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French Rarebit is a 1951 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies animated short, directed by Robert McKimson and written by Tedd Pierce. Released June 30, 1951, the cartoon features Bugs Bunny. The title is a takeoff on "Welsh rarebit", which is also known as "Welsh rabbit".

Directed by Robert McKimson. Produced by Edward Selzer. (uncredited) Story by Tedd Pierce.

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • Don't they look yummy yummy?
  • Now just an odie calone minute, doc!
  • Something tells me this grey hare is in the middle again.


Bugs Bunny: Of course, if you really want to make something good, nothing beats a good old Louisiana Back-bay Bayou Bunny Bordelaise, a la Antoine.
François: A la Antoine? ZE Antoine of New Orleans?
Bugs Bunny: I don't mean Antoine of Flatbush.

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