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Frankenstein Created Woman is a 1967 film in which after being reanimated, Baron Frankenstein transfers the soul of an executed young man into the body of his lover, prompting her to kill the men who wronged them.

Directed by Terence Fisher. Written by Anthony Hinds.
From flesh and innocence... Frankenstein has created the ultimate in evil and desire  taglines

Baron Frankenstein[edit]

  • For one hour my body had died. And yet, my soul remained. Now, why? Where was it? Was it - was it - trapped - within me? Could it be trapped forever? Could I - could I - trap it myself?
  • One dies because the body dies, not because the soul. Death is a physical thing, not spiritual. The body deteriorates, what is broken in some way or just decays; but, the soul remains alive. Now, if I can transfer the soul to my apparatus, repair the damaged body, and then return the soul - I have conquered death. Is it not so?
  • Bodies are easy to come by, souls are not.


  • I have done what you have told me. What am I to do now?


  • [to Christina] You know, I don't believe you are real. I think you're a meerage - [laughs] a mirage - an oasis in the middle of my desert life.

Chief of Police[edit]

  • We do not know what it is that you do here, sir. We only know that we have heard strange noises and seen strange lights - in the middle of the night.
  • Like father, like son!


Doctor Hertz: He lives. See, Hans, he's alive.
Baron Frankenstein: Of course I'm alive. Didn't I tell you I would be?

Baron Frankenstein: Hertz, I am constantly surprised at your lack in faith in my work.
Doctor Hertz: But, you were dead! Was he not, Hans?
Baron Frankenstein: Technically, yes. But, my soul had not left my body. For one whole hour - I was dead.

Doctor Hertz: Oh, it's magic!
Baron Frankenstein: Everything we don't understand is magic - until we understand it.
Doctor Hertz: To me, it's magic. All of this.
Baron Frankenstein: Until we understand it and master it.

Doctor Hertz: I want to celebrate your safe return. Hans, the brandy.
Baron Frankenstein: Oh, no thank you, no. I know your brandy. But, a glass of champagne would be very welcome.
Doctor Hertz: Oh, champagne? Do you think I'd drink that stuff if I could afford champagne?

Baron Frankenstein: Our young friend will live again and sooner than we thought.
Doctor Hertz: In her body?
Baron Frankenstein: Why, not?

Chief of Police: Do you expect us to believe this childish rubbish, sir? Do you take us for fools?
Baron Frankenstein: Yes.

Anton: I suppose you've - been with lots of men? Hmm?
Christina: And you have been with lots of girls.
Anton: Of course.
Christina: Do you want to come with me?
Anton: Where?
Christina: Anywhere.

Baron Frankenstein: Let me tell you who you really are.
Christina: I know who I am.
Baron Frankenstein: Please...
Christina: And what I have to do. Forgive me.


  • From flesh and innocence... Frankenstein has created the ultimate in evil and desire
  • Now Frankenstein has created a beautiful woman with the soul of the Devil!


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