Flashback: The Quest for Identity

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Flashback: The Quest for Identity, released in 1992 as just Flashback in some countries, is an action-adventure platform game developed by Delphine Software of France, a now defunct company, and published by U.S. Gold in America and Europe, and Sunsoft in Japan.

  • That's my story, just the way I lived it... The galaxy I am in today doesn't appear on any of our navigation charts; It's impossible for me to calculate my return trajectory. I'll probably drift in space for a very long time...
    • Conrad
  • They made me work on a terrible experiment... I'd rather not talk about the consequences, I was so frightened by the prospects revealed to me.
    • 437th day - Phillip Howard Clark
  • I've decided to move tonight. I'll have to borrow a vessel from the hangar before everything blows up. This is my final message. May Heaven help me...
    • 1200th day - Phillip Howard Clark