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Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti, Cavaliere Ufficiale OMRI, (born 27 September 1976 in Rome) is an Italian World Cup-winning footballer. He plays for A.S. Roma in Italy's Serie A, a league where he also stands as the top active scorer, with over two hundred goals. Between 1998 and 2006 he was a regular member of the Italian national team, with whom he won the 2006 FIFA World Cup. He is considered as one of the finest players in his generation.


  • Because I grew up playing for Roma and I want to die playing for Roma, because I have always been a Roma's fan!
    • Answering the question: "Francesco, why don't you play for another team for two or three years in order to win something more?" From the TV show "Controcampo" 4/18/2007).

Quotes about Francesco Totti[edit]

From football legends[edit]

  • Totti is the best player in the world. He has just been a little unlucky in the past.
  • Michel Platini: Totti is an artist of football, a true Number 10, just like I was.
    • [[3] "Platini says Roma's Totti be artist of soccer"]. 28 December 2006. Retrieved on 31 May 2011. .
    • "Platini says Roma's Totti be artist of soccer". People's Daily Online. 28 December 2006. Retrieved on 31 May 2011. .
    • Michel Platini "If I was playing today I'd be like Totti, who's become an out-and-out striker. There aren't any Number 10s in the old playmaker role anyway."
    • "Totti like me says Platini". ITALY Magazine. 1 October 2007. Retrieved on 31 May 2011. .
  • There are many star players in Italy, but the only one I would bring to Bayern Munich would be Totti. I know him well and he deserves to win the Ballon d'Or.
  • I liked Francesco straight away. Not only as a player but as a person. He is a phenomenon. A rare player. It seems as if when he was born, the heavenly father said: 'Go down there and play football and that's it.' And he did what he was prescribed to do.
  • "I want to compliment Francesco Totti, scoring 206 goals is a great achievement. It does not matter that he has beat me as he is a great player."
  • Francesco Totti has probably been the best player in the last decade. His skills, ability, physical strength and intelligence on the pitch made him a symbol for Roma and the whole of Italian football.
  • Totti has the technique of a South American and deserved to win a few more trophies with his Roma team. In fact, he also deserved to win the Ballon d’Or. He is an extraordinary player. In Italy it’s not easy for kids to come up through the youth academy and impose themselves on the first team, but he managed it and became the symbol of Roma. Totti manages to think with his feet and would’ve done great things with my Roma side in 1982-83.
  • I have never doubted his ability and you can tell he is a real champion.

From trainers[edit]

  • Totti is the only current player I would've taken on my 1982 World Cup side.
  • Only Gigi Riva could kick the ball like him in Italy. But only with his left foot. Totti can use both feet and can hit the ball in several ways. Such champions can shoot ten times per match and eight of them are aimed on target, while five are very dangerous and can turn into a goal. Totti's shooting qualities are unique and they will stay intact for life.
  • Jose Mourinho: You know more than me what Totti means for Roma, for the Serie A, and for his team-mates. I want him to play because he's the best player in the Italian championship in terms of spectacle and quality of play. [13]
  • Alex Ferguson: "Of course I know Totti is the fantastic player."
    • "Ferguson: “Totti è un giocatore fantastico”" (in Italian). 5 September 2011. Retrieved on 10 September 2011. . "Totti is the symbol of Roma, he’d never want to leave the club just like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes at Manchester United. He needs to be kept at a certain level for Roma, just as I do at United."
    • "Ferguson admits to Maldini desire". Football Italia. 6 September 2011. Retrieved on 6 September 2011. . "Totti is the architect of everything they (Roma) do and we have to decide how best to deal with him. The issue is what we do with our centre-backs and whether we push one on to Totti but we can't let him control the game. It's a tricky one but we have to resolve it as best we can."
    • "Ferguson fears the Totti factor". The Guardian. 3 April 2007. Retrieved on 1 June 2011. .
  • Arsene Wenger: "Totti is a top, top class player. He is typical of the Roman game and I’m sure he will never move outside of Roma. He used to play in behind the strikers and then one day they had no central striker so they played him up front and won game after game. He suddenly became the topscorer in Italy as a central striker. That means this guy has absolutely everything. He has a fantastic protection of the ball, he has a quick turn and then he has a very good pass in the final third of the pitch. He can be deadly with every single pass. He will certainly be the most dangerous provider in the final third for them in this game. He is not the only player who can be dangerous but he can open the defence with any pass at any moment of the day if you give him the freedom."
  • Luciano Spalletti: "I agree with Pelé, Totti is the best player in the world."
    • ""Totti è il più forte al mondo"" (in Italian). La Gazzetta dello Sport. 28 January 2006. Retrieved on 2 June 2011. . "Totti is the history of Roma, the club, and I think that he is an intelligent man. Totti will stay and will close his career with Roma because he cares about the future of club and created a contract that sees him as the player the club will build it's image around. I do not see why he should leave Roma"
    • "Zenit coach Spalletti cannot see Totti leaving Roma". 12 January 2011. Retrieved on 2 June 2011. . "It would be easier to move the Colosseum out of Rome."
    • "Europe's loyal club servants". 6 February 2012. Retrieved on 9 February 2012. .
  • Carlo Mazzone: "Totti? Simply fantastic. I think he is the greatest Roma player of all-time."
    • "MAZZONE: ‘Totti? Semplicemente fantastico. Luis Enrique deve capire che ha a che fare con la Roma’" (in Italian). 1 September 2011. Retrieved on 2 September 2011. . "He is playing well and I am delighted for him. His form is no miracle. He is a serious professional and a proud guy. He always trains with enthusiasm and has great technique. He is an example for everyone"
    • "Mazzone on Del Piero and Totti". Football Italia. 5 September 2012. Retrieved on 5 September 2012. . "I am privileged because I had the luck of seeing Totti’s first goal in Serie A as well as the fantastic culmination of Baggio’s career. If I had been able to coach both of them together in the same team I would have won a lot and certainly wouldn’t have lost all my hair. I’d like it a lot if we could all have dinner together and remember their goals."
    • "Italy celebrates its perfect 10s as Totti overtakes Baggio". FourFourTwo. 5 May 2011. Retrieved on 31 May 2011. . "We should all acknowledge the qualities of Totti, an important player in the history of Roma and Italian football."
    • "Mazzone: ‘Totti is exceptional’". Football Italia. 10 December 2012. Retrieved on 12 December 2012. .
  • Cesare Prandelli: "Totti is a great champion."
    • "Il capitano" (in Italian). Retrieved on 2 June 2011. . "He and Roberto Baggio are two great players and it is hard to compare the two."
    • "Prandelli hails goal king Totti". Football Italia. 3 May 2011. Retrieved on 2 June 2011. . "I had the good fortune to train him for a few months and that was an honour. He is an exemplary professional and is breaking all records at Roma, regardless of age. Totti is a real champion and always manages to achieve his objectives. He’s also a great man."
    • "Prandelli hails Totti and new Italy". Football Italia. 11 December 2012. Retrieved on 12 December 2012. .
  • Siniša Mihajlović: Totti is a great champion, one of the best players Italy has ever produced, he deserves everything he has earned in the game. [14]
  • Luis Enrique: "He is not only the King of Rome, but of the world. He is unique and it’s a pleasure to have players like Totti in the side."
    • "Luis Enrique: 'We'll make Roma proud'". Football Italia. 14 June 2011. Retrieved on 15 June 2011. . "I had the chance to play against Totti. I really like him, I’m really happy that I have the chance to be his Coach."
    • "Luis Enrique on the offensive". Football Italia. 14 July 2011. Retrieved on 15 July 2011. . "Francesco is the best player in the history of Roma."
    • "Enrique: 'I'd resign if...'". Football Italia. 4 December 2011. Retrieved on 7 December 2011. . "I've spoke about Francesco so many times I think I'm falling in love with him – my wife is quite jealous. I have a special relationship with him and we've got on very well right from the very start. He's always behaved well and I've been lucky to have known him while he was still playing. It was a great pleasure to coach him."
    • "LUIS ENRIQUE: "AN HONOUR TO COACH ROMA"". 12 May 2012. Retrieved on 16 May 2012. .
  • Rudi Garcia: "Francesco is not only a formidable player – a "fuoriclasse" as you say in Italy – but also a man with great qualities outside of football. For me he is one of the very best players in the history of the sport. What I would really love is to win something with him at Roma."
    • "Garcia: 'Totti among best in history'". Football Italia. 8 September 2013. Retrieved on 10 September 2013. . "I'm happy he's extended his contract. People usually talk about players being legends once they've retired, but Francesco still has the chance to write his own legend. And I hope to do it alongside him. It's how old you feel that's important, not the age on your passport – that's why Totti's still young."
    • "Garcia hails birthday boy Totti". Football Italia. 27 September 2013. Retrieved on 29 September 2013. . "He is a wonderful player with the ball at his feet, so he needs to touch the ball as much as possible."
    • "Garcia: 'Gervinho needed confidence'". Football Italia. 29 September 2013. Retrieved on 29 September 2013. .
  • Eusebio Di Francesco: "Totti has great football intelligence, experience and seems to have four eyes to spot all potential passes."
    • "Di Francesco faces Roma past". Football Italia. 13 November 2011. Retrieved on 13 November 2011. . "Francesco has always been the added value for Roma. I am proud to still have an extraordinary rapport with him and every Christmas we exchange gifts."
    • "Di Francesco asks Totti favour". Football Italia. 19 November 2011. Retrieved on 24 November 2011. .
  • Francesco Totti is a champion among the best in the history of Italian football.

From club presidents and directors[edit]

  • Francesco and I grew up together and he is like a little brother to me, My father (Franco Sensi) used to say that he was the son he never had. No-one embodies the spirit of our team better than he does.
  • Totti is a great player and when he is not there, Roma lose an important resource.

From players in his generation[edit]

  • Above all on the eve of a match like this one, when on the other side, wearing a captain band on his arm, there’s a player like Francesco Totti. If we put together our goals scored, it's over 500. If we sum up the years of career, wearing the same shirt – it comes up to 35. We won the World Cup together and those memories unite us forever"
  • Totti is a fantastic player."
    • "Guardiola gives Roma Pep talk". 6 August 2002. Retrieved on 27 June 2012. . "I am proud to play in a team with a player like him who is the symbol of Roma and that means a lot to the fans of this club. The modern game has changed a lot, but I think it is critical to a club with a player who is much like Totti at Roma or Maldini at Milan. Money is important in football, but there are other things more important value for an entity."
    • "Guardiola firma por dos años con el Roma" (in Spanish). 5 July 2002. Retrieved on 27 June 2012. .
    • Pep Guardiola
  • Totti is always strong, and as a Roman, fights for the team. He makes you feel great, and was a fantastic teammate. He has done a lot of brilliant things for Roma and for the Italian national team. I have always rooted for him.
  • Totti is the greatest exponent of the Roman world. He is a player who kids look up to. When the day arrives that he has to retire, it will be hard for Roma and the whole environment there because he is a club emblem.
  • When he's in form, Francesco is the best player in the world at his position.
  • Totti has written the history of Italian football, with the present and the future. He is a player who can not be doubted.
  • Totti is a patron of football, an absolute champion on and off the field. Francesco has only played as a centre forward for four or five years. He was a great Number 10 and playmaker, but now is a pure striker.
  • Totti is a great player, one of the last Number 10s remaining in football. The way to play football today has pushed out real Number 10s who make the show. I have a lot of admiration for him, I think he is the best Number 10.
  • I would have been honoured to play alongside Totti, as he is one of the best players in history. Any club would’ve been happy to have him in their squad.
  • I have a lot of respect for Francesco Totti. When you talk about Roma, you think about Francesco Totti, and when you talk about Francesco Totti, you think about Roma. I’ve had to battle so many times against him. I have maximum respect for him.
  • Totti is a legend. He is the symbol of the Giallorossi. Even in Holland, when you talk about Roma, the first name to come up is Totti's. He is considered an extraordinary champion all over the world.
  • He is still a great player, He can shoot with either foot and can resolve a game in an instant, even with just a free-kick.
  • When I was young I used to watch Italian football matches and my wish was to one day become like Totti.
  • Apart from his indisputable ability as a player, Francesco is a stupendous person. I grew up a lot alongside him and De Rossi. Totti, for me, is an idol. If it wasn’t for him then I wouldn’t be here today. I’m honoured to have known him. Totti is not a problem for Coaches, but for defences.
  • I have played with many great footballers in my career and two of them are Gerrard and Totti. Both a great players, loyal and pleasant.
  • Totti is a champion, he is untouchable. He can play for many years to come at Roma. It is right to have a mix between younger players and those with experience.
  • Totti is very important, on and off the pitch, for what he has won and for his charisma. He’s an example for everyone to follow, for the young players and for players like me who have arrived from abroad. The fact that he has played his football here for so long is proof of that. It’s always nice to watch him train.
  • Totti has impressed me most about Roma. He has been, and remains, a very important player, who has spent many years here. The other day he explained that he joined the club in 1989 and is now 35 - he arrived before I was born!
  • Totti is an exceptional teacher, as it’s incredible to be training and playing with him. He is a leader, which I knew, but also different to the others. His football is joy.
  • You learn a lot from Totti. He is a player that is part of the club’s history, an idol of the fans. Not mentioning the Argentines, Totti is the player who gives me the most advice. He is one of those who I talk to most. There are no problems with the language, we understand each other.
  • Roma are a great side and Francesco Totti, who called to convince me to join, is a great player who I have always admired.
  • Pablo Osvaldo, Francesco is unique. He’s not only a phenomenon, he’s actually the best Italian player of all time.[42]
    • Pablo Osvaldo Some Italian players think they are Hollywood stars, but I was surprised by how down to earth Totti is. He is a living legend at Roma, a very normal lad and a lot of fun. [43]
  • He is the equivalent to the Pope. People are devoted to him, but Francesco deserves it - he is a leader and is always able to express words of praise for his teammates.
  • Can I become a symbol of Fiorentina? I dream of becoming the Viola’s version of Francesco Totti.
  • I have so much respect for Francesco Totti. Considering what he represents at Roma, he is the captain of captains.
  • I appreciate the presence of a leader like Totti. He is one of the best players in history. I feel lucky to play alongside him.
  • Totti is an unattainable champions. It does not take long to realise that he is a real phenomenon for the things that he can do.
  • Francesco Totti is a great champion and beyond description. I’m happy to be playing alongside him.
  • My idols? I have several. Totti as well is someone I like. It is a pleasure to play against him now.
  • I’d love to be the Francesco Totti of Juventus. I won’t make comparisons on role or history, but I hope to end my career with this jersey.

From other people[edit]

  • Totti is great, at his age he still makes a difference, as Federer. I’d take him everywhere, even to dinner with me. He is really strong. If AS Roma won the Scudetto I would invite Totti for a ride with me.
  • No one would have thought that Totti would have a career like this. But even from his debut you could see that he was destined to succeed. I have a great admiration for him. Look at the likes of Giggs, Gianfranco Zola, Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero – it is hard to believe that anyone can get to 40 years of age and keep playing, but Totti could. He is a boy who loves this city. He could have won more elsewhere, but he loves Rome.

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