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Fight Club is a 2004 fighting video game based on the 1999 movie of the same name.

Tyler Durden[edit]

  • You are my right hand man. You know what this is? Good. If for some reason, the detonation fails, this is the failsafe.

Robert Paulson[edit]

  • So, you’re looking for Tyler? These guys are not gonna trust you until you fight.


  • Ok. Stick to the game plan. Stick... to... the... game plan. Right. Project Mayhem has begun. Tyler's going to show us how to get back to the basics. How to weed out all the bullshit. We're pulling down civilization. We will become individuals again. The rest of the world is gonna have to get ready. We're gonna wake them up, too, whether they want it or not. There's no fucking snooze button on this wake up call.


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