Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a role-playing game developed by Squaresoft in 2003. It was published by Nintendo for the GBA.


  • Y-You're a lizard!
  • Um...uh...OK, wait, so an "engagement" is a battle..And the "laws" are the rules for the battle...And that guy in armor is the "judge"?
  • I...I don't know. I'm all confused. And to top it off, I'm talking to a stuffed animal!
  • A mediator? But I thought the Palace and the Resistance couldn't even be in the same room! Let alone... talking!
  • I am what I have done.
  • That's escapism, it's not healthy!


  • He's engaging you, kupo!
  • You sure are a keen observer of the obvious, kupo!
  • A stuffed animal!? I'll have you know I'm a moogle, kupo!
  • No, this is by far the most kupo story I've ever heard!
  • Marche is Marche, Ritz is Ritz.
  • Make it a kupo one!
  • Maybe they're nerdy bandits, kupo!
  • Nono! Long time no kupo!


  • And I know some "little girls" who can kick your butt!
  • You can't be the "new kid" forever!


  • ...Alta oron. Sondus kameela... It sure sounds like magic!
  • I'd pick Final Fantasy, that's my favorite.


  • If you could use magic, maybe you'd be better in sports!

Ezel Berbier

  • Ah well, I guess the moogle's out of the bag.



Cid: I hear the other nu mou call you an eccentric loony.

Ezel:...that is something we geniuses must bear.

Cid: *walks in* Ezel Berbier, I presume.

Ezel: The Judgemaster himself! I'm honored.

Marche: Hunh? Mewt's dad is the Judgemaster?

Cid: Might I ask you to come with me? I'd like to hear more about these antilaws of yours.

Ezel: I must respectfully decline. Sorry, but judges rub me the wrong way!

Marche: Ezel, are you sure you're not getting in over your head?

Ezel: No, no, no! It is THEY who have crossed the line! Making all their laws without asking us what we think. Besides, annoying the judges with antilaws is fun!

[At the pub, Marche listens to The Blue Mage, Nu Mou Illusionists and Hunter having a conversion at the table.]

Blue Mage: What's up with the judgemaster?

Nu Mou Illusionist: Separating the palace and the judges really!

Bartender: You seem gloomy... 'tis good news for the clans, no?

Marche: Well, I guess so...

Hunter: I'm not sure I get what this all means.

Nu Mou Illusionist: It means the Judges are neutral now. No more palace pulling strings in the shadows.

Blue Mage: It's odd that they'd just let him go like that.

Nu Mou Illusionist: I'd hear he walked right out- The palace be damned!

Hunter: Her majesty must be in a rightful fit!

Blue Mage: More the prince than the queen. I hear he threw a tantrum.

Marche: Mewt...

  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [[1]]