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This is the Playstation version of the series. For the remake for PSP version, please refer to Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

Final Fantasy Tactics (often abbreviated as FFT) is a tactical role-playing video game developed by Squaresoft for the Sony PlayStation.

Ramza Beoulve

  • Names don't matter. What's important is how you live your life.
  • The moment "pride" is lost, "freedom" is also lost.
  • Surrender or die in obscurity!
  • If only you had lived an honest life, you wouldn't have died in obscurity.
  • Delita! We must away!
  • Delita, what're you scheming?
  • There's no 'justice' in using and deceiving people!
  • Change the world? You think anyone really can? I'm not that reckless!!
  • Beoulves must not fight for a defunct royal family, but only for noble rights!
  • You started this war! Was that the will of God?
  • I've taken my whole life for granted. When it came down to it, I dropped it all and ran.
  • I have to know. I must see it with my own eyes.
  • It sounds good when you say "For the People", but what you really want is... a stronger army than the Knights, and the evil power to control the people.
  • If you need someone else to fulfill your dreams, it loses it's value, wouldn't you agree?
  • Your actions have meaning only if they hold true to your ideals.
  • You don't know the truth. You don't realize you're just pathetic puppets, dancing for the bad guys!
  • [To Balk] A real human being? Don't make me laugh!! How valuable is a 'freedom' you didn't earn yourself? The moment 'pride' is lost, 'freedom' is also lost!! You lost your freedom when you lost your pride and confidence!! 'Equality's' not something you're given. It's something you fight for! Any 'freedom' gotten from Lucavi isn't true freedom!
  • [To Delita] Delita.... I....can't breathe.

Delita Hyral

  • Don't blame us. Blame yourself or God.
  • [To Ovelia after she ask who is he] Human, just like you!
  • [To Ramza after meeting in Warjilis Trade City] Me and you are caught up in the same flow...I'm just going against it.
  • The best ways, don't always lead to the best results.
  • Treason's a serious crime, minister.
  • [To Ovelia] You and I are the same... miserable people forced to live false lives.
  • Only those close to the top are rewarded without trying. It's the way of the world.
  • Most people have to act the roles given to them. Then again, most of them haven't even noticed they're acting.
  • I won't be used. I'll be the one using! Those who used me must pay for what they've done!
  • Disrupt the "order"? This "order" you talk about is just a matter of your own convienence!! Using "God" as an "order" to control the people is absurd. You have no right to take advantage of the innocent.
  • [To Goltana] Nobody wants you to be king!
  • Damn it, who the Hell am I? Who...
  • A 'heretic' coming to church... pretty bold...
  • I won't betray you. I swear by my dead sister Teta...
  • Ramza... What did you get? I...

Alazlam Durai

  • But we also know that what we see with our eyes alone isn't necessarily the truth.

Algus Sadalfas

  • Never believe in "never".
  • Absurd! Why they're nothing more than knaves, I say!
  • Animals have no God!!

Balbanes Beoulve

  • Never shame your name... never tolerate injustice... living true to your heart is the warrior's way... the Beoulve way.

Gaff Gafgarion

  • Unless you make it to the top you're just going to get used, so you're better off dead!
  • [To Agrias] I'm being more than kind to the guard captains here. Besides, we're mercenaries hired by the Hokuten. I'm not obliged to show respect to you.
  • Betraying you? C'mon, this is business!
  • I don't know what's going on, but it's in the contract!

Gustav Margueriff

  • Your revolution can never succeed! What we need is food and a place to sleep, not ideas!

Vormav Tingel/Hashmalum

  • [To Ovelia] Listen carefully. You're not Ovelia.
  • [To Alma] Your brother has the devil's own luck.
  • [To Duke Barinten] Don't underestimate us. Killing you is easy...
  • I won't let you interfere! Bloody Angel!! I offer... my own life...for your resurrection!!

Miluda Folles

  • Ignorance itself is a crime!
  • My brother.... His views are too optimistic.
  • What you think is right is only what you can see. But, that's not everything.
  • I can't die now! Not during the revolution! I'm a Death Corps soldier!! I'll never run away!!

Ovelia Atkascha

  • God, please help us sinful children of Ivalice.
  • I was always surrounded by the convent walls... and I have only seen the sky through them.
  • My ancestors were Atkaschas! No one can control me!

Wiegraf Folles

  • "God" is an image created out of man's insecurities.
  • A small stone may only make a small ripple at first, but someday it will be a wave.
  • You'll never know the feeling of the 'Meager'. You may think you know it, but you've never lived it!
  • "Reality" is far harsher than you can possibly imagine!
  • Two lions are fighting for power after the king dies... Both want to know who their allies are. But, it's hard to read strangers' minds. So, why not kill 'em all and bring in your own people?
  • Governments falsify history only so it favours them. But you can't blame them. Because people always hope for a 'miracle'. Endlessly complaining, lazy, nuisances... that's what the masses really are. Governments give the people what they want... and history repeats itself. Governments might well have taken advantage of their insecurity... but then again, people are satisfied being used... 'God' is nothing but an image created out of their insecurity. It's their fault for knowing they're comfortably numb, and not doing anything about it.
  • You don't understand how hard it is to fulfill your ideals. Even if your ideals are great, they're just dreams if you can't fulfill them! So how can you fulfill them? You need power! That's the politics of the world! I can see it clearly now! You can't fulfill your dreams without power! You say I'm a dog of the church! Go ahead!! I don't care. You can all despise me, but I'll be laughing at the end! You'll all submit to me!

Zalmo Ruznada

  • Opposing us is the same as blasphemy!
  • Repent! And your life will be saved!
  • You heretics don't fear God! I'll fix you!
  • Your actions will disrupt the world order and oppose 'God's' natural providence. Are you trying to rebel against 'God'?


  • Izlude Tingel: We want to guide people by God's miracle.
  • Death Corps Fencer: How are we different? Birth? Status? What the hell is rank?
  • Barinten: This castle's built for war. It's far more beautiful than one built for government.
  • Cidolfas Orlandu/T.G. Cid: Pledging life-long loyalty, that's the Orlandu way.
  • Aeris Gainsborough: In a place like this... not a lot of people buy flowers around here. When is my knight in shining armour going to take me away from here?
  • Velius: I am Velius... the devil. Your wish is granted.
  • Olan Durai: [Summing up Delita's story] Delita married Ovelia. A commoner brings peace to a chaotic kingdom, marries the princess, becoming king. A legend that will be passed down for centuries. Delita may be a good person as you said... He made it look like he killed her, then let her go, when her identity was clear. I guess he identified with her, having been used by Vormav.
  • Olan Durai: Did my father die fighting heroically?
  • Zalbag: Don't you have any 'justice', Brother!? The Beoulve name is only for the brave! You aren't worthy of it, Brother!
  • Dycedarg Beoulve: 'Justice'? I'm embarrassed to think you even said that! You think such pretty ideals can govern the people!? Why are you able to use that sword? Why do you think the people call you a hero? It's all because of me!! Because I dirtied my hands you're here! You should be thanking me, not despising me!!
  • Dycedarg Beoulve: If only you hadn't interfered... Ivalice would've been ours, the Beoulve's... You fools...
  • Cidolfas Orlandu: Our nation exists because of the people! We exist because of them.
  • Cardinal Draclau: [To Ramza] Ha ha ha... You're the one holding the stone. You can change not only the world, but the truth of everything with it's power.
  • Bandit Boss: We're no bounty hunters, but what the Hell... let's kill him for the gil!
  • Priest at Alma's funeral: With the Father's blessing, you shall return to Heaven.
  • Alma's mourners: Farlem.
  • Deserter: We're tired of fighting! We want to go home! We'd rather be poor and covered with mud than this! We're sick of killing! We want to return to our families!
  • Agrias Oaks: Evanescence... what a sad word...
  • Ending narration: Since then,
no one has caught sight of the two.
Olan Durai reminisces in such a manner...
Where does one find good fortune?
What possesses them to live for the present?
What treasures will they leave behind?
The only thing certain, is that
he is the true hero, indeed.
Years later,
Olan Durai collected his experiences over
a period of 5 years into a single syllabus.
This collection, know as the 'Durai Papers'
were to be presented at Prince Clemence's
meeting during which the new possessor of
the throne was to be selected.
But the Church, which feared public
disclosure of the truth, decided to
arrest Durai and burn him at the stake
for the crime of heresy.
The retrieved Durai Papers were then
confiscated by the church for several
hundred years.
But I have uncovered the truth...
Let me now revive his honour.
Let his way of life be absorbed by
the next generation.
Author of the Brave Story,
Alazlam Durai


  • I got a good feeling! - Proposition Report, as told to player by returning units
  • This is the way! - Proposition Report, as told to player by returning units


Miluda Folles: Who do you think we are!? We're not animals! We're human, just like you! There's no difference other than our families! You ever been hungry? With only soup to eat for months? Why do we have to suffer? Because you nobles deprive us of our right to live!
Algus Sadalfas: Human? Hmph, ridiculous! From the minute you were born you had to obey us! From the second you were born you were our animals!
Miluda Folles: Says who!? That's nonsense! Who decided all this?!
Algus Sadalfas: It is the Will of Heaven!
Miluda Folles: Heaven? God would never say such things! In his eyes, all are equal! He'd never let this happen! Never!
Algus Sadalfas: Animals have no God!
Miluda Folles: !!!

Agrias: Don't you have any pride?
Gafgarion: What's the use? I gave mine up long ago!

Delita: A former squire, now in control of the knights, and restoring order to the world. It's easy to understand. This is the 'hero' the people have been demanding.
Olan: For that, you're going to take advantage of everything?
Delita: Is that wrong?
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