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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is a 2014 survival horror game created by Scott Cawthon.

Phone Guy[edit]

  • (Night 1) Uh, hello? Hello, hello? Uh, hello and welcome to your new summer job at the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Uh, I heard about the old location, you know. Uh, some people still have a somewhat negative impression of the company. Uh... that old restaurant was kind of left to rot for quite a while, but I want to reassure you, Fazbear Entertainment is committed to family fun and above all, safety. They've spent a small fortune on these new animatronics, uh, facial recognition, advanced mobility, they even let them walk around during the day. Isn't that neat? [clears throat] But most importantly, they're all tied into some kind of criminal database, so they can detect a predator a mile away. Heck, we should be paying them to guard you. Uh, now that being said, non new system's without its...kins. Uh... you're only the second guard to work at that location. Uh, the first guy finished his week but complained about... conditions. Uh, we switched him to the day shift, so hey, luck you, right? Uh, mainly he expressed concern that certain characters seemed to move around at night and even attempted to get into this office. Now, from what we know, that should be impossible. Uh, that restaurant should be the safest place on earth. So while our engineers don't really have an explanation for this, the working theory is that... the robots were never given a proper "night mode". So when it gets quiet, they think they're in the wrong room, so then they go try to find where people are, and, in this case, that's you're office. So our temporary solution is this: there is a music box by the Prize Counter and it's rigged up remotely. So just, every once in a while, you switch over to the Prize Counter video feed and you wind it up for a few second. It doesn't affect all of the animatronics, but it does affect on one of this. And as for the rest of them we have an ever easier solution. You see, there may be a minor glitch in the sistem, something about robots seeing you as an endoskeleton without his costume and wanting to stuff you in a suit. So hey, we've given a n empty Freddy Fazbear's head, problem solved. You can put it an anytime and leave it on for as long as you want. Eventually, anything that wandered in, will wander back out. Uh, something else worth mentioning is kind of the quirky modern design of the building. You may have noticed there are no doors, but you have a light! And even though your flashlight can run out the power, the building cannot. So, don't worry about the place going dark. Well, I think that it. Uh, should be golden. Uh, check the light,put on the Freddy head if you need to, uh, keep the music box wound up, piece of cake. Have a good night and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
  • (Night 2) Uh, hello? Hello, hello? Uh, see, I told your first night wouldn't a problem. You're natural! Uh, now I'm sure you've noticed the older models sitting in back room... Uh, those are from the previous location. We just use them for parts now. The idea at first was to repair them... uh, they started retrofitting them with some of newer technologies, but they were just to ugly, you know? The smell... uh, so the company decided to a go in a whole new direction and make them super kid-friendly. Uh, those older ones be able to walk around, but if they do, the whole Freddy head trick should work on them too, so, whatever. Uh...heh...I love those old characters. Did you ever see Foxy the pirate? Oh, wait, Foxy, oh yeah, Foxy.

Uh, hey listen, that one was always a bit twitchy, uh, I'm not sure the Freddy head trick will work on Foxy,uh.If for some reason he activates during the night and you see him standing at the far end of hall, just flash light at him from time to time. Those older models would away get disoriented with bright lights. It would cause a system restart, or something. Uh, come to think of it, you might to try that on any room where something undesirable might be.It might hold them in a place for a few second. That glitch might be in some of the newer modeles too. One more thing - don't forget the music box. I'll be honest, I never liked that puppet thing. It was always...thinking, and it can go anywhere...I don't think a Freddy mask will fool it, so just don't forget the music box. Anyway, I'm sure it won't be a problem. Uh, have a good night, and I talk to you tomorrow.

  • (Night 3) Did...uh... Did Foxy ever appear in the hallway? Probably not. I was just curious. Like I said, he was always my favorite. They tried to remake Foxy, ya know? Uh, they thought the first one was too scary, so they redesigned him to be more kid-friendly and put him in Kid's Cove. To keep the toddlers entertained, you know... But kids these days just can't keep their hands to themselves. The staff literally has to put Foxy back together after every shift. So eventually they stopped trying and left him as some 'take apart and put back together' attraction. Now he's just a mess of parts. I think the employees refer to him as just "The Mangle." Uh... Oh hey, before I go, ah, I wanted to ease your mind about any rumors you might have heard lately. You know how these local stories come and go and seldom mean anything. I can personally assure you that, whatever is going on out there, and however tragic it may be, had nothing to do with our establishment. It's just all rumor and speculation. People trying to make a buck. You know...Uh, our guard during the day has reported nothing unusual. And he's on watch from opening til close. Okay, well anyway, hang in there and I'll talk you tomorrow.
  • (Night 4) Hello, hello? Uh, hey there, night four! I told you you'd get the hang of it! OK, just to update you, uh, there's been somethat of an, uj, investigation, going on. Uh, we may end up having to close for a few days... I don't know. I want to emphasize though that it's really just a precaution. Uh, Fazbear Enternaiment denies any wrongdoing. These things happen sometimes. Um... It'll get sorted out in a few days. Just keep an eye on things and I'll keep you posted. Uh, just a side note though, try to avoid eye contact any of the animatronics tonight if you can. Someone may have a tampered with their facial recognition system, we aren't sure. But the characters have been acting very unusual, almost aggressive, towards the Staff. They interact well with the kids, but when they encounter an adult, they just stare. Uh, anyways, hang tight. It'll all pass. Good Night.
  • (Night 5) Hello, hello? Hey, good job,night five! Um, keep a close eye on things tonight, ok? Um, from what I understand, the building is on lock down, uh, no one is allowed or out, expecially concerning any...previous employees. I'm, when we get it all sorted out, we may move you to a day shift, a position just became...available. Uh, we don't have a replacement for your shift yet, but we're working on it. Uh, we're going to try to contact the original restaurant owner. Uh, I think the name of the place was... "Fredbear's Family Diner" or something like that. It's been closed for years though, I doubt we'll be able to track anybody down. We'll, just get through one more thing! Uh, hang in there! Goodnight.
  • (Night 6) Hello? Hello...uh...what on Earth are you doing there? Uh, didn't you get the memo? Uh, the place is closed down, uh, at least for a while. We had a spare in the back, a yellow one, someone used none of them are acting right. Listen j-just finish your shift; it's safer than trying to leave in the middle of night. Uh, we have one more event scheduled for tomorrow, a birthday. You'll be on day shift. Wear your uniform, stay close to the animatronics, and make sure they don't hurt anyone, okay? Uh, for now just make it though the night, uh when the place eventually opens again I'll probably take the night shift myself. Okay, goodnight and good luck.

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