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Fray Fermín Lasuén as depicted on a cenotaph made for Fray Juniperro Serra.

Fermín de Francisco Lasuén de Arasqueta (Vitoria, Spain, 7 June 7 1736 – Mission de San Carlos (California), 26 June 1803) was a Basque Franciscan missionary to Alta California president of the Franciscan missions there, and founder of nine of the twenty-one Spanish missions in California.


  • On one of these occasions to some of those greedy people (Native Californians) who requested permission to go to the woods (To hunt for food) I answered with certain annoyance: "Well, you make me realize that now that, although you were given a steer, a mutton, and a fanega of grain every day, you would, despite all this, long for your woods and your shores." Then the keenest-witted Indian of those who had heard me replied, somewhat shamefacedly, "It is so Father, as you say, it is so."
    • "Representación," San Carlos, 12 November 1800, Santa Bárbara Arch., 2:174.
  • It is evident that a nation (Refering to native Californians) that is barbarous, ferocious, and ignorant requires more frequent punishment than a nation which is cultured, educated, and of gentle and moderate.
    • "Representación," San Carlos, 12 November 1800, Santa Bárbara Arch., 2:199-211.
  • It happens that they put on a heathen and abominable dance or fiesta; if the Christian who is present refuses to participate in that vile diversion, they mock him and laugh at him and persecute him until he gives in.

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