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For quotes from the TV Series, see Flight of the Conchords (TV Series).

The Flight of the Conchords is a New Zealand folk/pop/comedy duo composed of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement.

From HBO One Night Stand special[edit]

Before singing Think About It - Think, Think About It:

Bret: If there's one thing that we as a band want to deal with, it's the issues. Like--
Jemaine: That's just one of the things.
Bret: Yeah. Like, the future of the planet.
Jemaine: Yeah.
Bret: The future of my children. And my children's children, and--
Jemaine: Well, you know--
Bret: My children's children's children, you know.
Jemaine: Actually, Bret. When I think about your children, and your children's children, I actually think your children are too young to be having children. And as far as your children's children's children, I think, you know, where does it stop? When the--When the children are having children, you know, it's just--how small are they going to get? It's going to be--
Bret: Too small.
Jemaine: Too small.
Bret: Too small.
Jemaine: Exactly.
Bret: That's one of the issues. And--
Jemaine: It's just going to get into this ridiculous Russian doll situation.
Bret: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Jemaine: Have you met my kid? Have you met their little kids? And then, it's just going to be--Hmm. Well in some ways, I think your children aren't going to be affected by a lot of things that affect other children. Because your children... aren't real.
Bret: Yeah, yeah, okay, but--
Jemaine: Do you see the distinction?
Bret: Yeah, yeah, sure. But they still have issues, that don't get taken seriously. And they have to deal with all the imaginary stuff, like rogue unicorns, for example. You know.
Jemaine: Okay, so--there's lots of things that I haven't thought about, I guess. So, sorry.
Bret: Yeah. My wife and I weren't able to have children, so we chose to imagine them. The doctor suggested it. And it's actually been incredibly rewarding, you know.
Jemaine: Bret's wife is unable to have children because she's not a real woman.
Bret: No she's--yeah, she's imaginary, yeah. The kids take after her in that sense, but she is--she's very beautiful. She is a very beautiful woman.
Jemaine: She's a very beautiful woman. Much--she's a much better kind of woman than some of the women that I've imagined.
Bret: Yeah, yeah.
Jemaine: But this song is more about the real world issues. That are affecting us--everyone--today.
Bret: It's called, Think About It - Think, Think About It.
[note that the quote about children plays upon the Moody Blue's Album "To Our Children's Children's Children"]

After singing Think about it. Think, think about it:
Bret: There was a bit in that song where we were dealing with the issue of AIDS. The bit with the monkeys.
Jemaine: Yeah because it was believed that AIDS was contracted from the monkeys. Not the band but the animal. And we just wanted to deal with that issue--just a couple of points. Just changing the attitude towards AIDS from being "Eww AIDSy" to more like "Ohh! Fun monkey disease."

Before singing She's so hot... Boom!, Bret gets out a futuristic-looking guitar-like instrument:
Bret: This is the DG20.
Jemaine: We got this from a pawn shop in the future.


Interview with Mike McDaniel of the Houston Chronicle, HBO's Conchords takes flight. Houston Chronicle (2007-07-13). Retrieved on 2007-07-21.

Interviewer: So what's the coolest thing about living in America?
Clement: People are friendly.
McKenzie: Paying taxes to George Bush is a real treat.
Clement: What Bret means to say is the people are friendly.

Clement: We're Flight of the Conchords, from New Zealand.
McKenzie: I dunno if you guys know much about New Zealand, but, uh, a few years ago we invented something we call hip-hop.
Clement: 2001?
McKenzie: Do you remember when we invented hip-hop that day, with Steve?
Clement: At the barbecue?.. these guys are the funniest people?

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