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Fantomcat was an animated show created by Cosgrove Hall Films in partnership with Anglia Television, and featured the voice talents of Robert Powell, Lorelei King, Rob Rackstraw and Jimmy Hibbert.


  • This cat can save the world!


  • To me, Touché!
    • Fantomcat



Fantomcat: Over 300 years ago in this castle, my home, in this very room, at this very hour, I fought the last and bitterest battle of my life. I was the last of my family. He was Baron Hugo von Skelter, a madman twisted by devilish experiments in alchemy, set upon the path of evil, determined to rule the world. Victory for him would mean that the last person to oppose him had gone! And for me, living the last of my nine lives, defeat would mean oblivion - my crusade against evil finished, and an end to all that was good in the land I was proud to rule. With God's guidance, the battle was going my way. But Von Skelter was not alone in my castle. He had brought with him the Crystal of Malevolence, a stone so powerful that it can change worlds. I did not see it until it was too late.

Fantomcat: Von Skelter wanted from me the Ring of the Fantoms, a ring a thousand years old, whose powers had helped my family oppose evil down the ages. He took it from my finger, and took it for his own, to serve him. And my sword, Touché, which flew to my hand when I called it and had been with me all my nine lives - that too became his. And, as the clock struck midnight, to herald a new century, Von Skelter played his trump card - to freeze me in time, in my own castle.

Fantomcat: I seem to remember that when I was younger, my grandfather erected a statue to himself. And, as people liked to think him educated, the statue showed him holding a book.

Fantomcat: Telephones? Whatever was wrong with carrier pigeons? They delivered you messages, and if you got hungry, you could always eat them. Now that's what I call user friendly!

Fantomcat: Sometimes I admire your world, m'lady, and sometimes I despair it. You have so many complicated things which pretend they will do something, and yet do nothing.

Tabby Wildcat[edit]

Tabby Wildcat: Metrocity has big problems - it's run by mobsters and enforcers. And the boss of all of them is Marmagora, a black widow spider many, many times over! She has three thousand people working for her, and another thousand informers, and she has the police force in her pocket!

Tabby Wildcat: Come on! Answer the phone, you crazy antique!

Tabby Wildcat: We're in the old castle! I often wondered what it was like!


MacDuff: You were frozen in there Han Solo in Star Wars!


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