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Flicka is a 2006 film based loosely on the 1941 novel and a remake of the original 1943 film My Friend Flicka. The plot focuses on a female protagonist, a 16 year old Wyoming girl named Katy Mclaughlin played by Alison Lohman who befriends a black mustang mare she founds in the forest of her father's American Quarter Horse ranch. In previous versions, the main character was a male. The movie also features Maria Bello and Tim McGraw, who also serves as executive producer of the soundtrack album.

Directed by Michael Mayer. Written by Mark Rosenthal and Lawrence Konner.
The biggest dreams take the most courage.

Miranda Koop[edit]

  • Everyone writes a story in their head that eventually becomes your life and if you don't write it yourself then someone else is gonna write it for you.

Nell McLaughlin[edit]

  • [to Rob] When are you going to look at your daughter... and realize that she's you?


  • I still think that they are looking for the same thing. A place where they can be optimistic about the future. A place who helps them be who they really wanna be. that they feel that this life makes sense. A place where they feel when I'm riding Flicka. cause when we're riding all I feel ...is free

Katie: No, I can ride her! Rob: No, you can't and you won't.

Katy McLaughlin[edit]

  • (to Rob) I hate you!


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