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Abul Hasan Ali ibn Julugh Farrukhi Sistani (c. 980 – 1037 or 1038) was a 10th- and 11th-century Persian royal poet of Ghaznavids.


  • Before my lay the riches
    Of lordly Samarkand,
    I looked o'er grove and garden,
    O'er vale and meadow-land.
    But since my purse was empty,
    My pocket bare as thread,
    The rug of joy I folded,
    From the hall of hope I fled.
    I had heard in every city
    Famed scholars oft declare,
    "Eight are the Paradises,
    And but one Kawthar there."
    Here bloom a thousand Edens,
    A thousand Kawthars foam,
    But ah me! what avail they,
    Since I go thirsty home?
    When hand a dirham lacketh
    Whilst eye sees all its wish,
    'Tis like a head dissevered
    Within a golden dish.
    • Muhammad Aufi's Lubab ul-Albab: vol. 2, p. 16, quoted in Islamic Poetry and Mysticism, p. 16

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