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Foodfight! is a 2012 American computer animated adventure comedy film produced by Threshold Entertainment and directed by Lawrence Kasanoff. The film features the voices of Charlie Sheen, Wayne Brady, Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria, Larry Miller, and Christopher Lloyd. It tells the story of brand mascots ("ikes") who come to life in a supermarket after closing time, and their struggles against the villainous forces of Brand X.

A story of what happens when good food.... goes bad

Dex Dogtective[edit]

  • Frankly, my dear, I don't give a Spam.
  • Holy chips!
  • You better go easy on the potato juice before you get... chip-faced.

Lady X/Priscilla[edit]

  • Chicks dig chocolate.
  • Enough about me, let's kill you!


  • Daredevil Dan: How 'bout some chocolate frosting?
  • Vlad Chocool: I am the undead. Alright? The undead, you-you're not dead, but you're not exactly living either. It's sorta like being in summer school.
  • Cheasel T. Weasel: You despise me, don't you?

Daredevil Dan Who’s your sugar daddy?


[first lines]
Sweet Older Lady: Good night, Mr. Leonard. Don't work too late, now.
Mr. Leonard: Just closing up. Nothing much happens around here after dark.

[Mr. Clipboard frantically walks in the supermarket]
Mr. Leonard: May I help you?
Mr. Clipboard: You must me Leonard, the manager. I'm your new Brand X representative.
Mr. Leonard: I wasn't expecting any new products.
Mr. Clipboard: A corporate picked your store to test the new Brand X detergent! With elixir...
Mr. Leonard: Brand X son? Never heard of it?
Mr. Clipboard: Give us one week! Your cu-cu-cu...
[Clipboard slaps himself with his clipboard]
Mr. Clipboard: -customers, won't know how they live without Brand X!
Mr. Leonard: E-ev-everything is so nice the way it is, and we don't have space.
Mr. Clipboard: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho, I'll make space. [makes frantic noises] Wait until you get a whiff of our Brand X elixir, it's practically addicting! [throws a bag of chips, then stomps on it]
Mr. Leonard: That was a perfectly good bag of chips!
Mr. Clipboard: Survival of the fittest, Leonard!
[Leonard looks at bag of chips]
Mr. Leonard: Never opened, never enjoyed.

Mr. Leonard: That was a perfectly good bag of chips!
Mr. Clipboard: Survival of the fittest, Leonard!
Mr. Leonard: Never opened. Never enjoyed.

Dex Dogtective: How did you get in and out of the store? You're an ike.
Lady X: Humans. When you look like this, you can get them to do anything. Size only counts for men.

[last lines]
Dr. Si Nustrix: Dex is Jewish?
Daredevil Dan: Yeah, kosher.
Kung Tofu: [last line of the film] Soy vay, who knew?

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