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Freaky Friday is a 2003 comedy-drama film starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as a mother and daughter whose bodies are switched because of an enchanted Chinese fortune cookie.


  • (puts two chopsticks in his nose) Look, I'm a walrus!


Anna: Mr. Bates, I don't understand this F.
Mr. Bates: You missed the point of the book.
Anna: It's "1984."How could anyone miss it? It's a blatant attack on totalitarianism, about a rigid society, dominated by one all-powerful, ego-tripping dictator —
Mr. Bates: My grade is final.
Anna: Except he had hair. [Walks away]
Mr. Bates: [Calling after her] Anna!

Anna/Tess: Get away, you clone freak!
Tess/Anna: Don't you use that tone with me.
Anna/Tess: Oh, my God, you are my mother.
Tess/Anna: And you're not who you think you are.
Anna/Tess: Look at me!
Tess/Anna: We seem to be inside each other —
Anna/Tess: I'm old!
Tess/Anna: [clearly offended] I beg your pardon!
Anna/Tess: [screaming] Oh, I'm like the Cryptkeeper!
Tess/Anna: Okay, that's enough.
[They both look at each other and scream]

Anna/Tess: Are you kidding? You think you can be me?
Tess/Anna: Of course I can. Watch me. [mimicking Anna] "Oh, everyone's out to get me.You're ruining my life."
Anna/Tess: It's easy to be you, I'll just suck the fun out of everything.
Tess/Anna: I do not suck the fun out of everything.
Anna/Tess: Fun sucker.
Tess/Anna: Oh, this is ridiculous. I will go to school,and you will stay right... [suddenly remembers] Evan!

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