Ferdinand Lundberg

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Ferdinand Lundberg

Ferdinand Lundberg (April 30, 1902 – March 1, 1995) was an American journalist and author. An early influence on Robert Caro, Ralph Nader, Betty Friedan, and others, he was born in Chicago and educated at Columbia University.


  • Apologists for the profession contend that lawyers are as honest as other men, but this is not very encouraging.
  • The United States, it is apparent even to the blind, is a nightmare of contradictions.
    • America's 60 Families, p. 5 (Vanguard Press, 1938)
  • Man has such a capacity for rationalization that when he finds himself affluent and able to spend as he pleases he is quick to justify his most indefensible expenditures on the ground that they give some people employment. There is probably no rich person who upon quaffing a glass of champagne does not experience a happy glow of pleasure at the thought of all the vintners, bottlers, freighters, and servants to whom his simple act has given livelihood.
    • America's 60 Families, p. 445 (Vanguard Press, 1938)
  • Daycare is a system that guarantees, beyond doubt, a steady quota of neurotics for society...
    • Modern Woman: The Lost Sex (Crosset & Dunlap, 1957)

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