Fakhruddin As'ad Gurgani

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Fakhruddin As'ad Gurgani (d. 1058) was an 11th-century Persian poet. He versified the story of Vis and Rāmin, a story from the Arsacid (Parthian).



  • O happy, happy Wisa, who dost lie
    At Rāmin's feet, and with bewitched eye
    Gazest on him, as partridge doomed to die
    Its gaze upon the hawk doth concentrate!
    O happy, happy Wisa, who dost hold
    Clasped in thy hand the jewelled cup of gold,
    Filled to the brim with nectar rare and old,
    Which like thy beauty doth intoxicate!
    O happy Wisa, whose red lips confess
    With smiles their love, ere Rāmin's lips they press,
    Whom with desire's fulfilment Heaven doth bless,
    And Mubad's fruitless passion doth frustrate!
    • A Literary History of Persia, Vol. 2, p. 275

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  • E. G. Browne: A Literary History of Persian, Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom, 1964