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Frederick William Lanchester (23 October 1868 – 8 March 1946) was a British polymath, who also published poetry under the pseudonym Paul Netherton-Herries.


  • The salmon may be cited as typically fish-shaped fish.
    • Aerodynamics, constituting the first volume of a complete work on aerial flight (1906), Chapter 1, page 33
  • On this question of armour it cannot be too strongly insisted that anything less than the thickness necessary definitely to stop the projectile is worse than useless; a "mushroomed" bullet, possibly accompanied by a few detached fragments of steel, is infinitely more disagreeable and dangerous than a bullet which has not been upset.

About Lanchester[edit]

  • Mr. Lanchester seems to be the first man who has considered and mastered the fact and theory of every phase of the subject before sitting down to write.
    • "The Morning Post," October 27th, 1908, reviewing one of his books on aeronautics.

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