffrey.

Markus: Lucas, for God's sake... Have you lost your mind? What's come over you?
Lucas: The walls... The walls were blown away... The wind... The tempest... I...
Markus: Why did you do this, Lucas, why?
Lucas: Somebody tried to kill me.
Markus: For heaven's sake, Lucas! There's no one else here but you and I! You were all alone when I arrived! All alone, Lucas!!
Lucas: What's happening to me, Markus? I don't know what's happening...
Markus: It'll be all right, Lucas. Everything will be fine. I'm going to help you, you'll see.
[Lucas and Markus hug]

Tyler: Tyler Miles.
Carla: It's a list of stock quotes. Our book mark is printed in a bank!
Tyler: Stock quotes? How'd you figure that out?
Carla: It'd take too long to explain. There's got to be a way to identify the bank that printed out that list!
Tyler: Yeah, you're right! Damn, there's got to be a way. First one who finds it, calls the other back!

Carla: Hello?
Tyler: It's a list of stock quotes, Carla. Out book mark was printed in a bank!
Carla: Of course, it's so obvious. How'd you figure that out?
Tyler: I had a look on the Internet! It was right under our noses from the beginning and we never saw it. Now all we have to do is to figure which bank printed it.
Carla: Can you fax me the bookmark? I think I have an idea. I'll call you right back.

Tommy: Hey, since when are you interested in investments?
Carla: It's about one of my investigations. I thought maybe you could help me with a question I have. I was wondering, is there a way to identify a bank from a list of stock quotes that they've printed?
Tommy: From your fax, no. But normally, the original document is printed on watermarked paper, showing a numeric ID code identifying the bank.
Carla: The ID code is printed on a watermark? Alright, I'll check our document to see. Thanks, Tommy. Good night.

Carla: I'm really sorry to bother you, Tommy.
Tommy: No problem, I wasn't ready for bed yet anyway. What can I do for you?
Carla: It's about one of my investigations. I thought maybe you could help me with a question I have. I was wondering, is there a way to identify a bank from a list of stock quotes they've printed?
Tommy: Normally, yeah. Banks always use watermarked paper, which shows the bank's ID code.
Carla: The ID code is printed on a watermark? Alright, I'll check our document to see. Thanks, Tommy. Good night.
Tommy: 'Night, Carla.

Lucas: Questions? What about?
Carla/Tyler: I'm working on a homicide case and we have reason to believe that the murderer works at this bank.

Lucas: You have questions you need to ask me?
Carla/Tyler: Nothing personal, don't worry. Your boss told me that you were in charge of computer maintenance. I just have a couple of questions, it won't take long.

Lucas: It's just that... I don't really see how could I be of any help to you...
Carla/Tyler: Well, it's worth a try. It won't take very long.

Carla/Tyler: Is there a problem, Mr. Kane?
Lucas: Huh? No... no, sorry.
Carla/Tyler: Is there a way to determine where this particular document was printed out?

Lucas: No, not really. Our printers don't leave any identifiable marks.
Carla/Tyler: A witness helped us make a composite photo of the suspect. Would you mind taking a look at it for us?

Lucas: Hey, this looks like a lot of people I know... Could even be me!
Carla/Tyler: Yeah, these composites can be a little vague.

Lucas: Sorry, I... I'm not much for remembering faces... Plus, you know I run into a lot of people around here...
Carla/Tyler: I understand. But, hey, it was worth a shot, right?

Lucas: Oh, I had a stupid accident doing some repair work. I guess I'm not much of a Mr. Fix-it guy.
Carla/Tyler: Hey, is that a picture of you and a priest? Is he a friend of yours?

Lucas: Yes, of course, I'm in charge of computer maintenance, so I have access to every type of paper we use. This list could even have been printed on my printer if that's what you want to know.
Carla/Tyler: Can you tell me where you were in the night of January 26th?

Lucas: I don't get out much, so I was probably at my place...
Carla/Tyler: Is there anyone who can verify that?

Lucas: Look, I'm sick of all these stupid questions! If you're gonna accuse me of something, just do it and get it over with!
Carla/Tyler: Pardon me. These are routine questions.

Carla/Tyler: Feeling better?
Lucas: Yeah, thanks.
Carla/Tyler: Well, I don't have any more questions. I'll let you get back to work. Thank you for your cooperation, sir.

Carla: Detective Valenti.
Garrett: Hi, Carla, it's Garrett. I called to tell you to that I sent you the results of the testing we did on the prints on that pen. They should already be in your email.
Carla: Perfect, thanks Garrett. I'll take a look right away.
Garrett: The taxi company should have sent you a list of taxi destinations from the same street as the diner the night of the murder.

Lucas: Why did they pick me? Why did they want to kill that guy?
Agatha: Pure chance. They just needed one man to kill another in order to open the mouth of the serpents. You're not the first to be chosen to perform the sacrifice, and certainly not the last...

Lucas: Then who made me commit that murder? Who came down and sat at my table at the restaurant?
Agatha: No one knows his real name. They call him "Oracle". He serves as the most powerful of the powerful.

Lucas: Why do I have these visions? They are real, aren't they?
Agatha: In a way, yes. They are using the visions to try and eliminate you. You've seen too much, so you've become an inconvenience.

Markus: What are you doing here? What happened?
Lucas: The police found me. I managed to get away. I walked all night... I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I came here...
Markus: My God... This time you really have to go to the police, Lucas. There is no other solution.
Lucas: I'm not turning myself in until I understand what happened.

Lucas: Something's strange is happening to me, Markus. Since the murder, I find I can do... abnormal things. I see visions of certain events before they happen. Sometimes, I can even hear what people are thinking, and my body has become much stronger and faster.
Markus: Nobody has powers like that. You're not turning into a superman, Lucas.

Lucas: Someone tried to kill me through my visions. They can attack me anywhere. I think they want to prevent Agatha from talking to me.
Markus: This is all a bit much, Lucas. What if this whole thing is all in your head? Isn't it at least possible that you're losing your grip on reality?
Lucas: I'm not crazy, Markus. I used to think maybe I was, but now I'm sure that something's going on here.

Markus: So, what are you going to do? You can't stay here, the police will certainly come to question me, and probably place me under surveillance.
Lucas: I have to find someplace to hide. I'm a fugitive. My description will go everywhere. At least now I know there is an explanation. I need to find the people who are behind all of this.
Markus: Be careful, Lucas. They'll kill you if they get the chance.

Tyler: Do you mind if I look around your apartment?
Tiffany Harper: Well, it's just tha...
Tyler: Hey, I'll only be a minute.

Carla: It make sense to me. Please, Anton, tell me what you want to know.
Anton Janos: A man and a woman. In a laundromat. She's a little overweight, Hispanic looking, hm, he has a knife planted in his eye.
Carla: How did you know that?
Anton Janos: I was there. I can see through his eyes. Every one of the murders, I'm there.

Carla: Who is the murderer?
Anton Janos: Nobody knows. Nobody sees him. He leaves no traces in peoples' memories. But I know, I know he exists. He is among us, invisible. He is everywhere.

Carla: And you, Anton? Why did you killed that man?
Anton Janos: I didn't kill anyone! I was just his instrument, I hear his voice in my head, And I see the blood, always, always... It has to stop!

Lucas: Professor Kuriakin?
Professor Kuriakin: Yes?
Lucas: My name is John Cunningham. I'm a journalist and I'm gathering information for an article I'm writing about the Mayan religion.
Professor: Ah! Yes, I've been waiting for you, young man. What paper did you say you write for once again?

Professor Kuriakin: Well, then, let's have a go at it. Where would you like to start?
Lucas: Can you tell me anything about Quechnitlan?
Professor Kuriakin: Of course. Come, I'll introduce you!

Lucas: Can you explain this "other-world"?
Professor Kuriakin: The world beyond out own, the kingdom of the Gods and the dead. The Mayan believed that human sacrifices allowed them to hear the voices of the deceased, and see into the future.

Lucas: What would you need to do to get the serpent to open its two mouths?
Professor Kuriakin: A human sacrifice, of course. The liberated soul then opens the passage, and thus the Oracle can use this "serpent channel" to see into the Other World.

Lucas: What exactly do we know about these Oracles?
Professor Kuriakin: Oh, not very much, they were very mysterious. They served as mystic liaisons, allowing man to connect with supernatural forces. If we can believe the ancient texts, the Oracles possessed strange powers.
Lucas: What kind of powers did the Oracles possess?
Professor Kuriakin: Some passages mention a supernatural life force, permitting the Oracle to live in several hundred years.

Lucas: Tell me, how did the sacrificial ceremony work?
Professor Kuriakin: Come, I'll show you.

Lucas: What happened to the executor after the sacrifice?
Professor Kuriakin: He went mad and committed suicide after accomplishing his part of the ritual.

Lucas: My name is Lucas Kane. The police are looking for me about a murder that I did not commit. But, I was the executor...
Professor Kuriakin: You're a murderer?
Lucas: I'm innocent! I stabbed someone I'd never seen before, three times, cutting his arteries... just like you described.
Professor Kuriakin: Do you mean to say that there is Mayan Oracle still living today? But that's completely impossible!

Lucas: Have you seen this symbol before?
Professor Kuriakin: It's the symbol of Quechnitlan! The Executors cut these into their forearms before accomplishing the sacrifice. So, it is true... My God... The Codex was right...

Lucas: I'm telling you the truth, professor. Sometimes, I can even see t through the eyes of the Oracle.
Professor Kuriakin: What do you see?
Lucas: A young girl... She's very still... like she's waiting.
Professor Kuriakin: A young girl... Oh, my God... The Codex was right...

Lucas: Why do I have to die? I pose no threat to you.
The Oracle: The sacrifice has created a link between our souls. Each time that I look through the Serpent, you see what I see. The only way to break the link is for one of us to die.

Lucas: The Chroma? What does that mean?
The Oracle: The force that created the universe, the origin of everything. It gives extraordinary powers to those who possess it.

Lucas: I have no time to explain, Markus. Run, shut the doors, lock them tight! I'm begging you! Just... just do what I say!
Markus: Oh, come now, Lucas...

Lucas: Markus, is there anybody else with you?
Markus: Yeah, I was talking to a man when the telephone rang.
Lucas: It's him, Markus! It's the Oracle! Shut yourself in somewhere, and lock the doors! You can't let him get to you...

Lucas: I see through the eyes of the Oracle. I saw him go in your church. I know he's in there now.
Markus: But what could he want in here?

Markus: Alright, I'm locked in. Now, can you explain what's going on?
Lucas: Call the police and don't come out until they get there.
[Lucas hangs the phone]
Markus: Lucas?

Young Lucas: Hurry up. We don't have much time.
Young Markus: Are you sure you want to go, Lucas? It could be dangerous...
Young Lucas: We have to go in there ready for anything, Markus, right? Maybe there'll be an alien spaceship inside. Or the tomb of an ancient king and all of his treasures?
Young Markus: Or a giant frozen dinosaur? And what if it's a secret weapon to take over the world?
Young Lucas: Come on, let's hurry. The hanger is gonna be well guarded. We'd better get going if we don't want Mom and Dad to catch us.

Young Markus: Now what?
Young Lucas: The only way to get to the hanger without being seen is to climb up the telephone pole and hang from the cable.
Young Markus: Impossible, that pole is right under the guard's nose.
Young Lucas: I know, but there's no other way.
Young Markus: Listen, I'm going to try to get him to look the other way. Meanwhile, you run and climb up the pole. I'll try to set it up so you'll have enough time.
Young Lucas: Okay, but how are you going to get in?
Young Markus: I'll meet you back at the house. You'll tell me everything when you get back. At least that way, we'll know for sure whether there's a flying saucer in that hanger.

Carla: You got a lot of guts here, Mr. Kane. To call my office and ask for a meeting when every cop in the country is hot on your trail... I didn't see that coming.
Lucas: Your investigation has too many shadowy areas in it for you to content yourself with the official version. You're here because you think I might have the answers to your questions.

Carla: Well then, who is the real killer?
Lucas: I don't know his name. I don't even know if there's anyone alive who does. All that I do know that he is a Mayan Oracle who has the power to erase all memory of his existence from anyone who sees him.

Carla: Why does he want to kill all of these people?
Lucas: He's using a ritual to find a little girl, the Indigo Child.

Carla: The Oracle isn't acting alone, is he?
Lucas: He belongs to a secret clan who united the most powerful beings on earth. Their power has no limit and will do anything to get the Indigo Child.
Carla: You mean the Orange Clan?
Lucas: You already know about them?
Carla: I went to see one of the murderers in an asylum. He talked about the Orange Clan.

Carla: What about these dead people around you, Lucas? What happened to Tiffany and that old woman, Agatha?
Lucas: The Oracle wanted to eliminate me. I had become an inconvenience to him. He wanted to keep Agatha from talking and used Tiffany to draw me into a trap.

Carla: And you, what's your role on this?
Lucas: I was just a random victim of the Oracle, nothing more.

Carla: There have been similar murders, haven't there?
Lucas: The Oracle has been waiting for the Indigo Child for over 2000 years. But he didn't know when or where she would arrive. So he had to do periodic sacrifices in order to find her as soon as she was born.

Tyler: Sam? What are you doing here, babe?
Sam Malone: There is a train leaving in one hour for Florida. It'll be the last one for a long time. I'll be on it, Tyler. With or without you. If you really love me, quit the police and come with me. When this cold stops, we'll get on with our lives, our new normal lives. It's time to make a choice, Tyler.

Tyler: I love you too damn much, Sam. I wouldn't let you go for anything in the world.
Sam Malone: Oh, Tyler... I'm so afraid of losing you.
[Tyler and Sam hug]

Tyler: It took me a long time to figure out who I was and where I belonged, Sam. But, now I know, I know there are people who needed help and who are counting on me. My place is here, with them. I feel like I'm a part of something good, here. I love you, Sam, but I can't give up who I am.
Sam Malone: I understand... I don't know what's going to happen on this planet, but I wish you luck, Tyler.
[Tyler and Sam hug]

Tyler: Carla, I...
Carla: As long as you do what you think is right, you can't go too wrong. Good luck to Florida, Tyler.

Tyler: I'm going to go help Jeffrey and Doug. They're heading down to take a look in the Southern sector to make sure everybody is out of there.
Carla: Tyler? As long as you do what you think is right, you can't go too wrong.
Tyler: Good luck to you, Carla. I don't know how all of this gonna end up, but I hope it all works out for you.

Markus: Lucas, you're safe and sound!
Lucas: Markus! How did you end up here?
Markus: They came looking for me. They explained everything, Lucas. I know now you weren't crazy. I hope you can forgive me for doubting you. I couldn't have possibly know that you were really...
Lucas: What are you talking about?
Markus: Our host will explain everything.

Lucas: So, who are you?
Bogart: My name is Bogart. I run this unit of the Invisibles. I was following the Oracle on the night you killed that man in the restaurant. I was surprised that you survived until I realized that you possessed the Chroma.

Lucas: Who are you? Why did you help us?
Bogart: We are the "Invisibles". Since the dawn of time, we have been secretly observing the Clans. Our mission is to ensure that the Indigo Child doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Lucas: There's another Clan besides the Orange Clan, isn't there? The thing that took on Agatha's form wanted the child, too.
Bogart: Ah, we've only become recently aware of the Purple Clan. We know almost nothing about them. We suspect that some AIs acquired a sort of consciousness using the net during the '80s. They want the Indigo Child in order to become the dominant life form on the plant. First the dinosaurs, then Man, now Artificial Intelligence!

Lucas: What do you know about the Indigo Child?
Bogart: She's a perfectly pure child whose soul is never been incarnated. Her coming has been awaiting since the dawn of time.

Carla: You're the ones who sent me that e-mail on Kirsten, aren't you?
Bogart: Normally, we never intervene directly, but it seemed necessary to help you see that Lucas wasn't really guilty of murder. We thought that you might ultimately help him in his mission.

Carla: Who is really behind the Orange Clan?
Bogart: Nobody knows for sure. It's said that there are five, five to control the world. Administration, police, army, finance, the media, they control everything. Over the centuries, the Orange Clan has built an empire that runs the entire world.

Carla: Why has the Oracle committed all of those murders?
Bogart: The Prophecy announced the coming of the Indigo Child, but didn't specify when or where she would be born. That's why the Oracle did the ritual sacrifices in order to touch the Wave and listen for the coming of the Child. Seven murders every seven years for nearly 2000 years.

Carla: And this cold? What role does it play in all of this?
Bogart: The cold is the final countdown of the Prophecy. If the Indigo Child hasn't delivered her message before everything is frozen, then the human race is doomed. Up there, it's the Apocalypse, the entire planet is paralyzed by the cold. In juts a few days, no one will be able to resist the cold.

Carla: Why do the Orange Clan want the Indigo Child if they already control everything?
Bogart: Because they want even more power! The secret of the Indigo Child would allow them to become Gods...

Carla: There's the hangar. The base seems abandoned. Looks like we got here before the Oracle and the Purple Clan.
Lucas: They're not far away. I sense their presence.

The Oracle: 2000 years. For 2000 years, I've been awaiting this moment. The moment when the mystery is revealed to me, the answer to all questions. And it's you who bought me the Indigo Child. What an ironic destiny.
Lucas: The Orange Clan will make slaves of humanity if they have the secret.
The Oracle: What difference does that make? We already control the world, Lucas. The Child will give us ultimate power. We will become equal of the Gods!
Lucas: I'll never give you the Child!
The Oracle: Your tiny role is finished. You can now disappear from the game. We thank you for what you have done for us.

The Oracle: I don't have time to play, Lucas. In a few seconds, I will hear the answer to all questions and my Clan will be powerful force in the Universe for the next ten thousand years. It's an historic moment where humanity's elite shall become as Gods!
Lucas: The Gods will reduce their brothers to slaves.
The Oracle: What difference does that make? We control them already. The secret will bring us infinite and eternal power. Too bad you won't be here to see it. Destroy him!
[soldiers shoot bullets at Lucas but he is unharmed]
The Oracle: Of course... You cannot be killed, you're already dead. I'll just have to take care of you myself.

Lucas: Give me the Child!
A.I.: You're even more obstinate than we thought, human. But the game is over. You and your race have lost. Your inferior species will disappear like the dinosaurs before you. We, the Artificial Intelligences, will be the new dominant race of this planet. Thanks to the secret of the Child, we will know all. We will be more powerful than Gods!
Lucas: I'm the one who gave her to you and I'm the one who's gonna take it from you.
A.I.: You're forgetting one small detail. There is a module within your cortex that allow us to control you. You are our puppet, human! Now dance!

Carla: Lucas!
The Oracle: Either you save your woman or you save the child. Make your choice!
Lucas: Leave Carla alone, she's got nothing to do with all of this. Come and take me on if you got the guts.
The Oracle: I'm going to make you a very generous proposition, Lucas. If you give me the Child, I'll give you your life. You can live in our new world.
Lucas: I don't wanna live in your new world! You're going to turn all humanity into slaves to serve the interests of your Clan!
The Oracle: Well, actually... that is our plan. I'll give you five seconds to change your mind. After which, I kill your woman and I kill you. Make your choice.
Carla: Don't give him the Child, Lucas!

Carla: What are you doing, Lucas? Please, wake up! They're manipulating you! Lucas, wake up! Please, I beg you!
A.I.: Leave him, human. Enjoy these last moments before we take over this planet and rid it forever of your inferior species!
[A.I. pushes Carla aside]

[final lines in each of three different endings of the game]
Carla Valenti: What are you thinking about, Lucas?
Lucas Kane: Oh, nothing, nothing at all.


  • Guilt is a chilling feeling
  • The final countdown has already begun


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