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Fawzia Koofi (Persian: فوزیه کوفی; born in 1975)[1] is an Afghan politician and women's rights activist. Originally from Badakhshan province, Koofi was recently a member of the Afghan delegation negotiating peace with the Taliban in Doha Qatar. She is an ex Member of Parliament in Kabul and was the Vice President of the National Assembly.


  • In her letter to her mother, Koofi writes: “I learnt from you that literacy alone is not enough to bring up good children, but intelligence, patience… and self-sacrifice. This is the example of Afghan women, women like you who would walk miles with an empty stomach to make sure your children get to school.”
    • quoted from [1]
  • In her opinion, talking to the Taliban about reconciliation is a mistake, “another short-term quick fix that will do nothing to solve the world’s problems.” She advises her daughters not to be afraid of anything in case she doesn’t make it back home one day: “I live this life so that you — my precious girls — will be free to live your lives and to dream all of your dreams.”
    • quoted from [2]

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