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Fallen London is a Browser-based game choose-your-own-adventure game developed by Failbetter Games, and set in an alternative Victorian London with gothic overtones.


  • Why is the Empress' Palace shuttered? - "Apparently the Empress doesn't like light. Or sudden movements, loud noises, foreigners, treason, peaches. When you're Empress, you can do this kind of thing."
  • What's it like being a Tomb-Colonist? - "Halfway between being a leper and being bankrupt. They're difficult, these people. You never know quite what to say to them. 'How are you?' rarely goes down well. Down here you can't really talk about the weather, either."
  • What are the things under the City? - "In no particular order, these are said to be: the first Four Cities; the Masters' summer homes; the hatcheries of the Rubbery Men; and a number of gigantic sleeping beasts which are drugged every year to prevent them awakening and destroying the Neath. These are sometimes referred to as the 'stone pigs', but that's probably some sort of mistranslation."
  • Ivory Towers? - "You can study many things at the University of London. The Department of Cryptozoology studies the small, hidden creatures of the Neath. Creatures that have never been seen, but almost certainly exist. Under the right circumstances. Hopefully. Otherwise the Department might lose its budget."
  • What is prisoner's honey? - "The most delightful secret of Fallen London: a substance which physically transports you to a dream. Usually a very pleasant dream. But watch out for red honey."


  • Something terrible has happened. Perhaps a server has caught fire, or a database flared and guttered like a dying star.
    • Standard error message.
  • The Starveling Cat has moved into your lodgings. May God have mercy on our souls.
    • Message displayed when obtaining the Starveling Cat from another player.
  • If this doesn't knock their socks off, what will? Shakespeare rising from the grave to rip the spires off the Bazaar?
    • Message displayed at the option of selling your short story as a classic.
  • You have lost your mind! - "Don't panic. You may be able to get it back. In the meantime, everything is gold and red and marvellous."

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