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Flogging Molly is a seven-piece Celtic punk band from Los Angeles, California. They are self-published using their own record label, Borstal Beat Records.

Swagger (2000)[edit]

  • Anarchy, the scourge of every sea the antichrist aboard our rig
    • Salty Dog, track 1
  • And life leads me here, it shows me I have never really loved no one but me
    • Selfish Man, track 2
  • Cause every dog has its day, like every women she gets her own way, and if there's a ship that sails tonight I'll captain that too, just to be there with you
    • every dog has its day, track 4
  • while the ghosts of the soldiers that lived their before us laugh with there guns by there sides
    • life in a tenement square, track 5
  • the colours all seem bland I've traveled all these years, he said, to only get this far, so he crossed the street found a seat his home is now a bar
    • the likes of you again, track 7
  • the buildings they shake but my heart it beats still, o mother of Jesus i feel pretty ill
    • black friday rule, track 8
  • Her legs ran all the way up to Heaven and past Avalon
    • devil's dance floor, track 10
  • For your land of the free now prisons me to rot in this jail of lost liberty
    • these exiled years, track 11

Drunken Lullabies (2002)[edit]

  • What savior rests, while on his cross we die? forgotten freedom burns
    • drunken lullabies, track 1
  • For there are many ways to kill a man they say with bayonet, axe, or sword
    • whats left of the flag, track 2
  • Her breath pure as whiskey, my heart fell in love
    • may the living be dead in our wake, track 3
  • So when in doubt just call my name, just before you go insane
    • If i ever leave this world alive, track 4
  • Many is the day I took for granted, breathing the air that silenced some
    • The Kilburn High Road, track 5
  • Now I'm aiming for heaven, but probably wind up down in hell
    • rebels of the sacred heart, track 6
  • Dragged around your whipping tree, a scourge you can't comand
    • Another Bag of Bricks, track 10

Within a Mile of Home (2004)[edit]

  • So God how come every wrongs been done? With deals no Christ should allow
    • screaming at the wailing wall, track 1
  • Don't fill your mouth with gluttony. For pride will surely swell, but nothings unforgiven in the four corners of hell!
    • seven deadly sins, track 2
  • Well it breaks my heart to see you this way, the beauty in life where's it gone?
    • whistles in the wind, track 5
  • Till the butcher and his crown raped the land we used to sleep in, now tomorrow chimes of ghostly crimes that haunt tobacco island
    • tobacco island, track 7
  • Your selfish face is now erased when someone mentions you. If only you had seen what I now see
    • within a mile of home, track 12
  • Drag not your strength from government, but from the voices they abuse.
    • With a Wonder and a Wild Desire, track 14

Float (2008)[edit]

  • Shove the bullet in your pocket turn away and retreat
    • Requiem for a dying son, track 1
  • Don't look back for what's dead now is saved, they exiled our homes where the soul is kept safe
    • (no more) paddy's lament, track 2
  • Singled out for who you are it takes all types to judge a man
    • float, track 3
  • But green is the heart of your greed that much i can tell
    • you won't make a fool out of me, track 4
  • Take me back to the way life has never been
    • us of lesser gods, track 7
  • Oh in time in time you will see just what you mean to me
    • From the Back of a Broken Dream, track 9

Speed of Darkness (2011)[edit]

  • Its something of a pity but you never understand, how a boy can grow and still never be a man
    • speed of darkness, track 1
  • Well is this the way it's meant to be? Cause I signed of on the American dream, now I write my name to the welfare scheme, the money in the bank, well it's history
    • revolution, track 2
  • From the town of Detroit where we fight till we drop, we don't want your pity we just want a job, there's no shame in us asking with some self-respect, but don't leave it much longer, we're human at best
    • the powers out, track 5
  • Wise men crank the guillotine where heads will roll for all to see
    • saints&sinners, track 7
  • It's the words I've never written that say more about myself Where empty is the promise lies a pocket full of doubt
    • the cradle of humankind, track 9
  • Oh! Oliver boy what did you do but crush the hand you never shook then robbed the rights of people to be free
    • Oliver boy, track 10

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