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Final Destination is a 2000 film about a teenage boy who had a vision of a plane crashing and was able to get some of his friends off in time. However, the survivors start to die off one by one in mysterious ways.

Directed by James Wong. Written by Jeffrey Reddick, Glen Morgan and James Wong.
No Accidents. No Coincidences. No Escapes. You Can't Cheat Death. Taglines

Alex Browning[edit]

  • I got this feeling... a weird feeling.
  • Fuck you! I'll remove myself!
  • I saw it happen!
  • There's this pattern that's emerging.
  • I just can't believe we got on a plane again, you know what I'm saying?
  • [Explaining about cheating death and it's design] The mortician said that Death has a design. Right? Now, what if you, me, Tod, Carter, Terry, Billy, Ms. Lewton messed up that design. For whatever reason, I, I saw Death's plan and we cheated it. But what if it was our time? What if we were not meant to get off that plane? What if it still is our time? If it is, then it's not finished, and we will die - now, not later - unless, unless we find the patterns and cheat It again.
  • [After Carter asks who's next] You think it's gonna make it easier to know, Carter? [Everyone looks at him] It's not. It's gonna make it fuckin' harder.
  • [yelling at Death] You tried to capitalize but I caught you, you fuck! Yeah, I can beat you. Maybe not forever, but I've got this cabin rigged to beat you now!

Clear Rivers[edit]

  • [defending Alex] He's not a witch.
  • [explaining why she got off the plane] I heard and saw through Alex. And... I believed him.
  • Because of you, I'm still alive. Thank you.
  • I don't understand. Did you see Tod die? Did it happen again, like on the plane?
  • [on her family] Life became shit after that. My mom couldn't deal anymore. She married this asshole who my mom with my real dad would have crossed the street to avoid this guy.
  • It depends on which one of us is next.
  • [Remembering to her childhood] When I was a kid, like six or seven, I used to worry so much about my parents dying. Lying awake at night, just worrying.
  • [Turns toward Alex] Kinda like being able to see the future.
  • If that was the design for my father and family, then FUCK DEATH!
  • [on Death's design] How do we know that is isn't exactly what was meant to happen? That out of everyone on Flight 180 you, me and Carter were meant to live. Maybe that was the design all along.

Carter Horton[edit]

  • What's your fuckin' problem?
  • Whoa, what? We get thrown off the plane. We blow what? A half a day in Paris, all because Browning has a bad fucking dream?
  • I'm never gonna die.
  • You have a responsibility to tell me!
  • What are you, God now?!
  • Well, we made it.
  • For all I know, this shit could circle back and get us all again. But for now, I am the safest fucker in the world, because you're still NEXT.
  • [before he was hit by a sign.] So who's next?

Valerie Lewton[edit]

  • [in reply to Hare Krishna] It will be for you if you harass my students.
  • [to Mr Murnau] No, you know the whole French thing. Get on the plane, it's fine. It's fine.
  • You must have fallen asleep.
  • Don't talk to me, you scare the Hell out of me!
  • You've got to stop this! It's a stupid mug! Soon you'll be gone, you'll be gone.

Billy Hitchcock[edit]

  • [Repeated Line] Carter, you dick!
  • I was in the bathroom and the lock was stuck and... Wait! I didn't fight with anyone! Damn!
  • [as he watches the plane take off and then explode] There they go, here we stay.
  • [Wondering who is next to die] Please tell me I'm gonna get to see the Jets win the Super Bowl!
  • And I fucking hated French class!
  • I knew I shoulda hit on Tammy in the pool that time.
  • You will be. YOU'RE DEAD! YOU'RE DEAD! and you ain't taking me with you! [Turns around and gets decapitated by a shrapnel, killing him]

Tod Waggner[edit]

  • Let's go take a shit.
  • You've been on a lot of planes that blew up?
  • [Reading his memorial speech] We say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. But when we say this, we imagine that the hour is placed in an obscure and distant future. It never occurs to us that it has any connection with the day already begun, or that death could arrive this same afternoon — this afternoon which is so certain, and which has every hour filled in advance.

Terry Chaney[edit]

  • [watching the plane take off] We should be going.
  • [to Carter] Enough!, both of you! They died, and we lived. Get over it. I will not let this plane crash be the most important thing in my life! God! I'm moving on, Carter. And if you wanna waste your life beating the shit out of Alex every time you see him, then you can just drop fucking dead! [Gets hit by a bus, killing her]

William Bludworth[edit]

  • In death, there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps and no escapes.
  • You already did that by walking off the plane. Now you gotta figure out when and how it'll come back at you. Play your hunch, Alex. If you think you can get away from it. But beware the risk of cheating the plan, disrespecting the design... could initiate a horrifying fury that would terrorize even the Grim Reaper - and you don't even want to fuck with that MacDaddy!
  • I'll see you soon.


  • Hare Krishna: Death is not the end.
  • George Waggner: That's a good sign. Younger, the better. It'd be a fucked up God to take down this plane.
  • Larry Murnau: Attention! Notre voyage commence! (Attention! Our trip is beginning!)
  • Christa Marsh: Could you trade seats so Blake and I could sit together? She asked Tod, but he said he had some sort of medical thing.
  • Blake Dreyer: Please?
  • Co-pilot: No-one gets back onboard. That's my call!
  • Co-pilot: One of you can go on the flight, and that's it!
  • Agent Weine: In that case, Alex, why did you really get off the plane?


Barbara Browning: Alex?
[Barbara goes to the door, holding Alex's clothes.; She sees Alex and enters his room.]
Barbara Browning: Tod and George's dad just called. He's picking you up at 3:30 tomorrow [puts Alex's clothes on Ken's suitcase.] and the bus leaves the high school for the airport around five.
[Ken walks near the door.]
Ken Browning: How's my suitcase working out for you?
[Barbara began to pull off the flight tag but Alex stops it.]
Alex Browning: Whoa Mom, mom. Mom, you gotta leave that on. [Barbara turns to her son] Yeah, it's like the tag made the last flight without the plane crashing or anything. So I figure it's gotta be on the bag, or at least, with the bag. [turns to Ken then turns back to his mother.] For luck.
Barbara Browning: Where would you get a nutball idea like that? [rips off the tag]
Ken Browning: [lifts his shoulders] I'm still here.
[Barbara gives her husband a look as Alex laughs]
Ken Browning: So, 17 on the loose. Senior trip with your friends in Paris. Ten days in the springtime. Live it up, Alex. You got your whole life ahead of you.

Hare Krishna: [to Alex] Death is not the end. [hands a brochure to him]
[Ms. Lewton arrives and backs away Alex.]
Valerie Lewton: It will be for you if you harass my students.
Hare Krishna: Hare Rama.
Valerie Lewton: [mouths] Fuck off.
[She and Alex continue to walk away.]

Tod Waggner: Let's go take a shit.
Alex Browning: Why can't you go take a shit by yourself?
Tod Waggner: No, dude. Listen, okay? Listen. Say you're on the plane, all of a sudden your body wants that airplane food out. You go to torque a wicked cable and right after you walks in Christa or Blake. Now, do you want them to associate you with that watery sting in their eye, that reflective gag at the back of their throat?

Christa Marsh: Alex?
[Alex wakes up, horrified.]
Christa Marsh: Could you trade seats so Blake and I could sit together?
[Alex turns to Tod, who does the same actions in his premonition.]
Christa Marsh: She asked Tod, but he said he had some sort of medical thing.
Blake Dreyer: Please?
[Alex, horrified emerges out of his seat.; All the passengers were looking at him.; Alex rushes to Tod's seat.]
Tod Waggner: What's up, dude?
[Alex pulled out the loosed screw on the tray, from his premonition. He was horrified.; Christa and Blake take their seats, as a flight attendant stumbles Alex.]
Flight Attendant: Is there a problem, sir?
Carter Horton: What's your fucking problem?
Larry Murnau: [stumbles to Alex.] Alex? Qu'est-ce que c'est?
Alex Browning: [emerges out of the seat, screaming.] "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" The fucking plane's gonna explode!
Carter Horton: Shut up, Browning!
Terry Chaney: [stands up] You're so not funny!
Flight Attendant: If this is your idea of a joke, we will---
Alex Browning: [panicked] It's not a joke! It's not a joke!---
Tod Waggner: Alex take it easy!
Carter Horton: [stands up] That's it! Sit down, Browning.
Alex Browning: [panicked] It's going down! It's going down!---
Flight Attendant: We will remove you from this aircraft if this continues!
Carter Horton: [lunges to Alex] I'll remove him! [Tod and George tried to stop him.]
Alex Browning: [shoves past Tod; to Carter] Fuck you! I'll remove myself!
[Alex began to escape and Carter attempts to fight him as Billy arrives the flight.]
Co-Pilot: Excuse me! [grabs Carter]
Terry Chaney: Get off him! [trying to grip the co-pilot's arm on Carter.]
[Carter punches Alex, as the attendant catches him.]
Billy Hitchcock: Wait, Wait. That's my seat right---!
[The co-pilot grabs Carter off the plane, shoving Billy off the plane as well.; Terry follows them as the flight attendant began to grab Alex out of the plane.]
Alex Browning: This plane is going down! Get out!
Flight Attendant: [while grabbing Alex] Everybody in the aisle, off the plane!
[Alex, Carter, Terry and Billy were thrown off the plane by the flight attendant and the co-pilot.]
Alex Browning: Get off the plane!
[As Ms. Lewton began to leave, she turns to the students.]
Valerie Lewton: Everybody just stay where you are! Just sit tight.
Alex Browning: Listen! The fucking plane is going down!
[Ms. Lewton and Mr. Murnau left the plane as Clear realizes this.]
George Waggner: [turns to Tod] Go check him out. See how he's doing.
Tod Waggner: Okay.
[Tod gets out of his seat and left the plane as Clear gets out of her seat, grabs her stuff and left the plane as well.]

[The co-pilot and the flight attendant brings Carter and Alex to the terminal as Ms. Lewton, Mr. Murnau, Terry and Tod follow them.; Billy tried to show the co-pilot his flight ticket as the security guards assist the flight attendant and the co-pilot.]
Billy Hitchcock: Hey! Look at me! I've got my ticket right here.
Carter Horton: [struggling to release himself] Get the fuck off me!
Terry Chaney: [hits the co-pilot] Let go of him, you jerk!
[The co-pilot and the security guard settles Carter to the terminal seat as the co-pilot shoves Terry to the seat.]
Terry Chaney: Hey!
Co-Pilot: [to Alex, Carter and Terry] You got this?
[The flight attendant settles Alex to the seat as Tod follows him.]
Co-Pilot: No one gets back onboard. That's my call.
[The co-pilot began to return to the plane.]
Valerie Lewton: Wait! P-please!
[Ms. Lewton follows the co-pilot as he stops.]
Valerie Lewton: I've got 40 students going to Paris please? Please?
Co-Pilot: Look, you must understand my position.
[The flight attendant returns to the plane as Clear goes to the terminal.]
Valerie Lewton: I do, I understand your position and I apologize for Alex, but one of us needs to be on that plane. I cannot let students go to Paris for ten days...
[While the co-pilot and Ms. Lewton are talking, Carter attempts to attack Alex again.]
Larry Murnau: Carter no!
[Mr. Murnau and the security guard hold Carter down.; Alex attempt to escape from Carter but the security guard settle him down.]
Tod Waggner: Sit the fuck down, Carter!
[The guards and Mr. Murnau settled both of them down.; Clear sits on the terminal seat.]
Tod Waggner: Sit!
Co-Pilot: ...One of you can go on the flight and that's it.
[The co-pilot returns to the plane.]
Valerie Lewton: Larry. [Mr. Murnau walks to Ms. Lewton.] The airline's not taking this very well. They'll let one of us back on; the rest of us can take an 11:10 flight. It gets in three hours later, it's all right.---
Larry Murnau: I'll stay.
Valerie Lewton: No-no, you know the whole French thing. Get on the plane, it's fine. It's fine.
[Mr. Murnau walks back to the plane as Billy follows him.]
Billy Hitchcock: Hi Mr. Murnau. See, I was in the bathroom. [Mr. Murnau keeps walking.] ...a-and the lock, it was stuck, and...? [The worker began to close the door.] Oh wait, I didn't fight with anyone!
[The worker closes the door.]
Billy Hitchcock: Damn!
[The food clerk gives Tod a pack of tissues.]
Tod Waggner: Thanks.
[Tod hands the tissues to Ms. Lewton]
Tod Waggner: I just, uh... I called your parents. They're on their way.

[The plane begins to depart as Carter, Terry and Billy are watching.]
Terry Chaney: We should be going.
Valerie Lewton: Alex, talk to me. Tell me what happened?
Alex Browning: I saw it. Like, I don't know, I just saw it. I saw it on the runway, I saw it take off. [Carter turns to Alex.] I saw out my window. I saw the ground...
[Carter begins walking to Alex.]
Terry Chaney: Uh, Carter. [follows Carter.]
Alex Browning: ...and the cabin starts to shake, right? And the left side blows up and the whole plane just explodes! And it was so real, just how everything happens, you know?
Tod Waggner: You've been on a lot of planes that blew up?
Valerie Lewton: You must have fallen asleep.
Carter Horton: Wh-whoa, we get thrown off the plane. We blow what? A half a day in Paris, all because Browning has a bad fucking dream? But wait, [mocks Alex] "The plane!, it's gonna blow up!, it's gonna blow up!"
Tod Waggner: Hey, Hey fuck you Horton!...
Valerie Lewton: Tod!
Tod Waggner: Okay? Fuck you!
Alex Browning: [lunges towards Carter] The only trip you're taking is to the fucking hospital!
[Alex and Carter began fighting.; Clear stood up as the guards seen Alex and Carter fight, began to stop them.]
Terry Chaney: Get off him, jerk!
[Tod tried to help them but Ms. Lewton grabs him.]
Valerie Lewton: [grabs Tod away from the fight] Hey, hey.
Terry Chaney: Alex stop it!
Security Guard #2: Come on, now.
[While the guards began to separate Alex and Carter from their fight, Billy turns to the window and watches the plane take off.]
Billy Hitchcock: There they go, here we stay.
[The guards manage to grab hold of Carter and Alex from their fight.]
Carter Horton: You're paying for my trip, Browning...!
Alex Browning: I wish you were on that plane!,... Damn you, you fucking prick!---
[The plane explodes, just like in Alex's premonition.]
Billy Hitchcock: Oh shit!
[Billy ducks as the force of the explosion breaks all the windows, startling the survivors when they witness the plane explode.]
Security Guard #2: Call it in!
Security Guard #1: Security!, the vehicle has been blown up.
[The guards run outside and call some back-up. Carter, Tod, Ms. Lewton, Terry and Clear look at Alex in horror as the plane's wreckage falls from the sky.]

Carter Horton: I hope you don't think Browning, because my name ain't on this wall that I owe you anything.
Alex Browning: I don't.
Carter Horton: All I owe these people [turns to Alex.] is to live my life to the fullest.
Alex Browning: Then maybe you should lay off the J.D. then, huh Carter?
Carter Horton: [enraged; grabs Alex's arm] Listen, don't you ever fucking tell me what to do, alright?! [Terry rushes to him and Alex.] I control my life, not you!
Terry Chaney: Carter!
[Carter releases Alex's arm and turns to Terry. Then turns back to Alex.]
Carter Horton: I'm never going to die.
[Carter walks off.; Terry turns to Alex and gently comforts him.]

Alex Browning: Ms. Lewton--—
Valerie Lewton: Don't talk to me, you scare the hell out of me.

Clear Rivers: [to Alex] Because of you, I'm still alive.
[gives him rose]
Clear Rivers: Thank you.

Clear Rivers: Almost autumn.
Alex Browning: It's only the end of June.
Clear Rivers: Yeah, but everything's always in transition. If you focus, even now, just one week into summer, you can almost feel autumn coming. [turns toward Alex] Kinda like being able to see the future.

[In the morgue]
Clear Rivers: This gives me a rush!
Alex Browning: What? This place?
Clear Rivers: Doing something I'm not supposed to.

[With cups of coffee, Alex and Clear sit down at a street-side Espresso-shop corner table]
Alex Browning: The mortician said that Death has a design. Okay. I'm talking about omens. How do we know that just by sitting here - by, by sipping this coffee, or breathing the air, or even crossing the intersection - that we haven't even started in motion the events that will some day lead to our death: forty years from now, ten years from now, tomorrow. We don't. Unless we open ourselves up...
[as Clear glances nervously at the intersection, Alex draws from his pocket the tiny slice of paper that reads "Tod" and slides it across the table to her]
Alex Browning: the signs that It's willing to show us?
Clear Rivers: I don't understand. Did you see Tod die? Did it happen again, like on the plane?
Alex Browning: [shaking his head] No. No, it didn't, but, I mean, it might as well have. This is a message from something, Clear, or someone - hinting at a design.
Clear Rivers: Total bullshit. I mean, you can find death omens anywhere you want to.
[Alex glances at the window of the Espresso shop and sees the ghostly reflection of a bus passing by. As she continues to talk, ominous music rises and Alex glances worriedly around the streets]
Clear Rivers: Coffee. Starts with a C and ends with an E. So does the word "choke." So, what, we're going to choke to death? I wanna hear you.
[Alex glances anxiously over his shoulder again]
Clear Rivers: But we'll go nuts if you start with the shits.
Alex Browning: The mortician said that Death has a design. Right? Now, what if you, me, Tod, Carter, Terry, Billy, Ms Lewton messed up that design. For whatever reason, I, I saw Death's plan. We cheated him. But what if it was our time? What if we were not meant to get off that plane? What if it still is our time? If it is, then it's not finished, and we will die - now, not later - unless, unless we find the patterns and cheat It again.
[Behind Alex's back, Carter drives his car up to the intersection and waits for the light. Terry is sitting next to him. Carter glances over to see Alex and Clear, and he scowls. Terry smiles at Carter, then sees them too, and her smile fades, as though fearful of a confrontation.]
Clear Rivers: After hearing you, I, I do believe...
[Alex smiles]
Clear Rivers: ...that Tod killed himself.
[Alex's face turns serious.; Carter drives off and turns to Billy, who was riding with his bicycle. He drove past him, causing Billy to stop his bicycle and stagger onto the road as other vehicles swerve from Carter's driving.; Carter parks his car and arrives at the cafe to confront Alex. Terry gets out of the car.]
Terry Chaney: Hey baby come on, not now.
[Carter doesn't respond and continues to stumble Alex. Terry follows him to stop.]
Terry Chaney: Carter?
[Ms. Lewton appears from the cafe.]
Carter Horton: [to Alex] Oh..., It looks like we have a bit of a reunion here.
Terry Chaney: Let it go.
Carter Horton: [turns to Ms. Lewton] When are you... uh, moving?
Valerie Lewton: Uh, A couple weeks.
Carter Horton: Oh, that's too bad.
[Billy arrives, driving with his tricycle.]
Billy Hitchcock: Carter, you dick!
Carter Horton: We're losin' our favorite teacher. [grins crudely]---
Terry Chaney: Baby, come on!
Alex Browning: [turns to the survivors] Look guys, there is something I need to tell you. Okay?---
Clear Rivers: [stood up] Alex.---
Carter Horton: [to Ms. Lewton] You've lived here your whole life.
[Ms. Lewton nods in conformation.]
Alex Browning: [turns to Clear] Clear just wait. [turns back to the others] You are probably not going to believe....
Carter Horton: And now she's gotta move, ...
Alex Browning: Would you listen to me?...
Carter Horton: [turns to Alex] ...All because of Browning!---
Alex Browning: You have to...!---
Terry Chaney: [furiously] ENOUGH! Both of you!
[Alex and Carter stops arguing.]
Terry Chaney: They died, and we lived! Get over it. [turns to Carter.] I will not let this plane crash be the most important thing in [hits Carter twice.] My life! [hits him again.] God! I'm moving on, Carter...
[begins walking off.]
Terry Chaney: [while walking backwards to the road.] ...and if you wanna waste your life beating the shit out of Alex every time you see him, then you can just drop fucking dead!
[A bus comes speeding down on Terry and hits her, spraying blood onto the remaining survivors much to their horror.]

[After Carter parks his car in the middle of railroad Alex, Billy and Clear get out from the car as an oncoming train passes by.]
Alex Browning: Carter listen to me, Don't do this.
[Carter doesn't respond. Alex moves out of the railroad]
Clear Rivers: [to Carter] God damn it! Get out of the fucking car!
Alex Browning: Carter, listen to me. Hey! [Clear and Billy look at the passing train] Listen to me! This isn't the way. It's not the way! Get out of the car! Come on!
[Billy and Clear turn back to Carter.]
Billy Hitchcock: [points the oncoming train] It's coming! It's coming!
[The train come closer; Carter doesn't respond]
Alex Browning: Carter?!
Carter Horton: It ain't my time. [starts his car, but it doesn't.]
[Carter tried starting his car again, but with no avail.; He turns around and see a train coming towards him.]
Carter Horton: Shit.
Alex Browning: [turns to Carter.] Carter listen to me! This isn't the way. Get out of the car, Carter.
Clear Rivers: Carter, get out of the car!
[Carter see a shadow of Death looms over his car.]
Alex Browning: Come on! Get out!
[Carter, panicked opens the car door, but it locked.; He tries to unbuckle his seatbelt, but with no avail.]
Carter Horton: [panicked and scared.] I c..., I can..., I can't get out!
[Alex runs to the car.]
Clear Rivers: Alex!
[Alex attempts to help Carter.]
Clear Rivers: No!
[Alex tried to unbuckle the seat belt, but in vain and decides to pull Carter out of the car, before the train speeds toward them.]
Billy Hitchcock: Man, he really is next.
[The train speeds further as Alex pulls Carter further.]
Billy Hitchcock: Get out!
[Alex manage to pull Carter out of the car, ripping the seat belt as they land safely out of the railroad before the train crashes into the car and explode.; Billy and Clear evade from the explosion. Clear runs to Alex.]
Alex Browning: I saw it! I saw the belt.
Clear Rivers: [to Carter] You scared now?
Carter Horton: It broke!
Clear Rivers: [to Carter] Bullshit! He saved your life again.
[Billy walks to Carter, Alex and Clear.]
Billy Hitchcock: That's right!
[Carter turns to Billy.]
Billy Hitchcock: You're next Carter! I'm staying the fuck away from you!
Carter Horton: Shut up Billy!
Clear Rivers: Billy, We don't need this shit right now!
Billy Hitchcock: I don't need it ever! [to Alex and Clear.] What are you doing? Get away from him, he's next!
Carter Horton: Hey, fuck you Billy. I'm not dead!
Billy Hitchcock: Oh you will be. You're dead, you're dead!... And you ain't taking me with you!
[A shrapnel was knocked over by the train and flies out. Billy turns around as the shrapnel flies and decapitates him from the jawline. The survivors watch in horror as his body collapses on the ground and the train passes by. The crossing gates opens.]
Carter Horton: [stood up, frightened] Jesus fucking-Christ!
Alex Browning: [to Carter] You should've been next, You should've been next after Lewton. That's the plan. That's the design! [turns to Carter.] You should be fucking dead!
Carter Horton: Well you're the fucking devil!
Alex Browning: [turns to Clear.] I saw the seat belt! I knew it would rip!
[The sound of a police car is approaching.]
Alex Browning: That's how I saved him. Just like the plane. Just like the explosion, I saw it!
Clear Rivers: The police are coming.
Alex Browning: Fuck! I saved him! And because I saved him, [points to Carter.] it skipped Carter [points to Billy's corpse.] and went to the next in the path of the explosion, Billy. I have to see it. And if I see it, then I intervene. And if I intervene, I cheat the design.
Carter Horton: What intervene? What are you, God now?!
Alex Browning: Gods aren't afraid to die. Gods don't die, We do! You know?---
[Clear walks to Alex.]
Clear Rivers: Baby you're losing it! Okay? The police will be here. We have to get you to my cabin. Well, You can hide and get your head together.
Alex Browning: Okay after Billy, I'm next. [turns to Clear.] I'm next.
Clear Rivers: And then me.
Alex Browning: Hey, hey, hey, hey, Hey. Listen, I'm not gonna let it happen okay? [Clear doesn't respond.] Listen to me, all right?---
Carter Horton: Hey, hey, hey!
[Alex and Clear turn to Carter.]
Carter Horton: Why don't you two just get the fuck out of here?!
[Clear and Alex escape as Carter was left in the road.]

[As the car, where Clear was trapped was going to explode. Alex ponders what to do]
Alex Browning: I can only hold on for so long that no one do.
Clear Rivers: Don't!
Alex Browning: When I do this, it'll skip you and it'll all be over. It's the only way we can cheat death again.
Clear Rivers: No! Don't!
Alex Browning: Clear, I am not gonna let it beat us both. You know what to do.
[Clear was intimidated]
Alex Browning: I'll always be with you. [turns to the frayed live cable wire on the car.]
Clear Rivers: No!
[Agents Weine and Schreck arrive from their car along with the police and sees this.]
Agent Weine: Alex! [gets out of the car along with Schreck] Alex, get away from there!
[The agents rushed to Alex to stop him as he stands by in front of the car and the wire.]
Clear Rivers: NO!!!
[Alex grabs the wire, electrocuting himself allowing Clear to escape from her car as it explodes. The force of the explosion sends Alex through the garage as the live cable discharges. Clear saw Alex's body incapacitated and runs to check him.]
Clear Rivers: Alex! [checks his hands that were burnt from the wire] Damn it! You can't do this to me! [tries to resuscitate him] Come on, baby. Come on.
[The agents arrive as Schreck grabs Clear away from his body. Weine checks on Alex.]
Agent Weine: Alex? Alex? Alex? Oh shit, he's not breathing. Hold on, Alex. Come on. Stay with me.
[Weine performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him.]

[In Paris, France at the cafe]
Alex Browning: Wow. It's weird being here, huh? We finally completed a puzzle. [becames billious] It’s just there's something missing... you know?
Carter Horton: [raises his glass] To Terry.
Alex Browning: Yeah. [raises his glass] To Tod.
Clear Rivers: [raises her glass] To all of our friends that can't be here.
Alex Browning: Cheers.
Clear Rivers: Cheers.
[They toast and drank their drinks. Carter chuckles.]
Alex Browning: What?
Carter Horton: Yeah, if you would've told me six months ago that the three of us would be sitting here having a drink...
Alex Browning: Yeah.
Carter Horton: I don't know. I mean sometimes it just feels like the two of you are the only ones who can really understand. You were right, Browning. It did skip us. There was a design. We beat it. You know? We won.
Clear Rivers: I think the only thing we won, Carter, is a chance at a full life. A chance that I won't ever waste. [holds Alex's hand]
Alex Browning: Yeah. There’s just somethin' you know? Somethin' I can't figure out.
Carter Horton: About what?
Alex Browning: About the design.
Clear Rivers: Alex just let it go, all right?
Alex Browning: I just w-I just w-Just hear me out, all right?
[Alex shows the sketch of Death's Design to Clear and Carter.]
Carter Horton: [annoyed] Oh, my God.
Alex Browning: Jus-Just, listen. Now, the path of the explosion determined the order of our deaths, right? When I intervened and saved Carter, it skipped him and went to the next person in the path and went to Billy. All right? And then it was Clear. But I intervened and saved her, so it went to me. But in my case no one intervened, right? I was thrown from that power line by the explosion. So...?
Carter Horton: So why did it skip you, right?
Clear Rivers: How do we know that is isn't exactly what was meant to happen? That out of everyone on Flight 180 you, me and Carter were meant to live... Maybe that was the design all along.
Carter Horton: [points to Alex] Or you could still be next.
Clear Rivers: Shut up, Carter.
Carter Horton: What? I didn't make up the rules. I mean, somebody's gotta intervene before death can skip them. Alex proved that 3 times. On the plane, me, you. For all I know, it could circle back and get us all again. But I am the safest fucker in the world, because you're still [points to the sketch of Alex's seat.] next.
[While Clear and Carter are talking, Alex begins seeing omens everywhere around him.; Clear's wine spills on the sketch, Alex frightened, jumps out of his seat.]
Alex Browning: I'm gonna meet you guys back at the hotel, okay?
Clear Rivers: Just wait. I'll go with you.--- [Clear begins picking up her stuff.]
Alex Browning: No-No, j-just, just stay here, okay? Clear, just stay here. All right?
[Alex begins walking off.]
Carter Horton: [to Alex.] See? It's true. I told you you were next, man.
Clear Rivers: Stop it, Carter. Alex wait.
[Alex stops and turns to Clear.]
Alex Browning: No Clear, stay there. Okay? Stay away.
[While Alex walks away, Clear looks at the bus reflection at the window and realizes this.; Clear turns to Alex.]
Clear Rivers: Alex!
[Alex sees the bus and moves away. The bus loses control and hits the street light, which cuts off the bar of the sign. The part of the sign begins falling apart and begins swinging onto Alex.]
Clear Rivers: ALEX!!!
[Carter pushes Alex away from the sign, which misses him.; Carter gets up.]
Carter Horton: I told you were next!
Alex Browning: Then it just skipped me.
Carter Horton: So who's next?
[Alex look up, as the sign swings back onto Carter and kills him. The screen fades to black.]


  • Most People Have Dreams. For Alex, This Is Real.
  • Death Doesn't Take No For An Answer.
  • No Accidents. No Coincidences. No Escapes. You Can't Cheat Death.
  • Face Your Deepest Fears... Before They Face You.
  • Can You Cheat Death?
  • Death is coming.
  • I'll see you soon.
  • Next stop, it's you...
  • Are you ready to match wits with the Grim Reaper?
  • You may get a second chance at life. But you can't cheat death.


Devon Sawa - Alex Browning
Ali Larter - Clear Rivers
Kerr Smith - Carter Horton
Kristen Cloke - Valerie Lewton
Daniel Roebuck - Agent Weine
Roger Guenveur Smith - Agent Schreck
Chad E. Donella - Tod Waggner
Seann William Scott - Billy Hitchcock
Tony Todd - William Bludworth
Amanda Detmer - Terry Chaney

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