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Dr. Frank R. Wallace (pen name of Dr. Wallace Ward) (1932 – 26 January 2006) was an American author, publisher, and mail-order magnate. A research chemist for DuPont, Wallace changed his career in the late 1960s, focusing on publishing. His earliest works (circa 1968 - 1983) focus on tips and strategy for winning at poker, while later works shifted towards motivational business and philosophy, primarily published though his own firm, Integrated Management Associates. As a philosopher, he is best known as the originator of Neo-Tech, which he claimed to be an offshoot of Objectivism.


  • From China to America to Mecca, forget mandates from Heaven, Jesus, or God. They do not exist. An a-priori mandate, however, does exist from metaphorical Zons here on Earth and across the cosmos.
  • Finally, let me explain why this De la Rosa World Summit is the last Neo-Tech summit -- and why that may be the best news. But, first, I want to hail whom I believe to be the most genuinely-happy spirit in today’s anticivilization -- a beautiful person who brings to us her happiness made from the love of life as we travel toward the Civilization of the Universe. Let us emblazon our own spirits by remembering this lovely beam of light -- this enduring beacon of joy, this amazingly-wonderful person -- our free-spirit Summit impresario, Rosa María Wallace. ...What a woman!
  • Business is the highest evolution of consciousness, responsibility, and morality. No other living organism is even remotely able to function on a business level. The essences of business are honesty, effort, responsibility, integration, abstraction, conceptualization, objectivity, long-range planning, discipline, thought, control. Business creates essentially every major human value, ranging from the development of consciousness, language, mathematics, the arts, up to the electronic and biogenic revolutions.
  • The major enemy of poker players is their rationalizations for their failures to think....Many poor players evade thinking by letting their minds sink into irrational fogs. Their belief in luck short-circuits their minds by excusing them from their responsibility to think. Belief in luck is a great mystical rationalization for the refusal to think.
    • Wallace, Frank R. Poker: A Guaranteed Income for Life by Using the Advanced Concepts of Poker. Quoted in A Friendly Game of Poker by Ira Glass and Jake Austen, Chicago Review Press, 2003, page 210

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