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First Knight is a 1995 film about an aged and war-weary King Arthur, who is forced to go to battle one last time against the traitor Prince Malagant, whilst in the meantime his new bride Guinevere and new knight Sir Lancelot betray the king in their own way.

Directed by Jerry Zucker. Written by William Nicholson.
Their greatest battle would be for her love.

King Arthur[edit]

  • Lancelot, just a thought. A man who fears nothing is a man who loves nothing; and if you love nothing, what joy is there in your life? I may be wrong.
  • You risked your life for another. There is no greater love.
  • May God grant us the wisdom to discover right, the will to choose it, and the strength to make it endure.
  • This is the heart of Camelot, not these stones, not these timbers, these palaces and towers. Burn them all and Camelot lives on, because it lives in us. Camelot is a belief that we hold in our hearts...Either what we hold to be right and good and true is right and good and true for all mankind, under God, or we’re just another robber tribe.
  • For the first in my life, I wanted what all wise men say can't last; what can't be promised or made to linger any more than sunlight. I don't want to die without having felt its warmth on my face.
  • I have no pride left in me. What I do, now I do for my people and for Camelot. And may they forgive me. This is my last act as your king. Do not be afraid. All things change. I am Arthur of Camelot, and I command you now... all... To fight! Fight like you've never fought before! Never surrender! Never Surrender! Fight as you never... [Arthur is shot by several crossbow bolts] Camelot lives!


  • Love has many faces. I may look on you differently, but not with less love.
  • I only know one way to love my lord, and that is body and mind and soul.


  • Self-sacrifice is very easy. It's having to sacrifice someone you love Arthur that puts your convictions to the test.


Arthur: God uses people like you, Lancelot. Because your heart is open. You hold nothing back. You give all of yourself.
Lancelot: If you knew me better, you would not say such things.
Arthur: Oh, hey, I take the good with the bad, together. I can't love people in slices.

Lancelot: Do you know how to win a sword fight?
John: How?
Lancelot: Be the only one with a sword!

Guinevere: If there is any honor in you, promise me never to do that again.
Lancelot: I don't know about honor. But I promise you, I won't kiss you again till you ask me to.

Arthur: I trusted you, loved you, and you betrayed me!
Lancelot: I never meant to hurt you, my lord.
Arthur: You leave me nothing! Nothing!


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