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Freaky Friday is a 2003 comedy-drama film starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as a mother and daughter whose bodies are switched because of an enchanted Chinese fortune cookie.

They've always been in each other's faces. Today they're in each other's bodies.(taglines)

Anna Coleman[edit]


Harry Coleman[edit]

  • (puts two chopsticks in his nose) Look, I'm a walrus!


Anna: Mr. Bates, I don't understand this F.
Mr. Bates: You missed the point of the book.
Anna: It's "1984". How could anyone miss it? It's a blatant attack on totalitarianism, about a rigid society, dominated by one all-powerful, ego-tripping dictator—
Mr. Bates: My grade is final.
Anna: Except he had hair. [Walks away]
Mr. Bates: [Calling after her] Anna!

Anna: You're boys are grounded in prisoners is gone!
Tess: Anna! I don't want to hear it boys are grounded!
Anna: No! I will *never* seen it again!
Tess: That's not good enough! This is not acceptable behavior
Tess: No door for her, Anna! Sit down and boys is not getting grounded anymore! I'll call the police!
Tess: No door for her, Anna, you're un-- [Anna bites Tess' legs] OW! Anna! She's bit me!
Ryan: Tess, can't treat it like this. Boys is not grounded anymore, okay. Anna bit me?!
Tess: Anna, you're grounded with a biting legs!
Ryan: WAIT! Come back here!
Tess: Anna, no! You're not runaway!
Anna: [gets arrested and taken away] AAAAAHHHHH!!! What's going on?! What did you guys DO WITH ME?!

Tess (in Anna's body): Honey, look, I think something's happened to us.
Anna (in Tess' body): What are you?
Tess (in Anna's body): It's me. Mom.
Anna (in Tess' body): You're not my mother.
Tess (in Anna's body): Yes, I am.
Anna (in Tess' body): Get away, you clone freak!
Tess (in Anna's body): Don't you use that tone with me.
Anna (in Tess' body): Oh, my God, you are my mother.
Tess (in Anna's body): And you're not who you think you are.
Anna (in Tess' body): [goes to the mirror and gasps] Look at me!
Tess (in Anna's body): I know. We seem to be inside each other—
Anna (in Tess' body): I'm old!
Tess (in Anna's body): [clearly offended] I beg your pardon!
Anna (in Tess' body): [screaming] Oh, I'm like the Cryptkeeper!
Tess (in Anna's body): Okay, that's enough. [They both look at each other and scream]
Anna (in Tess' body): [gasps] I want my body back.
Tess (in Anna's body): And I don't want mine? My wedding's tomorrow. Oh, my God, my wedding's tomorrow.
Anna (in Tess' body): Oh, I can't marry Ryan! Ew!
Tess (in Anna's body): Okay, Okay, Okay.
Anna (in Tess' body): Okay, what?
Tess (in Anna's body): I have no idea.
Anna (in Tess' body): Mom, maybe we should go to the emergency room.
Tess (in Anna's body): Oh no, all that'll get us is a 72-hour lockdown in the psych ward and a Thorazine drip. No, we're not going anywhere.
Anna (in Tess' body): Okay. Um, so, you're in my body and I'm in your body. Why don't we, like...
Tess (in Anna's body): Yes, I see what you're saying. A jolt. Okay, you go over there and I go over here. [She goes to the side far from Anna (in Tess' body)] Okay, now when I say go. Ready?
Anna (in Tess' body): Yeah!
Tess (in Anna's body): Go!
Harry: Hi, Mom!
Both: [they both fall down on the floor] Ow.

Anna (in Tess' body): Are you kidding, you think you can be me?
Tess (in Anna's body): Of course I can. Watch me. [mimicking Anna, who is still in Tess' body] "Oh, everyone's out to get me. You're ruining my life."
Anna (in Tess' body): It's easy to be you, I'll just suck the fun out of everything.
Tess (in Anna's body): I do not suck the fun out of everything.
Anna (in Tess' body): Fun sucker.
Tess (in Anna's body): Oh, this is ridiculous. I will go to school, and you will stay right... [suddenly remembers] Evan!

Tess (in Anna's body): [Confronting Mr. Bates for failing her answer that was correct] Mr. Bates, may I please speak with you?
Mr. Bates: I think that would be fairy pointless, but go ahead.
Tess (in Anna's body): By what stretch of the imagination...I mean, like, how could I, like, get an F? What mistakes did I make?
Mr. Bates: Grading is subjective.
Tess (in Anna's body): That was a college-level analysis!
Mr. Bates: And you're qualified to make that assessment?
Tess (in Anna's body): As a matter of fact, I most certainly am.
Mr. Bates: Well, in the words of Hamlet, "What's done is done."
Tess (in Anna's body): [annoyed] That's Macbeth, you know-nothing twit– [upon realization] Bates! Elton Bates! Griffith High School.
Mr. Bates: How do you know that?
Tess (in Anna's body): You asked me...I mean, my mom to the prom, but she turned you down.
Mr. Bates: This is not an appropriate subject-
Tess (in Anna's body): And now you're taking it out on her daughter, aren't you? Aren't you?!
Mr. Bates: I don't know what you're talking about!
Tess (in Anna's body): Oh, come on! It was a high school dance! You've got to let it go and move on, man! And if you don't, I'm sure the school board would love to hear about your pathetic vendetta against an innocent student. [Starts to leave, but stops to make a final remark] Oh, and by the way, Elton, she had a boyfriend, and you were weird.

Harry: I don't think he knows I even exist, so stupid thinkin' about him, but I can't help it. Jake! Ooooh! Jake!
Anna: GET OUTTA MY ROOOOM!!! [Boys leave] OUT! [Realizes her door is missing] Oh! My... My... Ah! Aaah!
Ryan: She saw it. [Anna shrieks again offscreen]
Grandpa: I'm gonna be checkin' out those Lakers.
Ryan: I'm with you.
Anna: Mom! Mom, did you see what happened to my doo--? [sees Tess sitting at the table with her arms crossed]
Tess: I spoke to your principal.
Anna: What?!
Tess: Just now, on the phone.
Anna: Where's my door?
Tess: Privacy is a privilege, Anna.
Anna: Where's my door, Mom?
Tess: Your door will be returned to you, Anna, if or when you can explain--
Anna: I need my door. You give me the door, or I will kill myself!
Harry: Oh! Can I watch?
Tess: Harry!
Anna: SHUT UP!!! [Boys leave]
Tess: I think we can dispense with the drama. And maybe you can just calmly explain to me why you were in detention twice today.
Anna: Okay, I went to detention. But that was only because Stacey Hinkhouse kept hitting me on the head with a volleyball!
Tess: Now, when is this conflict with Stacey Hinkhouse going to end?
Anna: Never, because she's an insane, psycho freak! And you'd know that if you'd paid like a speck of attention!
Tess: Anna?!
Anna: What?!
Tess: I think you know I pay attention, Anna. Enough to know that you got an F in English today.
Anna: Well, Mr. Bates is out to get me.
Tess: Oh, him too?
Anna: Yeah. You know, he just looks for ways to torture me. Like the one time Jake even spoke to me, he totally...
Tess: Who's Jake?
Anna: He's just nobody.
Tess: You say I'm not interested, Anna. I'm interested. Try me.
Anna: Okay, he's just this really amazing guy, Mom.
Tess: Where'd you meet him?
Anna: Detention, but...
Tess: [Laughing] That's promising.
Anna: See? Do you see? Why do I even bother telling you anything?
Ryan: Okay, who's up for Chinese?


  • Mondays are manic. Wednesdays are wild. And Fridays are about to get a little freaky.
  • Get Your Freak On August 1.
  • Every teenager's nightmare...turning into her mother.
  • They've always been in each other's faces. Today they're in each other's bodies.


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