Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

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Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is a 1969 film about the doctor who transplants the brain of an associate.

Directed by Terence Fisher. Written by Bert Batt.
More monstrous than the monsters he created!  (taglines)

Baron Frankenstein[edit]

  • Had man not been given to invention and experiment, then tonight, sir, you would have eaten your dinner in a cave. You would've strewn the bones about the floor then wiped your fingers on a coat of animal skin. In fact, your lapels do look a bit greasy. Good night.

Professor Richter[edit]

  • I fancy that I am the spider and you are the fly, Frankenstein.
  • I have become the victim of everything that Frankenstein and I ever advocated. My brain is in someone else's body.


  • More monstrous than the monsters he created!
  • The screen's most fantastic fiend... and Hammer says so!


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