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Friedrich Heinrich Feuerbach (29 September 180624 January 1880) was a German philologist and philosopher. In the 1840s, he played an important role disseminating materialist and atheist philosophy.


  • No salvation outside of humanity! These words contain the whole of the religion of the future.
    • Cp. Feuerbach, F., Die Religion der Zukunft. Zurich, 1843, p. 33.
  • Not irreligion, not unbelief in the dogmas of the religious communities into which people happen to be born, no! lack of love and ignorance are the two main sources of all earthly calamities.
    • Feuerbach, F., Gedanken und Tatsachen. Ein Beitrag zur Verständigung über die wichtigsten Bedingungen des Menschenwohles. Hamburg, 1862, p. 12.
  • Love of humanity … belongs undeniably to the conditions of human welfare; but if it consists in mutual assistance in the striving for happiness and wellbeing, and if this happiness and wellbeing consist above all – as is likewise undeniable – in the satisfaction of our inborn natural drives and the development of our natural powers … [then] the most fertile soil for love of humanity will evidently not be the belief that human nature is thoroughly degenerate and worthless, but rather in the view according to which we regard it [viz., human nature] as the essentially and generally acceptable foundation and condition of all our being, feeling, thinking and striving…
    • Feuerbach, F., Gedanken und Tatsachen. op. cit. Hamburg, 1862, p. 4. Tr. V.I. Chastra.

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