Friendly Persuasion (film)

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'Friendly Persuasion is the title of a film released in 1956, starring Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire and Anthony Perkins.


Memorable quotes regarding violence include:

  • "Are you afraid to fight?"
  • "I often ask myself what I would do if I saw my family threatened... my wife and children's lives in danger"
  • "They're just humans like us"
  • "It's wrong to fight."
  • "I wonder what it feels like to die?"
  • "This is our home, we'll not leave it"
  • "If I'm going down... I'm going down fighting."
  • "Any man who kills innocent women and children is my enemy ... my mortal enemy!"
  • "Thee wants to get out and fight and give thee live for what thee believes. Anyone of us here is ready im sure to do that. But that's not what thee will be asked to do - no Josh. What thee'll be asked to do ... is to kill"
  • "Thou Shalt Not Kill!"
  • "I hate fighting... I don't want to die!.. I don't know if I could kill anyone if I tried!... but I have to try so long as others have too!"
  • "I'm just his father, Eliza, not his conscience..."
  • "A man's life ain't worth a hill of beans 'cept he lives up to his own conscience."
  • "Come back alive!"
  • "Your thinking may have changed, Purdy, but your hav'nt. Last week you told my son he was going to hell for fighting, this week your telling Jess he's got to fight. Whatever is right for Purdy has got be right for everyone else!"
  • "I like to see someone holding out for a better way of settling things."
  • "Kill a Johnny Reb for me" - "Never talk that way about a man's life"
  • "He's not very old ... I killed him."
  • "Thee did what thee had to."

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