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Fred W. Friendly (October 30, 1915March 3, 1998) was a president of CBS News and the creator, along with Edward R. Murrow, of the documentary television program See It Now. He originated the concept of public-access television cable TV channels.


  • No mighty king, no ambitious emperor, no pope, or prophet ever dreamt of such an awesome pulpit, so potent a magic wand.
    • p.vii, Foreword, Presidential Television, A Twentieth Century Fund report, Newton N. Minow, John Bartlow Martin, Lee M. Mitchell, Basic Books, 1973.
  • Television makes so much at its worst that it can't afford to do its best.
    • Source: US News & World Report 12 Jun 67, After becoming professor of broadcast journalism at Columbia University)
  • Television was supposed to be a national park. (Instead) it has become a money machine... It’s a commodity now, just like pork bellies.
    • Quoted by Rushworth M Kidder “Videoculture” Christian Science Monitor 10 Jun 85
  • A composite is a euphemism for a lie. It's disorderly. It's dishonest and it's not journalism.
    • Commenting on New Yorker staff writer Alastair Reid's use of composite characters.
    • p. 65, The interplay of influence: mass media and their publics in news, advertising, politics, Wadsworth series in mass communication, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Edition 2, Wadsworth, 1988.
  • "I have a motto: My job is not to make up anybody's mind but to make the agony of decision making so intense that you can escape only by thinking."

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