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Fireman Sam (Welsh: Sam Tân) is a Welsh and American animated children's television series about a fireman called Sam, his fellow firefighters, and other townspeople in the fictional Welsh rural town of Pontypandy (a portmanteau of two real towns, Pontypridd and Tonypandy, which are situated approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) apart in the South Wales valleys). The original idea for the show came from two ex-firemen from Kent. They took their idea to artist/writer Rob Lee who developed the concept for them. The finished concept was then presented to S4C who saw the potential in the series and commissioned it.

Season 1 (1987)[edit]

Barn Fire [01:02][edit]

Sam Jones: Well sir, a day and a half this has been. It's the weather I suppose.
Station Officer Steele: That's right, Fireman Sam. A blazing hot weather means lots of fires, eh, Cridlington?
Elvis Cridlington: Eh, oh, yeah, uh blazes, in hot weather too, right man, um, sir.
Station Officer Steele: Who's in that field over there, Sam?
Sam Jones: Oh, that's Sarah and James.

Season 2 (1988)[edit]

Treasure Hunt [02:01][edit]

Station Officer Steele: Oh, lovely things, these are fire helmets.
[Door knocks]
Station Officer Steele: Yes? Come in.
Sam Jones: Morning, Sir.
Station Officer Steele: Yeah what is it, Fireman Sam?
Sam Jones: I thought I let you know that I'm--
Station Officer Steele: What's that cotton ball doing in your ears?
Sam Jones: I- I- I'm sorry, sir I can't hear a word you see, I got some cotton wool in my ears.
Station Officer Steele: I said, what's that cotton--
Sam Jones: Oh, oh, sorry sir. J-j-just going to test some sirens.
Station Officer Steele: Yes, yes, yes. Good man.

The Great Inventor [02:06][edit]

[Sam Jones comes out his inventing shed at the back of his house carrying a newspaper, where he tears off a certain headline and article on the side of it. Sarah and James Jones walk up playing with their remote control car.]
Sam Jones: Hello, Sarah, James.
Sarah Jones: What's that, Uncle Sam?
Sam Jones: It's my entry form for "The Best Inventor in Wales Competition."
James Jones: [pointing to a skateboard with a motor on it] Is that your invention then?
Sam Jones: Oh, that automatic motorized skateboard? Well, it was, but I haven't quite perfected it yet. Take a look at this though.
[Sam pulls off a cloth revealing a rubbish-bin robot with arms.]
Sam Jones: I'd like you to meet MOP.
Sarah Jones: MOP?
Sam Jones: Yes. M-O-P. You see. Motorized Organizer and Polisher. Well, everyone hates tidying up, now MOP can do it for you. Look, I'll give you a demonstration.
[Sam turns MOP's switch on. MOP starts clearing up some of the newspaper bits that Sam dropped to the ground, using a small brush and dustpan.]
Sarah Jones: Mega brill!
James Jones: Oh, wicked! You're bound to win.
[MOP turns to face Sarah and James]
Sarah Jones: MOP. I love it.
[MOP starts charging toward Sarah and snatches her lollipop out of her hand and starts going a bit wild.]
Sarah Jones: Oh, but not that much! Hey! My lolly!
Sam Jones: Shiver me tweakies!
[Sam quickly turns MOP off.]
Sam Jones: Dear me, this one needs perfection too. Thank you, MOP.
[Sam hands Sarah back her lollipop.]
James Jones: You okay, Sarah?
Sarah Jones: Yes... but what will you do for an invention, Uncle Sam?
Sam Jones: Oh, I'll think of something. "Three goes for a Welshman" as they say.

[Sam is working underneath Jupiter at the fire station, while Sarah and James help him.]
Sam Jones: Won't be long now, kids. Spanner?
Sarah Jones: [passes spanner to James] Uh, spanner.
James Jones: [passes spanner to Sam] Spanner.
Sam Jones: Tweaker.
Sarah Jones: [passes tweaker to James] Tweaker.
James Jones: [passes tweaker to Sam] Tweaker.
[Elvis comes out wearing a cooking apron, and holding a mixing bowl.]
Elvis Cridlington: [to Sarah and James] Oh, oh, hello, you two. You playing hospitals?
Sarah Jones: [laughs] No, Elvis. We're helping Uncle Sam.
James Jones: He's entering "The Best Inventor in Wales Competition."
Elvis Cridlington: Oh. Well, why don't you invent a cooker, that cooks perfect food every time.
Sam Jones: We don't need one, Elvis. We got you.
Elvis Cridlington: Pardon? Oh, oh, thank you.

[Dilys sees MOP ransacking all her fruit products outside her shop.]
Dilys Price: Help! There's an unidentified creature from outer space, helping himself to my lovely fruit and veg.
[Dilys hurries out of the house]
Dilys Price: [to MOP as it steals from the fruit stand] Hey! You owe me for those tomatoes! Bring them here this minute. You hear me?!

Season 3 (1990)[edit]

Spot of Bother [03:02][edit]

[The fire brigade are doing fitness training lead by Penny Morris.]
Penny Morris: Touch your toes, Trevor.
Trevor Evans: I, I don't know when I last saw my toes.
[A ripping sound is heard and Trevor sees that he's ripped his trousers]]
Trevor Evans: Uh, oh that's torn it.

[Trevor Evans and Elvis Cridlington are dozing by the bus stop and Norman Price sneaks up behind them and gives them red spots on their faces.]
Norman Price: Ho, ho. I'm glad I spotted you here. Hee, hee.

Season 4 (1994)[edit]

Deep Trouble for Sam [04:04][edit]

[At the fire station, Penny Morris answers the telephone]
Penny Morris: Pontypandy Fire Station... Oh, hello, Sam. Sunning yourself on the Costa del Porthcawl?
Sam Jones: [on the other line] No. No, not quite. I'm in the phone box outside Dilys' shop. I was wondering how things are going.
Penny Morris: We're all fine here.
Sam Jones: Everything in the garden is lovely then, isn't it?. You don't need, uh, anything doing?
Penny Morris: Well, if you're desperate for something to do, you could always weed my garden.
Sam Jones: Oh, no problem. [while Penny is surprised by this immediate acceptance] I'll be there in two ticks. [hangs up the phone and mutters to himself] I've had enough taking it easy to last me a year.

[Sarah and James Jones are sitting outside Penny's house, waiting for the fire brigade to come and rescue Sam, who is stuck inside deep soil]
James Jones: You can't drown in soil, can't you?
Sarah Jones: Don't say things like that!

Season 5 (2005)[edit]

Danger: Falling Sheep [05:01][edit]

[Sam, Elvis, and Penny are standing in position while Station Officer Steele addresses them.]
Station Officer Steele: Jupiter is in good order, thank you. Now, the children are on holiday, and you know what that means.
Sam Jones: Norman Price getting into trouble.
Station Officer Steele: Not just Norman. It could be any one of Pontypandy's children. So stand by for heads stuck in railings, children stuck up trees and...
Elvis Cridlington: [while Penny chuckles] ...Keep falling off Pontypandy Mountain, sir?
Station Officer Steele: That would be a Mountain Rescue situation.
Penny Morris: I think Officer Cridlington was joking, sir.
Sam Jones: No he isn't, Penny. We had to rescue Woolly Wonders before now.
Station Officer Steele: Anyway, we have to expect the unexpected and the watchword is "vigilance."
Sam Jones: And that means keeping an eye on Norman Price.

[Norman Price has just climbed to a high ledge on Pontypandy Mountain when Woolly the Sheep lands on top of his head.]
Norman Price: What the? The pebbles are getting bigger! The weather forecast didn't say anything about raining sheep today.

[Fire alarm rings as Penny takes the note out of the fax machine]
Penny Morris: A boy is stuck on Pontypandy Mountain with a sheep.
Sam Jones and Elvis Cridlington: Norman Price!

[Tom Thomas, in his helicopter, lowers a harness over Sam Jones in order for him to rescue Norman from the ledge.]
Sam Jones: [to Norman] Right, Norman, this what I'm going to do: I'm going to put this harness on and swing across to pick you up.
Norman Price: Like Tarzan, you mean?
Sam Jones: No. Tarzan wasn't a trained firefighter, was he? This is safe.

A Real Livewire [05:03][edit]

Elvis Cridlington: Clear off you bushy tailed menace!
[A squirrel scurried off when Sam turned the switch off and pulled the plug out.]
Sam Jones: Hm. Looks like he's gnawed out our kettle flex.
Elvis Cridlington: Don't worry, Sam. I'll make you some nice cup of tea.
Sam Jones: Let's fix that flex first, Elvis.

Bathtime for Dusty [05:05][edit]

Dilys Price: [to Sarah and James, who are standing outside her shop with Dusty scratching] Do you mind scratching like that? Customers will say I'm inspecting the fleas.

Station Officer Steele: By the way, have you seen Mrs. Lasagne's cat anywhere? She thinks her Rosert will make a perfect mascot and--
Rosa: MRRREEOOWEOWW!!! [Rosa scratches Steele's fingers]
Station Officer Steele: YEEEEOWWW!!! [Steele covers his hurt fingers and sticks them in his mouth, muffling his speech]
Sam Jones: Sorry, what did you say?
Station Officer Steele: I said, that's another animal disqualified!

Tom Thomas: As he sang as he washed and he wailed to his billy boy, Oh You come a waltzing Mat-- Flaming Koalas! Fire!
Mike Flood: [coughing] I'm weak! I can't breathe!
Tom Thomas: Plumbing? I better go and get Sam!

Carnival of Junk [05:08][edit]

Mike Flood: Tomorrow, love, I'll be playing this on the beach under a bright Caribbean sun.
Helen Flood: But hopefully, not on my teapot, Mike.
Mike Flood: Agh.
Helen Flood: Mandy! Breakfast is ready! Mandy? (Mandy looks at the mirrored teapot in horror with chicken pox) Chicken Pox. Mandy can't go anywhere for at least a fortnight.
Mandy Flood: But, Mom! A holiday to Jamaica!
Helen Flood: We'll have to cancel it.
Mandy Flood: But you said you would take me to the carnival!

Mike Flood: Balloons, ribbons, food. We got everything. But what about the music?

Deep Water [05:12][edit]

Penny Morris: Hello there. Where are you two going?
Norman Price and Mandy Flood: Just off to the mountain.
Penny Morris: Hmm.

Tom Thomas: Fasten your seatbelt, Norman. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

[When Jupiter gets stuck]
Penny Morris: Problem, Sam?
Sam Jones: Jupiter just can't handle these muddy mountain roads. We'll have to go the rest of the way in Venus. Can you give me a hand with the gear?

Beast of Pontypandy [05:13][edit]

Sarah Jones: Your phone, can I use your phone?
Dilys Price: Oh, sure. But what's the matter?
[Sarah calls the operator]
Operator: Which service do you require?
Sarah Jones: Fire Service! Mandy, Norman, and James are trapped on the mountain, and the beast is after them!
Dilys Price: Norman?! The beast has caught my Norman! I never see my freckled face again!! [cries] Oh-hohh!
Sarah Jones: Yes, you will, Mrs Price. Uncle Sam will save him.

Fun Run [05:15][edit]

Norman Price: Looks like I lost them...There's just one way to make sure I win that cake, and that's to send everyone else in the wrong direction.
[Norman twist a right arrow on a gate pointing it up and runs off]
Norman Price: That's better.
[He twists another one from right to left]

Sam Jones: They should have been here 10 minutes ago.
Station Officer Steele: Don't worry, Sam, they properly stopped to buy sweets for someone, I know then.

Let It Snow [05:25][edit]

[Dusty pulling Norman Price on a sled]
Norman Price: Jingle bells, Dusty smells, Norman's on his way! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one dog open sleigh!
[Norman gets covered in snow looking like Santa Claus]
Norman Price: Yo ho ho!
[Norman shakes his head till snow drips off]
Norman Price: Oh boy. Right, we better get our tree before the storm gets any worse.
[Norman sees a tree beside him]
Norman Price: Hah, it's not very big, but it just had to do.

Season 6 (2008)[edit]

Sausages vs. Shrimp [06:07][edit]

Norman Price: Can we go and see if there any sausages and king prawns left, Fireman Sam?
Sam Jones: Sorry, Norman. Gas canisters can stay hot for a very long time. It won't be safe to go over there for quite a while yet.
Trevor Evans: Oh, I'll just have to take the rest of my sausages home.
Tom Thomas: And I'll have to take my king prawns.
Elvis Cridlington: Ohhh... I am so hungry. I never even get a sniff of those sausages or the prawns.

Season 7 (2008)[edit]

Floating Cart [07:17][edit]

Mike Flood: Oh, oh, sorry, Trevor. I put two wedges on the wheels this morning. I can't understand what could have happened to them.
Norman Price: Ready, steady, go!
[Mandy, James, and Sarah pushed Norman on his cart downhill]
Norman Price: Aaaah, Norman Price's racing cart driver takes the lead!
Mandy Flood: Norman!
James Jones: Look out for the wall!
[Norman tried to stop the cart while going much too fast]
Mandy Flood: Norman, use the brakes!!
Norman Price: What brakes? Eyaaaaaahhh!!
[Norman crashes into the gate as the cart keeps rolling]
Mandy, James, and Sarah: Norman!
[Norman screams when the cart kept rolling as he bounced off the stairs when Mandy, James, and Sarah chases him]
[Norman screams while the cart still kept rolling as he fell into the sea]

Sticky Situation [07:18][edit]

Norman Price: [listening to music] Oh, oh, oh, I'm a roller coaster rider! Take me to the... Whoa!!!
[Trevor and his bus nearly hit Norman as Sam catches him]
Sam Jones: Lucky I was passing, Norman. You all right, Trevor?
[Sam takes Norman back on curb]
Sam Jones: That was a pretty close call. Listening to headphones while crossing the road is very dangerous. You can't hear the cars coming.
Norman Price: Sorry, Sam. I was listening to my new MP3 player.
[Norman plays MP3 player]
Norman Price: My mom gave it to me for my birthday!
Sam Jones: You're shouting, Norman!
Norman Price: Oh, sorry.
Sam Jones: It's a very nice birthday present Norman, but I suggest you leave them off until you're away from the traffic.
Norman Price: But--
Mandy Flood: Norman!
Norman Price: Hi, Mandy!
Mandy Flood: There you are. I just bought you a birthday present.
Norman Price: Really? Where is it?
Mandy Flood: I left it with your Mom.
Norman Price: Oh! Come On!

Cry Wolf [07:19][edit]

Norman Price: Oh, Mom! Sam's not going to come! He thinks I'm pretending that I am gobbled like the boy in the cry wolf story!
Dilys Price: Ohh, we both will!
Norman Price: I'm sorry Mom! It's all my fault! I set the alarm, and I just wanted my ball back...!

Season 8 (2012)[edit]

Jupiter On The Loose [08:05][edit]

Derek Abney: Look out! You're heading for the quay!
[Venus is chasing after Jupiter]
Elvis Cridlington: Oh, no. My pie!
Derek Abney: It's getting faster!
Sam Jones: They're heading for the quay! I'll try and slow them down! You get ahead Penny, and block the road to stop any other traffic!
Penny Morris: Roger that, Sam.
[Venus cuts into Jupiter and off to the quay to stop any traffic while Mercury cuts in front of him]
Sam Jones: Now Norman, don't panic! I need you to switch off the engine!
Norman Price: How do I do that???
Sam Jones: Turn the key towards you!
Penny Morris: Come on, Sam!
Sam Jones: Now, press the brake pedal!
Norman Price: Which one is it?
Sam Jones: It's the one on the left!
Norman Price: Which is my left?!
Derek Abney: The one that's not your right!!
Norman Price: I can't reach it!
Derek Abney: Oh, I'll do it.
[Derek hits the brakes as Jupiter brakes hard to a stop]

The Great Fire of Pontypandy[edit]

Norman Price: Oh no! Radar has found our sausages!!!!!
Sam Jones: What on earth's that?
Station Officer Steele: SAUSAGES??!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!!?!?!??!??!!
Norman Price: I think we're the ones who needs saving now.
Dilys Price: Agh! So THAT'S why he could smell SAUSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU COOKING IN THE BUSHES, NORMAN??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!
Station Officer Steele: YOU'VE MADE A CAMPFIRE??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!! Ohhh... Norman Price... YOU'VE DONE IT THIS TIME!! RIGHT, WHERE'S YOUR MOTHER?!!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
Dilys Price: [raging furious] I'LL MAKE SURE, THAT HE IS PROPERLY DEALT WITH AT HOME, STATION OFFICER STEELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NAUGHTY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Set For Action![edit]

Don Sledgehammer: I can't believe what I'm seeing! That guy is amazing! He's incredible! I want that guy for my next movie! Get me Firefighter Sam!

Chief Fire Officer Boyce: [on the phone] Cheerio, Mr. Sledgehammer!
Don Sledgehammer: So, Flex, I want you in my next movie; "Firefighter Sam's Flaming Inferno"!
Flex Dexter: Awesome! And I'll be playing Firefighter Sam?
Don Sledgehammer: Don't be crazy, Flex. Whatever every action movie needs is a real action hero! I see you as uh... you know... more of a co-star on this one.
Flex Dexter: Huh? A co-star?
Don Sledgehammer: Yes. You'll be... uh... [points to Elvis Cridlington on the TV screen] that guy there!
Flex Dexter: Oh... th-- the guy with the flappy-floppy shovel-y thing?
Don Sledgehammer: Yes, that guy. I'll get my people to call your people!
[Don leaves his office with Flex inside.]
Flex Dexter: Okay. I'll be the co-star for now. But an action movie set can be a dangerous place.

Sarah Jones: And now, for something really exciting: Pontypandy Planet Online have an exclusive; the unveiling of the new Hollywood Jupiter!
Joe Sparkes: Behold, the Jupiter 2000! [Jupiter 2000's new siren blares as it drives out of the garage and then idles and Flex Dexter looks to the right.]
Mike Flood: Not only does he have bigger and brighter lights... [Jupiter 2000 blows its horn and blares its siren and Mike Flood covers his ears] He's got a really loud siren!
Joe Sparkes: He's got crown-plated exhaust pipes and a stunning flame decal.
Mike Flood: And just wait till you see what he's got in his trailer!
Joe Sparkes: All the gizmos and gadgets and epic action movie firefighting hero could wish for.
[Joe Sparkes hands Mike Flood the supercharged mega-cutting jaws of life]
Mike Flood: We have the supercharged mega cutting Jaws of Life...! [The jaws of life rapidly cuts due to Mike Flood's shaking.]
Elvis Cridlington: Oh, wow!
Trevor Evans: Oh, snappy.
Joe Sparkes: And we got these thermal dynamic laser guided heat sensing goggles. [Joe hits the phone's camera.]
Mike Flood: And we got a really big axe.
Bella Lasagne: That one is-a really disappointing.
Joe Sparkes: But just wait till you see this.
Mike Flood: I feel the need...
Mike Flood and Joe Sparkes: The need for speed!
Joe Sparkes: Heat seeks, Flex!
[Flex Dexter turns on the heat seekers on the Jupiter 2000 as it opens up. Jupiter 2000 revs its engines and blasts off with the siren blaring again.]
Flex Dexter: Yippee-ka-yay...!
Sarah Jones: You've seen it here first; The Jupiter 2000 is rocket-powered!

Trevor Evans: Uh... should it be doing that? The winch is wobbling.
[The winch loosens its bolts and starts to snap off until the bus hit a rock and then the entire winch snapped off.]
Mike Flood: [To the winch in horror] The winch!
[The bus rolled down until it is about to wreck the camera until Flex Dexter pushes Don Sledgehammer and the film crew off from being hit by the bus]
Unnamed Cameraman: My camera!
[The bus crashes into an unknown pit]
Trevor Evans: My bus!
[The bus' tire is in flames, bouncing off from the bus]
Trevor Evans: Oh no... oh... but I've only just polished her.
Sam Jones: I'll call for help.
Flex Dexter: Hey! I already did it, hero!
Don Sledgehammer: I thought you're *pants* doing the safety check, Sam.
Sam Jones: I... don't understand what happened.
Flex Dexter: It looks to me like the hero next door isn't such a hero after all. You've failed the simple safety check in endangered lives.
Sam Jones: But I DID check it.
Don Sledgehammer: I've nearly got run over by a bus because of YOU!!!! You're going to PAY for this!!!! I'M GONNA SEE TO IT THAT YOU'LL NEVER WORK IN THIS TOWN AGAIN!!!!
[Don angrily leaves Sam and his friends behind]

Chief Fire Officer Boyce: I'm sorry, Fireman Sam, but Mr. Sledgehammer has informed me - that due to an incident that happened yesterday, you can no longer be the star of his motion picture. Mr. Dexter will be taking over as the main firefighter.
Sam Jones: To be honest, sir - that's a relief.
Chief Fire Officer Boyce: Yes... however, I am the bearer of much more severe news. [Penny, Elvis, Arnold and Ellie hears Sam and Boyce's sacking conversation in horror] Pontypandy is renowned for its firefighters. We cannot have it known that on of our most respective firefighters - failed the simplest of safety checks.
[Penny, Elvis, Arnold and Ellie still hears Sam and Boyce's sacking conversation in horror]
Sam Jones: Er... I understand, sir. I can't be a firefighter until this is investigated further.
Chief Fire Officer Boyce: No, Sam. You can't be a firefighter... at all.
Sam Jones: But - Sir!
[Penny, Elvis, Arnold and Ellie hears Sam and Boyce's sacking conversation concluding in horror]
Chief Fire Officer Boyce: I'm sorry, Fireman Sam. This is something I never thought I would have to do. But a decision has been made.
[Sam sadly turns in his helmet, walkie talkie and badge to Chief Fire Officer Boyce.]
Station Officer Steele: Great tangled hoses!
[Sam turns away by leaving, starting to cry and leaves until Elvis, Penny, Ellie and Arnold comforting him]

Don Sledgehammer: So - I had a big rewrite down on the movie. Your character; Firefighter Tom, is now the hero. We've had all the Firefighter Sam parts taken out and they changed the title.
Flex Dexter: "Firefighter Tom: Blaze and Glory".
Don Sledgehammer: Yes. Learn your new lines and we'll see you on set tomorrow, superstar!
Flex Dexter: I'd like to accept the award on behalf on firefighters everywhere. And I like to... give Fireman Sam a special thank you, for getting fired! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Map-Screen 700: A movie special effect has gone wrong - and set fire to the Wholefish Café.
[Station Officer Steele rings the bell and buzzer and picks up the megaphone]
Station Officer Steele: A movie be--
Map-Screen 700: ...and Flex Dexter's trailer
Station Officer Steele: [angry] What?!
Map-Screen 700: ...and most of the buildings of the quay.
Station Officer Steele: [angry] The whole quay is ablaze! This is the biggest fire that's ever been in Pontypandy!
Chief Fire Officer Boyce: We're going to need all hands to the pump for this one, Basil! You go, I'll man the fort here!
[Several colleagues slid down the pole to get Jupiter 2000 and Venus ready after putting on their coats, yellow pants and helmets on. Jupiter 2000 first starts up and the snowplow snapped off him.]
Station Officer Steele: Great tangled hoses - what was that?!
Elvis Cridlington: The scooping thing on the front of Jupiter just fell off!
Ellie Phillips: We haven't used Jupiter for a proper fire since they turned him into Jupiter 2000, sir!
[The fire spreads the entire buildings including the Ocean Rescue Centre is witnessed by several citizens including the film crew]
Helen Flood: Come on, everyone! Let's all move to safety!
Don Sledgehammer: Agh! What are you doing?! What are you doing?! Keep 'em rolling! We get some great action shots!
Unnamed Cameraman: [hands the camera to Don Sledgehammer] You're on your own there, mate!
[The remaining film crew leaves as Don Sledgehammer sadly does the filming himself.]
[Jupiter 2000 and Venus rushed to the rescue with the trailer slipping off Jupiter 2000 and crashes inside the garage.]
Penny Morris: Whoops! There goes the trailer!
Elvis Cridlington: Maybe I give Jupiter a bit of rocket power, eh!
[Elvis presses the button on the dashboard of Jupiter 2000 as it deploys rocket jets and blasts off until Jupiter 2000 hit the curb and the jet engines fell off. Penny frantically steers left and right to avoid obsticals]
Arnold McKinley: Whoa! Nice driving, Penny.
Penny Morris: I'm thinking I prefer Jupiter when bits didn't fall of him on his way to a fire!
[The fire still spreads and Mandy and Sarah are still stuck in Flex Dexter's trailer. Smoke billowed the seams of the door.]
Mandy Flood: Oh, the door's blocked!
Sarah Jones: What's happening now?!
[Jupiter 2000 and Venus arrived just in time whenever Jupiter 2000's bumper starting to fall off. Several colleagues witnessed the huge fire.]
Station Officer Steele: I wish Fireman Sam was here.
Elvis Cridlington: Me too. [Glass crashes.]
Penny Morris: Look!
[The mysterious person runs through smoke as some colleagues watched through the smoke.]
Arnold McKinley: He's going to save the day.
[The smoke fades out which reveals Fireman Sam and got beat after running.]
Fireman Sam: [in his casual clothes] Is there anything I can do to help, Sir?
Station Officer Steele: Yes, Fireman Sam! Pontypandy needs you!
[Sam takes out his firefighter suit from Jupiter 2000, then puts them on.]
Station Officer Steele: We had a call from young James. He sent us a recording that proved - that it was "Flex", who sabotaged the bus!
Fireman Sam: What?!
Bronwyn Jones: Sam! Flex Dexter ran in to the Wholefish Café!
[Sam sees the fire in the Wholefish Café in horror]
Fireman Sam: Oh no! I'm going to need the thermal imaging camera, Station Officer Steele! [Station Officer Steele hands the thermal imaging camera to Sam.] I'm going in!
Bronwyn Jones: Be careful, Sam! We just had a bulk delivery of organic cooking oil!
[Sam also sees Flex Dexter's trailer on fire on the back in horror.]
Fireman Sam: Thank you James. [Sam carries James.] And thank you for telling Station Officer Steele what happened. Now you and your Mom - get to safety! [to his colleagues] All right, everyone! Listen up - This is a big emergency, that we can do it if we all play our part! [to Ellie and Penny] Ellie and Penny, you rescue Mandy and Sarah from Flex's trailer! [to Arnold] Arnold, I need YOU to fight these fires! [to Station Officer Steele] Sir, you man the ECB and see if you can get Ben to back us up with Titan! I'll go and find Flex! Elvis, you're with me!
Station Officer Steele: Roger that, Sam!
Elvis Cridlington, Penny Morris, Arnold McKinley and Ellie Phillips: Roger that, Sam!
Fireman Sam: Tom, we've got a huge fire at the quay! We're going to need back-up!
Tom Thomas: Roger that, Sam on my way!
[Tom Thomas starts Wallaby 2 and flew to fetch water to put fire at the quay. Ben Hooper slides down the pole to start up Titan.]
Arnold McKinley: [tries to get the hoses off Jupiter 2000.] Guhhh! Dahh! D'ohhhh!
Ellie Phillips: [also tries to get the hoses off Jupiter 2000.] Eesh! Can't get the hoses out!
Fireman Sam: It looks like we need "Old" Jupiter for this job, Team! This stuff is slowing us down!
[Fireman Sam took off the lattice grill off Jupiter's windshield and then the crown-plated exhaust pipes. Arnold McKinley took off the modern siren light bar and Elvis takes off the spoiler. Remaining parts of Jupiter 2000 are piled up flat on the floor and Jupiter retains his old front end from Series 5.]
Fireman Sam: That's more like it!
Elvis Cridlington: Oh, welcome back, Jupiter!
Fireman Sam: OK, Team! Let's go to work!

Chief Fire Officer Boyce: Just so you know, the whole thing was mostly my idea. And it was me that got Fireman Sam to do the movie in the first place.


Tom Thomas: Mountain Rescue, good day.
Sam Jones: Tom, we're gonna need your help.

Dilys Price: Norman! Where do you think you're going? You're grounded! Go to your room!

Featured Cast[edit]

  • John Alderton - Sam Jones, Elvis Cridlington, Station Officer Steele, Penny Morris, Trevor Evans, Dilys Price, Bella Lasagne, Norman Price, Sarah Jones, and James Jones (1987-1994)
  • John Sparkes - Sam Jones, Elvis Cridlington, Station Officer Steele, Mike Flood, Tom Thomas, Trevor Evans, Dilys Price, and Norman Price (2003)
  • Joanna Ruiz - Sarah Jones, and James Jones (2003)
  • Sarah Hadland - Penny Morris, Bella Lasagne, Mandy Flood, and Helen Flood (2003)
  • Steven Kynman - Sam Jones, Elvis Cridlington, Norman Price, James Jones and Jerry Lee Cridlington (2008-present)
  • David Carling - Station Officer Steele, Mike Flood, Tom Thomas, and Trevor Evans (2008-present)
  • Su Douglas - Dilys Price, Helen Flood, Mandy Flood and Lily Chen (2008-present)
  • Tegwen Tucker - Penny Morris, Sarah Jones and Mrs. Chen (2008-present)
  • Ifan Huw Dafydd - Gareth Griffiths (2012-Present)
  • Nigel Whitmey - Moose Roberts (2012-Present)
  • John Hasler - James Jones and Arnold McKinley (2012-Present)
  • Alex Lowe as Ben Hooper, Joe Sparkes and Professor Pickles (2014-Present)
  • Jo Wyatt as Hannah Sparkes and Lizzie Sparkes (2012-Present)
  • Harriet Kershaw as Ellie Phillips and Bella Lasagne (2016-Present)
  • David Tennant as Buck Douglas (2017-Alien Alert only)
  • John Barrowman as Flex Dexter (2018-Set for Action! only)
  • Kerry Shale as Don Sledgehammer (2018-Set for Action! only)

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