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Femi Taylor in 2013
Ipinangaki sa Negeria, para bayli asin artres sa British

Femi Taylor (born April 8, 1961) is a Nigerian-born British dancer and actress.


  • The first time Return of the Jedi was released I felt it did not have that much impact and the part of Oola seemed quite insignificant to the film although after saying that it was the opposite because her setting the scene up for Princess Leia. But the second time, I still can't believe the popularity the impact it has had on society, plus not just our generation but all the people that have been born since the beginning of Star Wars up until now.
  • The media is the media and my perception for fandom has never been viewed as it being Geekish. They say or use this word Geekish, because they are not knowledgeable regarding fandom they only hear it from others who do not know either. I have met so many incredible people who are the total antithesis of being Geeky. I love all my fans and I view them like myself where their passion is Star Wars.

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