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Final Destination 5 is the fifth installment in the Final Destination series. During the events, a group of co-workers escape from the disaster in the suspended bridge. Death is after them to take down the survivors of the bridge.

Directed by Steven Quale. Written by Eric Heisserer.
Death has never been closer.(taglines)

Sam Lawton[edit]

  • Death is going to come for me, I don't think it matters where I am.
  • [to Bludworth] Why are you following us? Who are you?
  • We're all gonna die if we don't get off this bridge now!
  • [to Molly] I am better when you're with me.
  • Something's wrong.

Molly Harper[edit]

  • It's not working out, Sam. We're not working out.
  • Are you holding up? I try calling.
  • It's weird... being here. I mean... it's just so quiet.
  • [on Isaac's death] Who dies during a massage? Seriously.
  • Why are you fighting me on this?

Peter Friedkin[edit]

  • Because as your boss, I'm... I'm ready to fire your ass!
  • It's kill or be killed.
  • Then why is it that you deserve to live, Molly?
  • Tell Candice I love her!

Nathan Sears[edit]

  • I fire him and suddenly, I've got a factory full of Roys but I'll win him over, even if it kills me.
  • I see dead people.
  • Raise your hand if you believe that.
  • [after witnessing Dennis' death] No shit!
  • [last words] Any day?

Dennis Lapman[edit]

  • Way to show some initiative, Stan.
  • [on the phone, to Agent Block on Peter] He's yelling about "kill or be killed." Oh, yeah, it definitely sounded like a threat.
  • Who wants to be the first to tell me what the hell has just happened?

William Bludworth[edit]

  • Death doesn't like being cheated.
  • You changed things on that bridge and there's a wrinkle in reality. And that wrinkle, is you [faces Sam and his friends].
  • [last lines] You all just be careful now.

Olivia Castle[edit]

  • Sweetie, it's not fat. They're called tits.
  • I just get weird with tragedies.
  • [on Candice's death] What? Did you see the crazy shit those gymnasts do? I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.
  • Well, this day just got way more fun.
  • Is this supposed to be happening?

Isaac Palmer[edit]

  • Yo Buddha, slow down on the rice cakes.
  • Okay, sorry. Do you come with subtitles?
  • Just a stupid retreat thing with the idiots from the office


  • Candice Hooper: You know, if you want to get rid of that baby fat, you should try the gym. They have those workout machines that you use on your back. You're good at that?
  • Flight Attendant: Oh, a kid had a panic attack and wanted off the plane. Said he had some kind of vision.
  • John: Life's a bitch.
  • Dr Leonetti: [to Olivia] What made you decide to take the leap today?
  • Agent Block: Two deaths? Alright, that's a coincidence. Three? That's a pattern.


Peter Friedkin: Hey Sam. I say would you mind put the breakfast together for the retreat. I meant like some stale doughnuts? Some coffee? Well, this is amazing.
Sam Lawton: Thanks man, I just uh... remember that when you see my sales report for the last month.
[Peter picks a food and eats it.]
Peter Friedkin: I saw it last night.
Sam Lawton: [realized.] Oh shit. Has Dennis seen it?
Peter Friedkin: Not yet. Look, you just need to make a decision, you know. Now you're gonna be a chef or you're gonna be sales guy? I'm saying that as your friend. Because as your boss, I'm... I'm ready to fire your ass.
Sam Lawton: And as your friend, I appreciate that advice.
Peter Friedkin: Good.
[Sam sees Molly parking her car.]
Sam Lawton: Hold on, man, I'll be right back.
[Sam walks to Molly as she exits her car.]
Sam Lawton: Molly, Your... ticket's canceled. Tell me that's a mistake.
Molly Harper: I was gonna tell you after this weekend.
Sam Lawton: Uh, tell me what?
Molly Harper: That I don't... think it's such a good idea.
Sam Lawton: What, the trip? It's... my brother's wedding. What's going on here?
Molly Harper: We should talk about this later. Let's just---
Sam Lawton: What? And... no, and pretend like I didn't see this for the next two days? No, let's talk about this now.
Molly Harper: It's not working out, Sam. We're not working out.
[Sam was disappointed.]

[While Peter is checking the list, Candice walks to him.]
Candice Hooper: Hey.
Peter Friedkin: Hey. Oh, it's, uh, Candice, right?
Candice Hooper: Not funny. [grabs Peter]
Peter Friedkin: Oh, hey---
[Candice kisses Peter]
Peter Friedkin: Okay sorry, this is not a vacation okay? this is a business retreat. So we're gonna be all business for the next two days. Sorry. I love you, but doesn't change the fact that you're still an intern.
[Candice sighs as Peter leaves but stops.]
Peter Friedkin: Oh, um?... but that 12:30 curfew tonight, You should plan on breaking that.
Candice Hooper: Why?
Peter Friedkin: For the naked team-building.
[Peter left as Candice smiles]

[As Olivia leave the van, the rocker tuck out of his van holding Olivia's glasses]
Rocker: Hey, Olivia.
[Olivia turns to the rocker.]
Rocker: Don't forget these.
Olivia Castle: Oh, yeah. I've been trying to. [gets her glasses and wears it.]
Rocker: Why, I like it, it's very... Lisa Loeb.
Olivia Castle: Oh, Well you know, I'll rather be very.. Olivia.
[Olivia walks away.]
Rocker: We got a gig on Sunday.
Olivia Castle: Yeah, I'll be there.

[Olivia walking to Peter.]
Olivia Castle: [to Peter.] Good morning Peter. Looking good.
Peter Friedkin: [reluctant.] Uh... hi?
Candice Hooper: Hello Olivia.
Olivia Castle: Hmm?
Candice Hooper: Have you slept with every hipster in town yet?
Olivia Castle: [while grabbing her shirt.] Candice. Do you actually get paid for this internship or does Daddy just increase your allowance?
Candice Hooper: You know, if you want to get rid of that baby fat, you should try the gym. They have these workout machines that you use on your back. You're good at that?
Olivia Castle: [smirks.] Sweetie that's not fat,...
[Olivia removes her crop top.]
Olivia Castle: They're called tits.
[She puts her top on her bag and walk away to change, leaving Candice angry and speechless.]

Sam Lawton: Why do you let him get away with that?
Nathan Sears: No choice he's the union rep. I fire him and suddenly, I've got a factory full of Roys but I'll win him over, even if it kills me. What about you? When are they gonna offer you that permanent gig at the restaurant?
Sam Lawton: They already did.
Nathan Sears: Dude, yeah. That's great.
Sam Lawton: I don't know, man. I mean, they wanna send me to the flagship restaurant in Paris for who knows how long? Could be six months, could be a year. I just thought I'd be leaving too much behind. [sees Molly went to the bus.] Although now I'm not so sure.
Nathan Sears: Well look. If you do go to Paris, do me a favor.
Sam Lawton: What's that?
Nathan Sears: Take Roy with you. [laughs]
Sam Lawton: [smiles] Aw hell, no.
[They began to enter the bus, but Sam stops and saw the sign on the bus.]
Nathan Sears: Hey Sam.
[Sam turns to Nathan]
Nathan Sears: You coming?
Sam Lawton: Yeah.
[Sam enters the bus]

[The bus stops, cuts Sam's finger.]
Sam Lawton: Ow. Damn it.
[As Sam cleans the blood, he realizes this and notice the television at the bus began to loose it's reception.; "Dust in the Wind" was played in the radio and the television's reception shifts back as Sam realizes this.]
Sam Lawton: [gets out of his seat.] We all gotta get off!
[The coworkers turn to Sam.]
Peter Friedkin: What are you talking about?
Sam Lawton: The bridge is gonna collapse. [grabs Molly's hand.]
Molly Harper: What?
Sam Lawton: We're all gonna die.
Peter Friedkin: What the hell is going on?
Sam Lawton: We're all gonna die if we don't get off this bridge now!
Molly Harper: Sam, what's going on?
[Sam and Molly began to run to the plug door. Dennis became skeptical]
Dennis Lapman: "Stan"?
[Sam stops.]
Dennis Lapman: Relax, it's just some construction.
[Sam turns to Molly]
Sam Lawton: [whispering] Molly, please. Please God, follow me.
[Molly reluctantly follows Sam and began to escape.]
Sam Lawton: [to the bus driver] Open the door.
[The driver opens the plug door as Sam and Molly escape.]

[At the bus.]
Dennis Lapman: [to Peter] This is a major liability issue. If something happens to them, it's on us. You get that?
Peter Friedkin: Yeah.
Dennis Lapman: Then go get that.
Peter Friedkin: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, all right.
[Peter gets off his seat and began to follow them.]
[As Sam and Molly began to walk away, Peter gets out of the bus.]
Peter Friedkin: Hey Sam? Molly?
Sam Lawton: [turns to Peter.] Peter please, just follow!
Peter Friedkin: Guys come on!
[At the bus.]
Dennis Lapman: [to the coworkers] Okay, everybody just calm down.---
Candice Hooper: I'm gonna go help.
[Candice gets off her seat and follows Peter.]
Dennis Lapman: Please don't.
[At the bridge, Candice began to follow Peter, Sam and Molly.]
Peter Friedkin: Hey, guys, come on!
Sam Lawton: [to Peter and Candice] Let's go!
Peter Friedkin: Sam just get back on the bus! We can talk about it! Molly? Sam? Come on guys!
[Sam and Molly stops and notice the construction, the asphalt, and the closed hole. They continue to walk away.]

[After Olivia and Nathan get off the bus]
Olivia Castle: Did he seem weird to you when he got on the bus?
Nathan Sears: [reassuring] No no, he was fine. It's like he just snapped.
[Isaac and Dennis get off the bus.]
Isaac Palmer: What's going on?
Dennis Lapman: What the hell is going on out here?
[The bridge began to collapse. Olivia, Nathan and Isaac notice the bridge began to crack.]
Dennis Lapman: We should, uh...
Isaac Palmer: [turns to the cracking bridge.] Holy shit!
Dennis Lapman: [bangs the bus, panicking] Get off the bus! Get off the bus!
[Nathan, Olivia, Isaac and Dennis began to run as the other coworkers began to get out of the bus.]
[Sam, Molly, Peter, Candice, Olivia, Nathan, Isaac, Dennis and other people began to run as the bridge collapses.]
Peter Friedkin: Run, Candice! Run!
Sam Lawton: [to Molly] Come on!
[The survivors manage to escape and watches as the bridge completely collapses.]
Peter Friedkin: [to Sam] How did you know?
[Peter, Candice, Olivia, Isaac, Dennis and Nathan look at Sam in horror as they were in relief.]

Sam Lawton: You guys heard the news, they say it was natural causes.
Olivia Castle: They are more like supernatural.
Molly Harper: Are you holding up? I try calling.
Sam Lawton: Yeah, I know. Yeah, I saw it. I'm just tired.
[Isaac goes to Sam.]
Isaac Palmer: So... How did you explain that?
Sam Lawton: I-I didn't.... I just couldn't.
Candice Hooper: Sam, there had to be a reason.
Sam Lawton: [smiles] That's exactly what Agent Block keeps saying. Whatever answer you are looking for..., I don't have it.
Peter Friedkin: Sam is right. It doesn't matter how it happens. We should put this behind us and we must be grateful that we are still alive.
Nathan Sears: I agree, Peter. It's not like Death is gonna come back at us.

Dennis Lapman: [reading his memorial speech] I look out at the faces today and I see family members, friends. But the people that left us on the bridge that day, they were more than that. People like Jennifer Alcott, Chris Boylan, David Buckler. Maybe you worked next to them. Maybe you worked for them. But we all worked with them, huh? Who can forget Trevor Winn's smile? Or Isaac Palmer. ...
Isaac Palmer: [confused] Did he just say my name?
[Olivia laughs.]
Isaac Palmer: That's not funny.
Olivia Castle: I know, I'm sorry. I just get weird with tragedies. I'm sorry.
Nathan Sears: I see dead people.
[Olivia laughs again.]
Isaac Palmer: Guys.

[Sam knocks the door.]
Molly Harper: Hold on.
[Molly looks to the peephole and opens the door.; She sees Sam and they stare each other for a while.]
Sam Lawton: You want me to come in?
Molly Harper: Yeah, sure.
[Sam enters her house and closes his umbrella and the door.]
Sam Lawton: Thanks.
Molly Harper: I thought you'd be working tonight.
Sam Lawton: Yeah. You know I work for a chef, but there's something else I need you to do.

Candice Hooper: Okay. Seriously, this is stupid. They've gotta make it cooler or we're gonna pass out.
Gymnastics Coach: They're working on it.
Candice Hooper: Well, they should have it fixed by now.

Sam Lawton: Hey, how's it going?
Molly Harper: It's weird... being here. I mean... it's just so quiet.
Sam Lawton: Yeah, Well, Dennis had all the calls rerouted to corporate.
Molly Harper: Yeah, well... it's depressing.
[Olivia rushes to Sam and Molly.]
Olivia Castle: Holy crap. Did you guys get your bereavement pay yet?
[Olivia turns to Peter, who is still sad. She then turns back to Sam and Molly.]
Olivia Castle: Hey, what's he doing here?
Sam Lawton: I... think he just needed a distraction.
Olivia Castle: Yeah. [looks at Peter.] Yeah, that's the bummer about Candice. Guess we all should have seen that coming.
[Sam and Molly glare at Olivia.]
Olivia Castle: [turns to Sam and Molly.] What? Did you see the crazy shit those gymnasts do? I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

[Nathan emerges out of the elevator to the second floor, carrying a pack of "Hice Pale Ale" beer and walk to Sam.]
Sam Lawton: [turns to Nathan.] Hey man, what are you doing up here?
Nathan Sears: I had to get off the factory floor, man. Roy is driving me crazy... [turns to each of the coworkers.] So, uh... [shows the beer pack.] Who wants one?
Sam Lawton: Where did you get these?
[Peter emerges out of the cubicle, carrying a whiskey bottle.]
Nathan Sears: I've stole it at Roy's truck. [laughs] It's good, right?
Peter Friedkin: I got something better. [puts the whiskey on the table.]
Olivia Castle: Ooh, Nice one. [gets the whiskey bottle.]
Sam Lawton: Yeah, Count me in. [joins the group.]
Molly Harper: [looking at Sam.; turns to Peter.] Are you sure you want to share that?
Peter Friedkin: If I don't, I'll end up drinking alone. Which is just, just... sad.
Olivia Castle: Well, this day just got way more fun. [opens the whiskey bottle.]

Sam Lawton: You should come with me.
Molly Harper: [surprised] To Paris?
Sam Lawton: Yeah, you know you said it yourself. Look, You're going to have to start over. Start over with me.
Molly Harper: [astonished] H-How many drinks have you had?
Sam Lawton: Enough. Molly, I'm serious. Look, You were right. If I don't take the job, I'll regret it. But I'm not willing to lose you. Why is it have to be one or the other? I am better when you're with me.
[Molly smiles. Peter goes to Sam and Molly.]
Peter Friedkin: Uh, guys you should... you're not going to believe this.

[At the crime scene where the coroners recover Isaac's dead body]
Peter Friedkin: They said it was a freak accident.
Nathan Sears: Yeah, Raise your hand if you believe that.
Molly Harper: Who dies during a massage?, Seriously.
Peter Friedkin: First Candice, Now Isaac. It can't be a coincidence.
Sam Lawton: [had seen Bludworth] It's not. [began to follow Bludworth.]
Molly Harper: Where are you going? [follows Sam]
Nathan Sears: [had recognized Bludworth] It's that creepy dude.
Sam Lawton: [to Bludworth] Why are you following us? Who are you? [Peter and Nathan arrive] You were at the... the cemetery, then the gym, now here. What are you doing?
William Bludworth: My job.
[Bludworth prepares to leave while whistling]
Sam Lawton: [following with Molly, Peter and Nathan] What's happening to us?
[Bludworth stops and turns to Sam]
William Bludworth: What makes you think I know anything?
Sam Lawton: You warned us. At the memorial service. You said death didn't like to be cheated.
William Bludworth: It's just that I've seen this... before.
Nathan Sears: You've seen what?
William Bludworth: A lucky few survive a disaster. And then one by one... death comes for them all. You changed things on that bridge. There's a wrinkle in reality. And that wrinkle is you.
Nathan Sears: So what, we're doomed to die? I mean is - is that it? We just got our lives back, so what kind of fucked up karma is that?
Sam Lawton: Are you saying we can't stop this?
William Bludworth: You were supposed to die on that bridge. You're not supposed to be here. You shorted death. So you let death have somebody else in your place, and you take their spot in the realm of the living. All the days and years that they have yet to live. And they take your place in death. Then the books are balanced.
Peter Friedkin: Wait a minute. We kill someone, we get their life? Is that what you're telling me?
William Bludworth: I don't make the rules. I just clean up... after the game is over.

[After Bludworth left]
Peter Friedkin: Maybe that's why Candice and Isaac are dead. They weren't supposed to survive, and now it's coming after the rest of us.
Sam Lawton: No. No, not all of us. Molly made it, she didn't die.
Molly Harper: What?
Sam Lawton: Well... when I had that vision, or premonition, or whatever it was... I got you across before the bridge collapsed. You survived.
Peter Friedkin: You saved her? Why, because you decided that she deserved to live more than the rest of us?
Molly Harper: No, That's not what he's saying. I don't deserve to live more than anyone.
Peter Friedkin: Well apparently you deserve to live more than Candice!
Sam Lawton: Hey, whoa! Peter hang on.
Nathan Sears: No look. Guys come on. You're not drinking the Kool-Aid are you? Killing people to survive Death's list? Really? I may not know what's going on but it's not what that guy's selling.
Peter Friedkin: Yeah? What else is it then?
[Peter leaves]
Sam Lawton: Oh, shit.
Molly Harper: We need to tell Olivia. Come on.
[Sam, Molly and Nathan leave]

[Sam and Molly arrive at the clinic.]
Molly Harper: [rushes out of the elevator] Olivia Castle?! Where is she?
Sam Lawton: She might be in danger!
Dr. Leonetti : N-no. She's fine. We do this kind of standard procedure all the time.---
[Olivia's shrieks are heard as Sam, Molly and Leonetti rushes to the room.]
Olivia Castle: Help me!
Molly Harper: No!

[Peter came in Dennis's office.]
Dennis Lapman: They're closing us down.
Peter Friedkin: They're shutting down the plant?
Dennis Lapman: Not the whole plant, just us. Just sales and administration. Can you believe it? Us? It's the factory guys that usually get laid off. Not us, we're supposed to be safe.
Peter Friedkin: Yeah, Dennis, we got bigger problems. Olivia and Isaac are dead.
Dennis Lapman: Who's Isaac?
Peter Friedkin: Isaac Palmer, tech support.
Dennis Lapman: Wasn't he dead already?
Peter Friedkin: No, Dennis. Listen, it's going to happen to us too if we don't do something about it.
Dennis Lapman: Yeah, I understand. Listen, it's called survivor's guilt.
Peter Friedkin: No. No, guilt doesn't kill you.
Dennis Lapman: Obviously you've never met my in-laws.
Peter Friedkin: I'm not fucking around here, Dennis! Anyone could be next. It could be you! Understand? Nobody's safe!
Dennis Lapman: What are you talking about?
Peter Friedkin: We weren't supposed to survive that bridge collapse. And so now it's kill or be killed. You get that, Dennis? Whatever. I warned you. Do whatever you wanna do.
[Peter leaves Dennis's office. Dennis picks up the phone and calls Agent Block.]
Dennis Lapman: Hey, Agent Block, it's Dennis. Um- Listen, Pete just came in here and he's just completely lost it. He's yelling about "kill or be killed." Oh, yeah, it definitely sounded like a threat.

[As Sam began to leave for his shift.]
Molly Harper: Why are you fighting me on this? You're not seriously going to work are you?
Sam Lawton: Molly, Isaac died on a massage table. If Death is gonna come for me, I don't think it matters where I am.---
Molly Harper: Well, you have to do something.
Sam Lawton: What? Kill someone so I can live?
Molly Harper: No, of course not. We'll just have to figure something else out.
Sam Lawton: I have figured it out. Something saved me on that bridge. Maybe it doesn't want me to die.
Molly Harper: Maybe.
Sam Lawton: We can't live our lives in fear, Moll. So if it happens tomorrow or 50 years from now, whatever. As long as we're together, I'll be okay. Right? Why don't you come by after my shift and I'll make you a nice late dinner, okay? [kisses Molly] All right, give me this.
[Molly hands Sam, his jacket as he leaves]

[After Sam checks their luggage.]
Molly Harper: Hey, do you mind if I take the window seat?
Sam Lawton: Are you kidding me? You're gonna make me sit in the middle seat?
Molly Harper: Uh-huh.
Sam Lawton: I'm like twice your size.
Molly Harper: No, Not really.
Sam Lawton: All right.

Flight Attendant: Sorry about that.
FD1 Passenger: Oh Excuse me. Um... Those passengers who got off the plane earlier, What was that all about?
Flight Attendant: A kid had a panic attack and wanted off the plane. Said he had some kind of vision.
Sam Lawton: [in disbelief] No... [the engine suddenly catches fire] Oh my God!

[At Roy's funeral, John stumbles to Nathan.]
John: Nice of you to come, Nathan. Well, Roy wasn't the easiest guy to work with.
Nathan Sears: You know?
John: I still can't believe he's gone though.
Nathan Sears: Yeah, yeah no kidding.
John: I guess it was for the best.
[Nathan turns to John.]
Nathan Sears: What do you mean?
John: Company did an autopsy for insurance purposes. Turns out Roy had an enlarged blood vessel in his brain so big that it was about to burst. They say he'll be dead any day now.
Nathan Sears: [pauses, his last words] Any day?
John: Life's a bitch.
[John leaves, as Nathan realized this.; A flaming plane landing gear from Flight 180 breaks through the bar and crushes Nathan.]

William Bludworth: [voice-over.] You all just be careful now.


  • Death has never been closer.
  • This Summer, death decides how... fate decides when.
  • We all share a common destination.
  • Death is back and is really, really, really closer than before.


Nicholas D'Agosto - Sam
Emma Bell - Molly
Miles Fisher - Peter Friedkin
Ellen Wroe - Candice Hooper‎
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood - Olivia Castle
P. J. Byrne - Isaac
Arlen Escarpeta - Nathan
David Koechner - Dennis
Courtney B. Vance - Agent Block
Tony Todd - Bludworth

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