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Freedom Force is a real-time tactical role-playing game developed by Irrational Games and published by Electronic Arts and Crave Entertainment in 2002. The player guides a team of superheroes as they defend Patriot City from a variety of villains, monsters, and other menaces. The game's budget was $2 million. A sequel, Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich was self-published in early March 2005.


Minuteman: Perhaps that double-crosser lefts some clues in this park to his whereabouts

Praetor: Glory to you, Lord Dominion, may all your conquests be merciless
Dominion: Praetor, how many dimensions have I conquered
Praetor: Nearly all of them, my lord
Dominion: NEARLY all except one, look at that planet, do you know what it's called? Earth, Earth, why, they haven't even discovered that other dimensions exist yet, can you imagine a planet so primitive?
Praetor: Lord dominion, who is that?
Dominion: His name is Clobber Johnson, he sits on death row awaiting execution for a triple murder, do you know why he killed? For a $20 watch and some costume jewellery, such small imaginations. What if we were not to destroy this planet Earth?
Praetor: You cannot be serious my lord! That puny planet is the only thing that lies between you and utter control of the universe!
Dominion: You have little imagination, lackey. I intend Earth to be destroyed, but it would amuse me if it were to destroy itself.
Praetor: But how can a planet destroy itself?
Dominion: we shall give them the power of energy x!
Dominion: Not ALL the Earthlings, you fool! seek out the greediest, basest and most corrupt of their number. To THESE wretches we shall give power beyond their imagination, make them stronger, smarter and better than their fellow man. Earthling has killed Earthling since the dawn of time, energy x will simply allow them to finish the job
Praetor: They will destroy themselves utterly, I shall put our scientists to work immediately.

Mentor: The entire supply of energy x is aboard this freighter, mustn't let myself be seen
Domain Pilot: Hey, who's there?
(an energy attack sound is heard)
Praetor: My lord, someone is hijacking the ship
Dominion: You Fool! scramble the fleet, stop him with your very lives, I'll have his corpse...Or Yours!

Mentor: These gates are frozen solid
Minuteman: Allow me to...Break the ice

Deja Vu: You are sad and all alone, cheer yourself with a Psycho clone

Deja Vu: My new clones see me as an idol, too bad they're all Homicidal!

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