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Flipper is a 1996 action-packed fantasy adventure film remake of the 1963 film of the same name, starring Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood. The movie is about a boy who has to spend the summer with his Uncle Porter (Paul Hogan), who lives in Florida Keys. Although he expects to have another boring summer, he encounters an orphaned dolphin which he names Flipper and with whom he forms a friendship.

This summer it's finally safe to go back in the water. (taglines)


[Sandy Burns punches some numbers on his phone and drops down onto his bed. His friend, Joel, picks up after the first ring]
Joel: Well? Are we in?
[Sandy laughs. He knows his friend has been sitting past the phone since dawn. He decides to drag out the suspense for as long as he can]
Sandy: Alright. Then I'm surfing all night on the Net and––
Joel: C'mon, man. Just warn me if you have it or not!
Sandy: As I was saying, I bust in on the Red Hot Chili Peppers forum. The tour manager's girlfriend was looking for some freebies at this health spa, just like we thought she would. It looked like she'd do anything, then–
Joel: Did you get it, Sandy?! [He is dying to know]
Sandy: Well, I surfed once more and got them for her, did some trading here and there, and in return....
Joel: Yes? And? [He is really getting annoyed now]
Sandy: Well, she asked what she could do for me, and I said, well, how about a couple of all-access laminates––you know, to get us backstage where we could meet the group!
Joel: No joking!

Dirk: I ought to teach you a lesson.
Uncle Porter: I'd like that. I have a thirst for knowledge; teach me.

Uncle Porter: You're going to have to use your brain which is going to hurt because it's the weakest muscle in your body.

Sandy: What do you want? I'm from Chicago, it's not like there were street signs.

Sandy: I've been smoking up a storm. Uncle Porter lets me drink all the beer I want, he also knows a lot of loose women.

Uncle Porter: A piece of advice, Never hurl in front of your woman. Something to live by.


  • This summer it's finally safe to go back in the water.
  • Sandy thought he was in for another boring summer. Instead, he got the adventure of a lifetime.


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