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Franjo Komarica in 2012

Franjo Komarica (3 February 1946 –) is a Bosnian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, the Bishop of Banja Luka and president of the Bishops' Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  • Politicians need to finally acknowledge what is happening and condemn the severe discrimination that is taking place right in the middle of Europe. This is particularly true for the Christians. I expect anyone who is serious about their faith to support the disenfranchised people of my homeland – in word and deed. Our appeals have not been heard up until this point. And there have been so many of them! Quo vadis, Europe? Quo vadis, Christianity in Europe? If we just look the other way and tolerate this kind of development on our own doorstep, how do we want to help other people understand our Christian values?

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