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Firebreather is an American CGI animated television film, based on the Image Comics comic book series of the same name, which premiered on November 24, 2010 on Cartoon Network. It was directed by Peter Chung from a screenplay by James Krieg based on a story of Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn, and stars the voices of Jesse Head, Dana Delany, Kevin Michael Richardson, Reed Diamond, Dante Basco, Tia Texada, and Amy Davidson.


Barnes: All right ladies, line up. I'm your new Gym teacher. You can call me "Coach Barnes." Or once you come to love me - Blitz.
Duncan: [after the rest of the class has dispersed] Hey "Blitz." You know I was wondering when I'd run into you. Gym teacher? That's your cover. Really? You're coming down in the world since the last school.
Barnes: The whole Vice Principal thing really cramped my style. I could only yell at kids. Here - I can get a lot more physical.

Troy: [about Duncan] Look Jenna, I know you don't want to talk to me, but this guy is bad news. Stay away from him!
Jenna: What is up with you? You want to know the punishment for being stupid enough for dating you? DATING YOU!

Margaret: Duncan, this is a new school not an execution. Just try to socialize, make some friends.
Duncan: And stop getting intofights. They're the ones who start it. Jerks are instinctively drawn to me like... a homing pigeon.
Margaret: Duncan, you're a 16 year old boy like every other guy in your class. And every other kid has problems of their own. [Kisses Duncan on the cheek] So if you can just get along with people and keep your temper. Everything's going to be just fine.
Duncan: Message received. [Duncan starts to leave]
Margaret: And Duncan. [Margaret makes a handsign]
Duncan: I love you too, mom.
Margaret: Actually, that time it was "Rock on."

Duncan: Do you really know cryptozoology?
Kenny: Oh yeah, Isabel loves all that creepy stuff. She's a giant monster fan girl.
Isabel: Monster is in the eye of the beholder. They're Kaiju, Kenny.

Jenna: [Duncan picks up Jenna for Homecoming] Oh look, you brought your friends. That's so thoughtful.
Isabel: We usually don't do school functions, but since this is the first dance with a Kaiju alert level, we didn't want to miss it.
Jenna: Any other surprises I should know about?
Duncan: No.
Margaret: [From the station wagon] Let's get this show on the road! I'm supposed to be there early.
Duncan: Oh... yeah.

Margaret: Your father is a great many things, but he is not a monster. You don't know the things he's gone through. The *good* things he's done. I don't expect you to understand, but I did love him - and he gave me you.
Duncan: So what am I? Am I human or am I Kaiju?
Margaret: You're you, that's all that matters.

Barnes: Well then I'm guessing it has something to do with taking Jenna to Homecoming.
Duncan: Yeah. How - how did you -?
Barnes: I'm your guardian angel. I know everything - except how you got her to say yes.
Duncan: Well some of us got it and some - Wait! this isn't the way to the base.

Barnes: Why? Why'd you save me?
Duncan: You know I need an "A" in gym class. Consider this extra credit.
Barnes: They'll probably kill you anyway.
Duncan: Before they do, I'll be sure to tell them where they can grab some lunch afterwards.

Belloc: You didn't kill them.
Duncan: I wanted to. But it wouldn't have changed anything.
Margaret: It would have changed you.
Belloc: But you did beat them. I wouldn't have thought it possible. Perhaps there was some value in leaving you with your mother.

Ms. Dreakford: I'd like to ask the whole class to give a warm welcome to Duncan Xerxes Absalom Belphegor Gressil Pythis Wu Fan...
Duncan: Uh, Yeah, just "Duncan" is fine, Ms. Dreakford.
Ms. Dreakford: Oh, All right. Take a seat, Duncan.


  • Jesse Head as Duncan Rosenblatt
  • Dana Delany as Margaret Rosenblatt
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Belloc
  • Reed Diamond as "Blitz" Barnes
  • Amy Davidson as Jenna Shwartzendruber
  • Tia Texada as Isabel Vasques
  • Dante Basco as Kenny Rogers
  • Josh Keaton as Troy Adams
  • Grey DeLisle as Ms. Julia Dreakford
  • Billy Evans as Steve
  • Jameson Moss as Big Rob
  • Nicole Sullivan as Dr. Alexandrine Pytel
  • Tom Tartamella as Whitey
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Principal Dave and Troy's Dad

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