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Frenzo Harami is a British rapper from London, England.


Song Lyrics[edit]

Chaabian Boyz: Volume 1 (2019)[edit]

  • They tried to ban a burka, They couldn’t ban a hoodie. We still out here screaming "Teri pehn di puddi!"

Gundeh Paseh (2019)[edit]

  • Yo, my namaaz is getting rusty, I ain't prayed in a long time brudda trust me. I should be in a jubbah with a tasbih, Should have been in Jummah but I was up in country.
    • "Dil Da Raami"

Chaabian Boyz: Volume 2 (2020)[edit]

  • My young G's rolling with the sotti, I'm in the kitchen cooking up the bhoti. I'm in the trap house with a moti, I told that fat bitch "Go make me a roti"
    • "Raamiya (Putta Kam)"

Chaabian Boyz: Volume 2 (2020)[edit]

  • And I've got some slores on for the weekend, Cocaine, I get more gone like Freeman. We hit the strip, take over in the weekend, Then move to another hood, Adam Deacon
    • "Saari Raat"

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