Franklin and the Green Knight

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Franklin and the Green Knight (also known as Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie) was the first ever Franklin movie, released direct to video and DVD in 2000. It has since aired on Noggin and Nick Jr. in the United States, and Canada's Family Channel.


[first lines]
Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He loved warm spring showers, hot summer days and crisp autumn winds. He also loved the winter because winter meant snow and playing in the snow made him very happy. One January, when the snow laid deeper and thicker than anyone in Woodland could remember, Franklin was especially happy. Something was about to happen that would change his life forever.

Franklin Turtle: Snow, snow and more snow.
Beaver: You know, it must be the snow hiding spring.
Rabbit: We've gotta search far and wide.
Bear: High and low.
Franklin Turtle: Search for a place that doesn't have snow.

[after a chase by an eagle through the forest]
Franklin Turtle: I don't see it anymore.
Snail: Neither do I.
Franklin Turtle: But now I think we're lost, Snail.
Snail: Lost... in the woods?

[Franklin and Snail meets Eagle after a run through the woods and getting lost]
Eagle: A turtle with a snail on his back? I have seen many interesting things, but this is a first.
Franklin Turtle: You're the monster the green knight has to battle, aren't you?
Eagle: "Monster"? "Green knight"? I am not a monster, young one. I am Eagle, and I have no wish to do battle with you.
Franklin Turtle: You don't?
Eagle: No. Now tell me. What is it you are doing here, so deep in the woods?
Franklin Turtle: We're looking for an old cherry orchard. It's near a lake by the mountain.
Eagle: I know the one. It is on the other side of the mountain.
Franklin Turtle: The... other side?
Eagle: Yes. It will be better if I take you there.
[Franklin and Snail are delighted, but are nervous by this]

Armadillo: Hey, who do you love more: your Mom or your Dad?
Franklin Turtle: That's a silly question! I love them both!
Armadillo: Exactly! And my parents have plenty of love for both me and my little brother. Nothing to worry about, right?
Franklin Turtle: Right.

Snail: [staring at a snowturtle that represents Franklin's coming sibling] You're really lucky, Baby Turtle. You're gonna have big brother who'll make sure you're never late for school or parties. He'll help you with your homework and he'll play fun games with you. [sobs] But most of all, you're lucky because you'll have Franklin.

[last lines]
Franklin Turtle: Do you remember bringing me home from the hospital?
Mrs. Turtle: It's a day I'll never forget, my green knight.
Franklin Turtle: [last line of the film] Oh, I almost forgot. [placing a cherry blossom in his new sister's crib] This is for you, Harriet. By the way, I'm Franklin. I'm your big brother.