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Four Lions is the debut feature film from director Chris Morris, written by Morris, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong. The film is a Jihad satire following a group of Jihadi Islamic terrorists from Sheffield, England.


  • Oh, its just that bag is full of really fragile... boots.


  • Rubber dinghy rapids, bro. (repeated line)
  • This big enough for ya now Barry? Am I blowing a dog in a ditch? Or am I Paki Rambo?!
  • Yeah ya fucked up rabbits wi' no ears!
  • No more widdling in me gob?


Faisal: And there's this voice "Can I have 12 bottles of bleach please?"
Barry: What's that?
Faisal: A woman's voice, for like dying her hair and that.
Barry: Oh yeah and her beard.
Faisal: What?
Barry: You've got a fucking beard Faisal.
Faisal: I covered it.
[Puts hands over face]
Barry: Why did she have her hands over her face?
Faisal: Because she's got a beard.

[Discussing Faisal's remains]
Waj: Some of it's in there with him.
Omar: What?
Waj: I couldn't separate it.
Omar: So what is he lads? Is he a martyr or is he a fucking jalfrezi?!

[Car stops]
Omar: I thought you said you'd fixed it!
Barry: It's the car parts, they're Jewish!
Omar: What parts in a car are Jewish?
Faisal: Spark plugs?
Barry: That's it, spark plugs! Jews invented spark plugs to control global traffic!


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