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Final Destination is a 2000 film about a teenage boy who had a vision of a plane crashing and was able to get some of his friends off in time. However, the survivors start to die off one by one in mysterious ways.

Directed by James Wong. Written by Jeffrey Reddick, Glen Morgan and James Wong.
No Accidents. No Coincidences. No Escapes. You Can't Cheat Death. Taglines

Alex Browning[edit]

  • [yelling at death] You tried to capitalize but I caught you, you fuck! Yeah, I can beat you. Not forever, but I've got this cabin rigged to beat you now!

Clear Rivers[edit]

  • How do we know that is isn't exactly what was meant to happen? That out of everyone on Flight 180 you, me and Carter were meant to live. Maybe that was the design all along.

Tod Waggner[edit]

  • [Reading his memorial speech] We say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. But when we say this, we imagine that the hour is placed in an obscure and distant future. It never occurs to us that it has any connection with the day already begun, or that death could arrive this same afternoon — this afternoon which is so certain, and which has every hour filled in advance.

Terry Chaney[edit]

  • [to Carter] Enough!, both of you! They died, and we lived. Get over it. I will not let this plane crash be the most important thing in my life! God! I'm moving on, Carter. And if you wanna waste your life beating the shit out of Alex every time you see him, then you can just drop fucking dead! [Gets hit by a bus, killing her]

William Bludworth[edit]

  • In death, there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps, and no escapes. You have to realize that we're all just a mouse that a cat has by the tail. Every single move we make, from the mundane to the monumental, the red light that we stop at or run, the people we have sex with or want with us, the airplanes that we ride or walk out of—it's all part of Death's sadistic design leading to the grave.
  • [to Alex] You already did that by walking off the plane. Now you gotta figure out when and how it'll come back at you. Play your hunch, Alex. If you think you can get away from it. But beware the risk of cheating the plan, disrespecting the design... could initiate a horrifying fury that would terrorize even the Grim Reaper - and you don't even want to fuck with that MacDaddy!


  • Agent Weine: Nobody has control over life and death, unless they're taking life, causing death.


Hare Krishna: Death is not the end.
Val Lewton: It will be for you if you keep harassing my students.

Alex Browning: [describing his premonition] I saw it. Like, I don't know I just saw it. I saw it on the runway, I saw it take off. I saw out my window. I saw the ground. And-and the cabin starts to shake, right? And the left side blows up and the whole plane just explodes! And it was so real, just how everything happens, you know?
Tod Waggner: You've been on a lot of planes that blew up?
Val Lewton: You must have fallen asleep.

Clear Rivers: Almost autumn.
Alex Browning: It's only the end of June.
Clear Rivers: Yeah, but everything's always in transition. If you focus, even now, just one week into summer, you can almost feel autumn coming. Kinda like being able to see the future.

Billy Hitchcock: That's right! You're next, Carter! I'm staying the fuck away from you!
Carter: Shut up, Billy!
Clear Rivers: Billy, we don't need this shit right now.
Billy Hitchcock: I don't need it ever! Get away from him! He's next!
Carter: Fuck you, Billy! I'm not dead.
Billy Hitchcock: Oh, you will be. You're dead... you're dead and you ain't taking me with you!

Alex Browning: The mortician said that Death has a design. Okay. I'm talking about omens. How do we know that just by sitting here - by, by sipping this coffee, or breathing the air, or even crossing the intersection - that we haven't even started in motion the events that will some day lead to our death: forty years from now, ten years from now, tomorrow. We don't. Unless we open ourselves up... [pulls out a piece of paper that reads "Tod" and slides it across the table to her] the signs that It's willing to show us?
Clear Rivers: I don't understand. Did you see Tod die? Did it happen again, like on the plane?
Alex Browning: No. No, it didn't, but, I mean, it might as well have. This is a message from something, Clear, or someone - hinting at a design.
Clear Rivers: Total bullshit. I mean, you can find death omens anywhere you want to. Coffee. Starts with a C and ends with an E. So does the word "choke." So, what, we're going to choke to death? I wanna hear you. We'll go nuts if you start with the shits.
Alex Browning: The mortician said that Death has a design. Right? Now, what if you, me, Tod, Carter, Terry, Billy, Missus Lewton messed up that design. For whatever reason, I, I saw Death's plan. We cheated him. But what if it was our time? What if we were not meant to get off that plane? What if it still is our time? If it is, then it's not finished, and we will die - now, not later - unless, unless we find the patterns and cheat It again.
Clear Rivers: After hearing you, I, I do believe... [Alex smiles] ...that Tod killed himself.


  • Most People Have Dreams. For Alex, This Is Real.
  • Death Doesn't Take No For An Answer.
  • No Accidents. No Coincidences. No Escapes. You Can't Cheat Death.
  • Face Your Deepest Fears... Before They Face You.
  • Can You Cheat Death?
  • Death is coming.
  • I'll see you soon.
  • Next stop, it's you...
  • Are you ready to match wits with the Grim Reaper?
  • You may get a second chance at life. But you can't cheat death.


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