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Fausto Brizzi (born 15 November 1968) is an Italian film director, screenwriter and author.


100 Days of Happiness (2013)[edit]

Trans. Antony Shugaar. On Google Books: 1, 2.
  • Always remember that the only riches we possess are the dreams we have as children. They are the fuel of our lives, the only force that pushes us to keep on going even when things have gone all wrong.
  • Just work, work, work, even at the risk of making mistakes. And if and when you do make mistakes, and you do hurt someone, ask for forgiveness. Asking forgiveness and admitting you've made a mistake is the hardest thing of all. But if someone else does you good, remember it always. Showing gratitude is every bit as complicated.
  • Every one of us has already experienced thousands of last times without even realizing it. Most of the time, in fact, you never even imagine that what you're experiencing is the last time.
  • Trust yourself. Even if you're really, really scared, never let on that you are.

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