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Femme Fatale is a 2002 French suspense thriller film about a woman who tried to escape from her dark past by using another resemblance woman's identity.

Directed and written by Brian De Palma.


Loure Ash: And you get your ass on that plane to America. Your future is sitting right next to you. His name is Bruce and he is really good guy. And he is gonna look into your eyes and he's gonna fall in love. After that, you are on your own.
Loure Ash: So what you say? Do I pull the trigger? Or do you get your ass on the plane and have a wonderful life?
Lily: How do I know that you tell the truth?
Loure Ash: How do I know there is a bullet in the chamber?

[Loure pointed the gun to the wall and pulled the trigger. Then the gun fired.]

Nicolas Bardo: I'm sorry. You look so familiar. Haven't we met before, somewhere?
Laure Ash: Only in my dreams.


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