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Farshid Asadian kojabadi (Persian:فرشید اسدیان کجابادی) ; born Jan 4th,1994, Tabriz, is an Iranian Wushu (Taolu) athlete.


  • Iranian Wushu Athlete Farshid Asadian in interview with Anatimes Agency said: A wushu athlete should have a strong mind and great agility to achieve its goals.

Wushu does not require a special degree, but to teach this field, you must take courses related to this field Wushu is one of the sports in which you can succeed in any physical condition, all you have to do is find your individual talent in that sport.[1][2]

  • After the positive doping test of “MAGOMED GADZHIEV”, the Russian wushu player, at the World Championships in Toronto, He will be stripped of his gold medal by the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADO) and It is predicted that “Farshid Asadian”, the bronze man of Iran at same time, would be renamed the Golden Man.[3]
  • The level of Asian youth competition in Shanghai, China, and especially in the "Tai Chi" form, is very high, and it will definitely be harder for me to win the best medal, but I will try to get the most colorful medal in these competitions.
  • "Fortunately, the officials of the Wushu Federation, with the support of the youth section, took the team to the Baku International Tournament for the first time, which happened for the first time in the youth section, and we were able to do so in terms of technical level," he said. And technically achieve high growth.
  • Regarding his knowledge of the competitors in the Shanghai tournament, he said: "Fortunately, I am more than 50% familiar with how to implement the form of my competitors who will be Asian and world champions, and I was able to analyze them well and closely at the Baku tournament." I'm trying to succeed in Shanghai.
  • Asadian, referring to the regular and continuous camps of the youth team for successful participation in these fights, emphasized: "Fortunately, the officials of the federation, despite the lack of budget that had plagued all federations this year and the Wushu Federation was no exception, were able to do everything." Provide the necessary for the youth team, and with these conditions, we must reward their efforts by earning the best medal.[4][5][6][7][8][9]