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Final Destination 3 is a third installment in the Final Destination series. The film is about a high school graduate who had a premonition of the roller coaster derailment, As she saves them from the roller coaster, Death continues the plot of killing the survivors in bizarre accidents.

Directed by James Wong. Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong.
This ride will be the death of you. Taglines

Wendy Christensen[edit]

  • [to Julie] You're not a senior.
  • Um. I was having that feeling like Deja Vu. You know, except for, something that hasn't happened yet.
  • I'm sorry. I can't sit in the front. I cannot see the tracks. I'll freak.
  • The coaster is gonna crash!
  • If it weren't for you and Jason being friends, and me and Carrie being friends, we wouldn't have even hung out. We don't even like each other.
  • If there's one place that makes you feel that there is no life after death, it's a cemetery.
  • [to Kevin] It's so sad that you know that.
  • We gotta get out!

Kevin Fischer[edit]

  • Well, it was nice to see that things haven't made you... any less of a control freak.
  • It's never better staying ignorant. Willful ignorance is surrendering control.
  • You know what, you're a real piece of shit, Lewis. Fuck you.
  • [about his death] Is it bad? Is it painful or embarrassing? I mean, there's nothing like up my ass, is there?
  • Why would you worry about me? We don't even like each other, remember?
  • It's not working. Somebody stop the train!

Ian McKinley[edit]

  • You're more likely to die driving to an amusement park than dying at one.
  • Equal... in Death's eyes? All of us? How can you say that? Dude, think it through: Charlie Manson, made it to 70, Osama, still kicking. Pimps, vice presidents, walking around; all the atrocities they've commited, they're alive and well. These two girls, never done shit to anybody, they don't get to make it to 18. Where's the fucking equality in that?
  • [last words; to Wendy] You see?! I'm not gonna die! It's you, Wendy! You're dead!

Lewis Romero[edit]

  • [to Kevin] Look, if you ever have to come to my funeral, bring me a PSP or something. That way, I'll have something to do.
  • "Four years from now, Lewis Romero goin' in the second round to Oakland... He's gonna romp and stomp. Fifteen seasons with four Super Bowl rings on his fingers. Lewis ain't afraid of no death, Fuck Death! Death is a fuckin' Denver fan. Death wear blue and orange. Real men wear black. Lewis ain't afraid of no Death. Death is afraid of me! Death fears me!.. 'Cause, baby, I just win. I just win, Kevin! That's all I know how to do?! Is just win!"
  • [before his death] Whoo! What did I tell you Kevin, huh? Fuck death! I just win. That's I all know how to do, Kevin. Baby I just win!

Erin Ulmer[edit]

  • A rollercoaster is just elemental physics, a conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy.
  • [about how she will die] So let me get this straight; I'm gonna OD on nail polish, and Ian is gonna be embarrassed to this?
  • Death is fucking complicated.

Jason Wise[edit]

  • Cause look, I know you and I think that maybe you're nervous about this roller coaster because they say the real fear comes from the feeling of having no control. Everyone imagines weird stuff when they get scared. But it never turns out to be what they imagine, Never.
  • I'll meet you at the end.
  • Dude, that's my girlfriend!

Frankie Cheeks[edit]

  • Oh! Where you guys are right now if you raise your hands and just - ha! - cup them slightly, it'll look like you're holding the devil's balls.
  • I stuck around to monitor your development.
  • Seeing women as nothing but fun bags. I mean, if I'd have seen their, whatever, humanity, they wouldn't have felt the pressure to look so good. Impress Franklin Cheeks; Go on diets; Deodorize; Stretch; Tan.

Ashlyn Halperin[edit]

  • I'm looking at one right now.
  • [while watching a scuffle] Let's out.
  • Nobody's walking in here and see me naked!
  • Dude, he said no drinks. If you spill that shit, we're gonna have to clean it up like last time.
  • [before her death] It's way too warm in here now, huh?

Ashley Freund[edit]

  • [to Frankie] You've been graduated like two years ago!
  • [watching the fight at the coaster; annoyed] So high school!
  • So we're ready for graduation tonight we're going to the tanning salon after this and we are so totally cool if you wanna come with
  • Steinmetz says he gets off on tan lines.
  • [browsing for good music] Celine? Britney? Dude, are we like the only cool people that come here, or what?


  • Carrie Dreyer: [about Kevin] I'm breaking up with him. Couple of weeks after graduation. I've been wanting to for a while. but don't tell anybody, okay?
  • Julie Christensen: [to Kevin] Let me explain this to you! [flips him two birds.]


[In the carnival, Jason, Carrie and Kevin are riding on the drop tower.]
Kevin Fischer: [to Jason.; pointing to Wendy.] Did you see that?
[Wendy starts taking a picture of them.]
Wendy Christensen: [laughing.] Oh my God.
[The ride stops.]
Jason Wise: Yes, yes.
Kevin Fischer: Nice, nice, nice.
Jason Wise: I'm sick.
Kevin Fischer: Worth the weight.
[Wendy laughs and checks the photo, then looks at the ride then looks at the photo again says "HIGH DI E".; Jason appears and hugs to Wendy. Kevin and Carrie walks with them.]
Kevin Fischer: That was intense man. The feeling will be this?... crash and burn like that.
Wendy Christensen: Oh yeah, and maybe for you, our lives are just going somewhere.
Jason Wise: Okay, where we gotta go is to the roller coaster and that's gonna kill me. [checks his watch.] It surpasses from 9:15. We miss that, I'm standing length the day in a half, and that's gonna kill me. Alright? Let's go.
Kevin Fischer: Okay what we need, is to get a deep fry snickers and a coke.
Jason Wise: Before riding Devil's Flight? Yeah, that might kill me.
Kevin Fischer: Oh!!! What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger man! [holds Jason.]
[Wendy stops and notices the roller coaster ,feeling something's bad is gonna happen. Wendy sees the Devil's Flight and walks away.]

[Wendy puts the camera on the table.]
Kevin Fischer: [takes the camera.] I'll take that.
Wendy Christensen: No come on, give me. It's not even mine Kevin, It's the yearbook. It's just having---
[Kevin picture's Stacy's panties.; Wendy tries to get the camera back from Kevin]
Kevin Fischer: Hey, hey give me the--- [Wendy takes the picture of Kevin in the face with a flash, blinding him.]
Carrie Dreyer: Um, could you like, please delete that one of Stacy? [turns to Kevin and hits him.]
Wendy Christensen: These are for the yearbook and I have to turn them in tomorrow to make a deadline and, like, I doubt if a shot of Stacy Kobayashi's camel toe is gonna make it in there.
Kevin Fischer: Whew, I'd buy two.
[Jason laughs. Carrie looks at Kevin]
Caller: Number 38, you're order's ready.
Kevin Fischer: That's us.
[Jason and Kevin stands up and gets their order.]
Carrie Dreyer: I'm so sorry, Kevin get's so out of control.
Wendy Christensen: I'm here just say, He make me crazy. [laughs.] I mean you know, I'm such a control freak like, I could handle that. [Carrie turns to Kevin with Jason picking their order, then turns back to Wendy.]
Carrie Dreyer: I'm breaking up with him. Couple of weeks after graduation. I've been wanting to for a while. but don't tell anybody, okay?
[Wendy nods.; Kevin and Jason appears with their order.]
Kevin Fischer: Whoa, [points to Ashley and Ashlyn, playing the water gun game] Now that shot there that will sell some yearbooks.
Wendy Christensen: Ugh... Alright so I'm a total whore. [Wendy stands up to take a picture of Ashley and Ashlyn.]

[Wendy begins to picture Kevin with a dancer.; Julie and her friends appears and block the view.]
Wendy Christensen: Excuse me?
[Julie and her friends reveal themselves.]
Wendy Christensen: You're not a senior!
Julie Christensen: And what are *you* gonna do about it, Miss "cutest couple rah-rah"? [Amber and Perry laugh.]
Wendy Christensen: Mom know you're here?
Julie Christensen: You are a complete bitch if you tell her!
Wendy Christensen: [flashes her camera] Proof where you were.
Julie Christensen: Take a shot of this!
[She sticks both her middle fingers at Wendy, as she pictures it.; Wendy smirks.]

Lewis Romero: [playing his hammer game] Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. That's three. That is three, number three. Man, I am hot. Man, gimme some right here, man. What you doin'? Get the fuck back. Hoo! My God, I am good. Here we go. Boy, I'll tell ya.... goddamn. Whoo! King sir, step right here! There ya go. Whaddaya want? Here we go, baby. 3 for 3, it's all mine. [whacks the striker's head off, which goes flying.]
[Wendy takes a picture]
Jason Wise: Whoa, man. You broke it.
Lewis Romero: Ho, ho, ho. That's what I'm talking about!

[While Frankie is reccording Ashley and Ashlyn]
Frankie Cheeks: Oh! Where you guys are right now if you raise your hands and just... [laughs] - cup them slightly, it'll look like you're holding the devil's balls.
Ashley Freund: And we'd wanna do that why?
Frankie Cheeks: When else you ever gonna see a dick that big? [shows the Devil's statue]
Ashlyn Halperin: I'm looking at one right now.
[Frankie laughs.]
Frankie Cheeks: Man! You guys are smoking hot!
Ashley Freund: Get out, Frankie!
Ashlyn Halperin: Yeah, why are you even here?
Ashley Freund: Yeah, you've been graduated like two years ago!
Frankie Cheeks: I stuck around to monitor your development.

[While Wendy, Kevin, Jason and Carrie are falling in line.]
Jason Wise: You alright? There's nothing to worry about.
Erin Ulmer: A roller coaster is just elemental physics, a conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy.
Ian McKinley: Yep, odds are like one in 250 million of dying in a roller coaster.
[Jason stops and realizes it.]
Jason Wise: Yeah, yeah. Thanks for that, McKinley.
Ian McKinley: You're more likely to die driving to an amusement park than dying at one.

Wendy Christensen: Wait... No... No, please. I'm sorry, I don't wanna be a hassle. I just... I can't sit in the front. I cannot see the tracks. I'll freak.---
Kevin Fischer: Okay. Take it easy. Uh, well, Carrie will sit in the back with you. Right, babe?
Carrie Dreyer: Uh, Why me?
Kevin Fischer: What?
Carrie Dreyer: 'Cause we're girls? Fuck that. I'm going to Berkeley and I won't get to do this for a while. I'm sitting in the front.
Wendy Christensen: Jay just go, Okay? I'll live.
Jason Wise: You're not gonna sit by yourself.
Kevin Fischer: All right, you know what? We'll just settle this like real men. How about that? Hmm? [pulls out a coin.] Call it.
Jason Wise: Heads.
[Kevin flips the coin and lands it on heads]
Kevin Fischer: Shit! Damn it.
[Jason and Carrie laughs.]
Kevin Fischer: All right, fine, what the fuck. It's the same ride, right? Go. Go ahead. Bye, babe.
[Jason and Carrie goes to the first row. Jason stops and turns to Kevin.]
Jason Wise: Hey, uh, just do me a favor. Keep an eye on her, Okay? She's kinda freaked out.
Kevin Fischer: Oh. Cool.
Jason Wise: All right?
[Jason goes to the first row.]

[Wendy's Premonition]
[While at the roller coaster, Frankie records Ashley and Ashlynn, with his camera.]
Frankie Cheeks: Yeah! Show me your titties!
[Ashlyn knocks away Frankie's camera, out of his hand.]
Ashlyn Halperin: Fuck off, Frankie!
Frankie Cheeks: Oh!

Roller Coaster Attendant: [Wave his hand to Wendy] Hey?, What? you can't read?
Kevin Fischer: Oh, wait. Shall I just put it in my pocket?
Roller Coaster Attendant: Um?, Yeah.
Kevin Fischer: Good. [puts Wendy's camera in his pocket] Okay! Let's do this!
[Wendy grabs his hand and sees the gum in his hand, like in her premonition.]
Roller Coaster Worker: Okay!, Ready to go?
Kevin Fischer: Yeah! Let's do it baby. Whoo!
Wendy Christensen: [shocked and terrified] We have to get out of here.
[The roller coaster conductor is about to start the ride]
Wendy Christensen: [sobbed and screaming] No don't push the button! DON'T!! DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON! [desperately tried to get out] Let me out! Let me out!
Kevin Fischer: Wendy, it's alright!
Wendy Christensen: [sobbed] No, It's gonna crash!, It's gonna crash!
Jason Wise: Wendy?
Wendy Christensen: [sobbed and screaming] The hydraulics will rupture!, The tracks will collapse! Please!
Security Guard: [shows up at the roller coaster] What's going on?
Wendy Christensen: [sobbing] Let me off!
Roller Coaster Attendant: Chick's saw something?
Security Guard: Alright, let her out, just the back.
[The roller coaster conductor deactivates the coaster harnesses at the back, as Wendy gets out of the coaster.]

Security Guard: [to Wendy] Whoa, whoa, just relax. Now what's the matter?
[Lewis gets out of his seat.]
Wendy Christensen: [sobbed] I saw it, I saw it in my head. The tracks collapsed, The hydraulics are loosened, and the roller coaster crashed---
Kevin Fischer: No, she was just a little upset before, alright---
Lewis Romero: Man, please. Can you please control that bitch? [two people get out of their seats.] Damn! [mocking Wendy] "It's gonna crash!, the hydraulics!, the coaster!." Now she's just trying to get some fucking attention!--
Kevin Fischer: You know what? You're a real piece of shit, Lewis! Fuck you!
Lewis Romero: Fuck moi? No man, fuck you!
[Kevin grabs his arm and Lewis accidentally slaps Erin in the face]
Erin Ulmer: Agh!
[Ian gets up and grabs Lewis, who is already in a fight with Kevin]
Jason Wise: Hey!, let me off.
[the fight between Lewis, Ian, and Kevin continues]
Security Guard: [trying to calm the boys down, and tells to anybody] Alright, nobody else gets off this ride!
Jason Wise: Dude let me OFF!
[Ashley and Ashlyn watch the fight annoyed while Frankie was still recording them.]
Ashley Freund: [annoyed] So high school!
Ashlyn Halperin: Let's "out".
[Ashlyn and Ashley leave their seats]
Erin Ulmer: [trying to get Ian up from the fight] Ian!
Frankie Cheeks: Wait, where are you ladies going? [Frankie gets out of his seat and follows the girls.] There's a fight.
[The other Security guard appear and assist the guard, to break up the fight. They grab Wendy, Kevin, Ian, Erin, and Lewis]
Security Guard: Get them out of the ride! Calm down! [to Lewis] RELAX!
Jason Wise: Dude let me off, I've got to make sure if she's okay.
[The crowd starts chanting, "Aye, oh, let's go!"]
Jason Wise: DUDE LET ME OFF!
Roller Coaster Attendant: Here we go!
Jason Wise: Dude?!
[The roller coaster attendant signals the roller coaster conductor to start the ride]
Jason Wise: Let me off!
[Wendy sees Jason and Carrie, still in the roller coaster.; The ride starts. ]
Jason Wise: Dude that's my girlfriend!
Wendy Christensen: Oh my God.
[Wendy rushes to the roller coaster workers.; The security guard chases her, Kevin follows.]
Wendy Christensen: [screaming and sobbing] STOP IT! NO! STOP! Stop it!, Please! Please the tracks are broken!, STOP!!! STOP IT! PLEASE!! [The security guard grabs Wendy.] JASON!!

[The security guards grab hold of Wendy & Kevin, and take them outside.]
Security Guard: [to Wendy.] Just relax, Okay?
Wendy Christensen: [sobbing.] Please!
Kevin Fischer: [grabbed hold by the other security guard.; to the Security Guard] Ease up man! She's alright!, Okay? She can let her settle down!---
Security Guard: [to Kevin.] She can settle down at home. [turns to Wendy.] Now listen... What is your home phone number?, Okay? We can call your mother, and everything will be okay---
[They turn around, as they hear the teens, including Jason and Carrie, scream, and sees the roller coaster crashed, just like in Wendy's premonition.; The security guards gets back to the roller coaster, as Wendy and Kevin watch in horror.]
Wendy Christensen: [crying.] Jason!
[Wendy starts crying.]

[Wendy begins to arrange the things, and goes to her computer, to upload the photos.; Julie tries to look for her charm bracelet. She finds it on Wendy's jewelry box.; Julie turns to Wendy.]
Julie Christensen: This is mine! My good guy luck bracelet, that Grandma left me in her will! Augh!
[Julie begins to leave.]
Wendy Christensen: Julie?
[Julie stops.]
Wendy Christensen: [sobbing and crying.] I need?... I could use some help. I have such guilt over Jason. I should never have let that ride go... God. You know usually I'm such a control freak but I didn't do enough to stop it, I should have done everything I could to stop it. That would give anything... I wish I could have another chance, but I never can. [Wendy turns to Julie.] I don't wanna someday feel that way about you, Julie. Y'know I can't talk to Mom and Dad. You're all I have left. You think when I get a place you could come stay with me for while?
Julie Christensen: You know I will. Mmmm... [gives her bracelet back to Wendy] Keep this now, and I'll come get it when I come to see you. Oh, and hey, on your end, do you mind if I borrow the school camera for graduation tonight?
Wendy Christensen: Ah, Yeah, as long as you promise to bring it back to school on Monday.
Julie Christensen: Done!
[Wendy checks on her camera.]
Wendy Christensen: Oh, um?... Actually, the battery is pretty low, so why don't you finish getting ready and I'll recharge it up a bit for you.
Julie Christensen: Cool.
[Julie leaves.]

[After Ashley and Ashlyn die, the minister begins to read the funeral speech.]
Minister: We may feel that our lives are not our own, that Death controls and frames our lives. Our birth is nothing but death begun. Yet whether it is with this tragic loss of young lives, which we have suffered much of late, or with the soft passing of the elderly in the night, we are all equal in Death's eyes.
Ian McKinley: [interrupting] Equal... in Death's eyes? All of us? How can you say that? [everyone turns to him.]
Student: Shut up, McKinley.
Ian McKinley: Dude, think it through: Charlie Manson, he made it to 70, Osama?, still kicking. [Erin tries to usher him away.]
Erin Ulmer: Let's go. Come on.
Ian Mckinley: Pimps, vice presidents, walking around, all the atrocities they've committed, they're alive and well. These two girls, who've never done shit to anybody, they don't get to make it to 18! Where's the fucking equality in that?
[Lewis, Kevin and Erin begin to lead him out.]

[After Ian is removed, the minister resumes his speech]
Minister: Those of you who would like to pay a final rememberance, please step foward at this time.
[Several people move forward. Frankie turns to Julie, looking guilty.]
Frankie Cheeks: I so feel this is so my fault.
Julie Christensen: How could it possibly be your fault?
Frankie Cheeks: Seeing women as nothing but fun bags. I mean, if I'd have seen their, whatever, humanity, they wouldn't have felt the pressure to look so good. Impress Franklin Cheeks; Go on diets; Deodorize; Stretch; Tan.
Julie Christensen: Don't be down, Frankie. Be proud of your ability to make everything that happens. Somehow, a story about you.
[Frankie attempts to kiss Julie, but she smacks him.]
Julie Christensen: God!
[She, Amber and Perry leave, leaving Frankie shocked.]

[As Wendy and Kevin drives off to the restaurant.]
Kevin Fischer: [driving.; explaining] Okay, those kids are at Flight 180, died in accidents, in order they would have died, if they stay on the plane. Okay, so if this is that?, Then?... Then Frankie was behind Ashley and Ashlyn.
Wendy Christensen: When I saw Ashley and Ashlyn's picture, I felt this instant like there was a hint in the picture, I even?... I even call, to see if I keep them from going.
Kevin Fischer: What's Frankie's picture look like?
Wendy Christensen: It's right here.
Kevin Fischer: You got it?
Wendy Christensen: Yeah. [Wendy grabs Frankie's picture, and sees it with Kevin.]
[As they are looking at his picture, Wendy sees a truck and a trucker as they are about to get hit.]
Wendy Christensen: [panicked] Watch out!
Kevin Fischer: Shoot!
[The trucker sees it and gets in his truck quickly, as Kevin drives away from it.]
Trucker: [yelling to Kevin and Wendy] HEY! HEY! ARE YOU CRAZY?!
Kevin Fischer: Sorry!
[Kevin and Wendy drives off to the restaurant.]
Wendy Christensen: Alright, let's just eat over there, then go to the drive-thru, and I don't want anyone hearing what were talking about.
Kevin Fischer: It was nice to see that thing haven't made you... Any less of a control freak.

[Kevin droves his truck, and fall in line at the drive-thru.]
Kevin Fischer: Did you got it?
Wendy Christensen: Yeah, right. Here's Frank's picture [shows the picture again to Kevin.]
Kevin Fischer: Well this is obvious, He's falling off the ladder.
Wendy Christensen: [points the rope ladder, in Frankie's picture.] A rope ladder, though... Maybe? He might hang?... [gets Frankie's picture] Look... Or maybe it's not that literal. Alright,... What's.... Could there be anything in these prizes?
Kevin Fischer: Or what? Like he's going to get crushed by a giant Spongebob?... Hey, Spongebob lives underwater.
Wendy Christensen: [glares Kevin] It's so sad that you know that. [turns back to Frankie's picture, along with Kevin.] Alright, He won that tacky mud-flap girl chain, on this game, So?... Are those usually on those big eighteen wheelers?
Kevin Fischer: Yeah, yeah.
Wendy Christensen: God, I don't see in this picture anyway though.
[Wendy and Kevin hear a car of an arguing husband and wife honking the car horn, forcing Kevin to move.]
Kevin Fischer: [turns to the couple.] Alright! God!
[Kevin moves his truck in line, and starts opening his car window.; The husband and wife start arguing, while they're moving in line.; Kevin stops at the drive-thru speaker.]
Carhop: [on speaker] Uh... Can I take your order?
Kevin Fischer: Yeah. [turns to Wendy.] What do you want?
[The sign begins to erase one of the words. Wendy looks at the sign along with Kevin.; A beer truck reverses to Kevin's truck.; Kevin turns back to Wendy.]
Kevin Fischer: Why? Are you okay?
[The sign erases the word "control" on the sign.; Wendy and Kevin turns to the truck, reversing to Kevin's truck.; They turn to Kevin's car radio, malfunctioning]
Wendy Christensen: Please tell me there's a short in your wiring.
[As Kevin tried to stop the radio, Wendy and Kevin turns to the beer truck reversing closer to Kevin's truck.]
Kevin Fischer: Whoa. Hey that guy is way too close to my truck.
[Wendy taps the beer truck repeatedly, to gain his attention.]
Kevin Fischer: [yelling to the trucker] Hey! You're too fucking close, man! Pull up! Hey! [Wendy taps the beer truck again.]
[Wendy and Kevin turns to the car radio, as it shifts to the song "Turn Around, Look at Me".; The truck from behind Wendy and Kevin, begins to roll at them, while the truck chases his truck.]
Kevin Fischer: [turns to the beer truck.] Whoa! Watch out! [Kevin grabs Wendy.]
[The beer truck reversed close to Kevin's truck, blocking their exit.]
Kevin Fischer: What the fuck?
[Wendy look behind the runaway truck, as they are about to get hit.]
Trucker: [chasing his truck ] Oh my God! Help!
Wendy Christensen: Get out! Get out!
Kevin Fischer: What? What?
[Wendy and Kevin tried to get out of the truck.]
Wendy Christensen: Behind us! [Kevin turns to the runaway truck.] There's no one in the truck!
Kevin Fischer: Shit! [Kevin turns to the car in front of his truck. He starts honking his horn to get the driver's attention.; yelling.] Hey! Pull up Man!, Come on! Pull up! [The driver flips off Kevin.]
[Wendy and Kevin desperately tried to get out of the truck.; As the truck rolls closer to them.; Wendy turns to the arguing husband and wife's car.]
Wendy Christensen: [tapping to the couple] Back up! Back up!
[The truck rolls fast, as Kevin and Wendy tried to get out.; The husband notice this and turns to the rolling truck behind, as they drive away.]
Kevin Fischer: Watch your eyes! Watch your eyes! Come here! [Kevin begins to crack the windshield, with his foot. He grabs Wendy and get out of his truck.] Come on, Let's go!, Go! Go! Go!
[Kevin and Wendy jump out of his truck, As the runaway truck hit's Kevin's truck, spitting out his engine. The engine flies out at the driver's car, and carving the back of his head.; Kevin picks up the bloody tacky mud-flap girl chain. He realizes it, as he and Wendy gets up and checks the dead driver. The driver reveals to be Frankie, who is in front of Wendy and Kevin.; The fan sputters the last time, as Wendy and Kevin watch in disgust.]

Lewis Romero: [before his death] Whoo! What did I tell you Kevin, huh? Fuck death! I just win. That's all I know how to do, Kevin. Baby I just win! [lifts weights once again. As Lewis screams, the weights fall and crush his head, spraying blood on Wendy and Kevin.]

[At the hardware store, Ian was loading nails in nail gun. His radio responds.]
Erin Ulmer: [on the radio] Zip, it's Pip. Have you cut those plywood orders yet?
Ian McKinley: Uh, it's a big no Pip. Osama bin Supervisor wants me to get rid of these pigeons first. They keep settin' off the alarms. [raises the forklift and found the pigeons on the shelves of supplies.] Hello, babies. [aims at the pigeons and shoots all of them down with the nail gun.]
[Ian looks down at the ground and laughs.]
[At the store entrance, Erin was packing all the supplies.]
Erin Ulmer: [answering her radio] Hey, after I restock this stuff that these pinhead customers can't manage to return to the shelves themselves, we'll roll out of here, okay?
Ian McKinley: [on the radio] Rightio, babe.
[While Erin is browsing the hardware, Wendy and Kevin knock at the entrance. Erin startles and screams.]
Wendy Christensen: Erin. It's Wendy and Kevin.
Erin Ulmer: Shit?! You scared the shit out of me!
Kevin Fischer: Once you let us in, we'll tell you.
[Erin unlocks the entrance]
[After Ian shoots all of the pigeons down, his radio responds]
Erin Ulmer: [on the radio] Zip, it's Pip. Come over here. You are gonna trip when you hear this.
Ian McKinley: [answers back on his radio] Well, paint me intrigued, Pip. I'm on my way.

Erin Ulmer: [to Wendy and Kevin] So let me get this straight; I'm gonna OD on nail polish, [holds the photo] and Ian is gonna be embarrassed to this?
Kevin Fischer: [to Erin] Well, you saw what happened to Wendy. Alright, what's happening to the others? I mean you just saw their pictures...
[The lights in the shelf flickered, Wendy was disturbed; Ian, riding the forklift, appeared behind the shelf]
Ian McKinley: [sarcastically] Oh my God, guys. What's going on?
[They turn to Ian as Erin laughs]
Ian McKinley: What's going on? That's crazy! That's crazy!
[Erin laughs again.]

Erin Ulmer: Okay so who's next in this theory you have? Me or Ian?
Kevin Fischer: Well, we know the order of how we were sitting on the roller coaster but not how it works with people who sat together.
[Erin stops the cart and put a saw blade on a hook]
Wendy Christensen: Yeah well, we don't know if Ashley or Ashlyn died first.
Erin Ulmer: Hmm, Death is fucking complicated. [laughs; pushes her cart]
Ian McKinley: [laughs; while driving the forklift] No, you know what? It's not complicated, it's simple. People die, that's just part of life. [Erin and Ian stops and began loading the supplies] A hundred fifty thousand people a day. Actually, you know? I mean, we're biological entities, and death is just...
Erin Ulmer: [hands an air conditioning unit to Ian] Top shelf.
Ian McKinley: [takes the filter] ...the end of biological function. It's as simple as that. [raises the forklift to place the filter on the shelf.]
[Wendy checks on Ian and Erin's photo.]
Kevin Fischer: How can you explain what happened to us is simple? [Ian pulls the box of filters, dropping nails on the ground as Erin collects them with a magnet.] I mean if Wendy never had that premonition and none of us had gotten off that ride, we'd all be dead right now. Does that not make sense to you?
Ian McKinley: [places the filter in the box, dropping a box of nails on the hood of a forklift] Oh, yeah. Kevin, how come when a guy dies of a plain heart attack? [lowers the forklift down.] No one goes, like "Oh, wow, he was eating French toast when Princess Diana died in Paris and then..."
[Erin had finish collecting the nails and placed the magnet in the shelf, that attracts a nearby chain from the shelf.]
Ian McKinley: "...he saw her funeral on TV, and now he's dead"? You know why? Because they'd sound crazy so guess how you two sound right now? Crazy.
Erin Ulmer: [after she finished loading all the supplies] Zip, I'm done. So finish cutting those orders so we can get out of here.
Ian McKinley: Okay!
[The chain falls onto the key, starting the forklift; While Wendy, Kevin and Erin walk away, Ian was unaware that he accidentally bumps the shelf with the forklift that causes the stacks of glue to fall onto the nail box, which falls onto the forklift's pedal, driving it by itself as Ian left unnoticed.]

[Ian finally decides to listen to Wendy and Kevin's deduction.]
Ian McKinley: Okay, let's go with what you guys are saying. Let's just say, you know, that Death does have a conscious plan and that it's been set into motion. Right. So, Newton's Third Law of Motion, and well look, I'm just guessing that it goes for Death too when he's working in our world. Newton says "that every action has an equal and opposite reaction". So, that means that if Death has taken action, so can we. And that, that action we take might have an opposite reaction that might thwart Death's intent.
Kevin Fischer: You're being a fucker, but go on.
Ian McKinley: Okay, okay. What if, for example: the last in line were to make the utilitarian choice - kill themselves? Wow, wow, that's pretty much gonna ruin any plan that Death's put in motion. And even better, hey, he's gonna save five skipped lives. [Directs his talking to Wendy and Kevin] Any takers? [Short pause] Nah, I didn't think so.

[After saving Julie, She begins to walk away.]
Julie Christensen: [crying] Just let me go.
Wendy Christensen: [follows Julie] No, Julie. You have to tell me, you have to listen. Tell me who was sitting next to you on the roller coaster?
[Perry and Amber arrive.]
Amber Regan: Oh my God, Julie are you all right?
[The horse startles by the fireworks.; Julie doesn't respond, crying.]
Wendy Christensen: Listen to me! You have to tell me who was sitting next to you on the roller coaster?! Who?! She's next!
[Perry and Amber look at each other and realized this.; The horse ran off, breaking the flagpole which flies to a direction.; Perry, realized this stood up as the flagpole impales her in the back, spraying blood on Julie, Wendy and Amber.]

[After Wendy sees Ian, They begin to leave.]
Wendy Christensen: We have to get out of here now.
Kevin Fischer: What's the deal?
Wendy Christensen: Ian McKinley. He causes my death. In my picture, I was wearing the McKinley grad night shirt. He's the clue.
Julie Christensen: What?
Kevin Fischer: There's a first aid tent, there should be a security.

Kevin Fischer: Get the fuck outta here, McKinley!
Ian McKinley: Hey, I'm just celebrating our town's tricentennial!
Wendy Christensen: You followed me!
Ian McKinley: Oh! You are paranoid. But, hey I saw what happened. You're next right? You're the end of it, aren't you? Man, I'd be paranoid too.
Wendy Christensen: You didn't even believe me!
Ian McKinley: Yeah, well, seeing is believing.
Wendy Christensen: Then you have to stay away from me!
Ian McKinley: Have to? Wow, that's extreme.
[Ian stops and realizes it.]
Ian McKinley: Oh, no way... Do I cause your death? Just like you caused Erin's?
[Wendy, Kevin and Julie tries to leave, but Ian blocks their way.]
Ian McKinley: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, What? What? You have a vision? Was I in it? Was I in a picture?
[Wendy, Kevin and Julie doesn't respond.]
Ian McKinley:Just tell me how to start it off! Let's get this over with!
Wendy Christensen: You'll save me if you just stay away! Then it'll all be over!
Ian McKinley: What do I care? It skipped me. For me, it is over. I'm not dying. I'm not dying!
[The cart of fireworks fall.; The fireworks shoot at them but Wendy, Kevin and Julie duck. The fireworks shoot at Ian but they miss him and hit the base of the cherry picker.]
Ian McKinley: [laughs] You see? I'm not gonna die! It's you, Wendy! You're dead!
[The cherry picker falls on Ian and cuts him in half vertically.]

[After Wendy saw the premonition.]
Kevin Fischer: I was gonna look you up afterwards, but...
[Wendy realizes this.; Kevin checks on Wendy.]
Kevin Fischer: You okay? Is something wrong?
Wendy Christensen: The train.
Kevin Fischer: Oh, shit. Not again.
Wendy Christensen: [crying.] We gotta get out!
[Kevin rushes to the Emergency break and triggers it, but it is broken.; Wendy and Julie attempts to open the train's doors.]
Kevin Fischer: [crying.] It's not working. Somebody stop the train!
[While they attempt to escape, Wendy looks at the direction of the train and begins to happen. The screen fades to black as the sound of the train crash is heard.]


  • This ride will be the death of you.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Wendy Christensen
Ryan Merriman - Kevin Fischer
Kris Lemche - Ian McKinley
Alexz Johnson - Erin
Sam Easton - Frankie Cheeks
Jesse Moss - Jason Wise
Gina Holden - Carrie Dreyer
Texas Battle - Lewis Romero
Chelan Simmons - Ashley Freund
Crystal Lowe - Ashlyn Halperin

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