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Frigid Hare is a Merrie Melodies short, released on October 8, 1949. It is directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese. The title can be seen as a simple play on "frigid air" and/or on the refrigerator brand called "Frigidaire".

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • I always wanted a nice, long formal vacation. Let's go, kid.
  • Wait a minute, this don't look like Miami Beach to me. Hmm... this looks more like California. Now, let's see, uh... hmm. South Pole? Oh, I get it. I shoulda turned left at Albuquerque!
  • Ohhh, Always somethin’! I’ll never get to Miami!


Bugs Bunny: [first lines] Miami Beach at last! Make way! Yahoo! [Bugs splashes into the water causing the splash to turn frozen] Owwwww! [Bugs turns blue and shivers] Oh, broken ice cubes! It’s freezin’! Brrrr!

Bugs Bunny: Watch Where you’re goin’!
Eskimo: [arrives in a flash] Huh?
Bugs Bunny: Eh, What’s Up, Doc?
Eskimo: [speaking gibberish]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, you mean that little guy?

[The Eskimo falls in love]

Bugs Bunny: [laughing gibberish]
Eskimo: [kissing]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, you Darling!

[chase music starts, Bugs in a female Eskimo suit hits the male Eskimo with a fish. Bugs takes off the suit, (offscreen, only the head goes down.) Bugs slides with his feet on the snow, and the Eskimo chases him. the second scene shows Bugs and the Eskimo slide down from the right side of the hill. The third scene is viewed from a cliff, Bugs slides there first, the camera goes through his feet, and turns to the second cliff. The Eskimo jumps next, and chases Bugs to where the giant hole is. In the fourth scene Bugs stretches his legs at the start of the giant hole, Bugs zooms on, which the Eskimo is behind him. During the hole, Bugs still has his legs stretched and still being chased. At the end, the Eskimo is not shown, Bugs gasps with no sound that another hole is smaller than the big one, but this time Bugs’ legs stretched the wrong way. At the next hole, Bugs is getting mad, and he is starting to coil his legs. At the final three holes, they are smaller than the last two, and Bugs keeps coiling his legs, until he reaches the end of coiling. Bugs opens his mouth, and uncoils his legs (offscreen) and at the end of the chase, Bugs is happy, but got squashed by the Eskimo, and the Eskimo’s backside and Bugs’ feet and bottom of legs are shown.]

Bugs Bunny: [in London-Brooklyn accent] Shall we dance? [the Eskimo stares at him.] Oh, wait a minute, you big baboon! [Ice starts to crack]

[Ice cracks again]

Eskimo: Mm-hmm.

[Ice continues to crack]

Bugs Bunny: Stop Breathing so hard!

[Ice cracks one more time, casing the duo to slide]

Eskimo: Ah... Ah... Ah...

[Bugs covers the Eskimo's nose]

Eskimo: Ahhhhh...
Bugs Bunny: ACHOO!

[Ice cracks completely looking like a sideways "L". Playboy Penguin arrives, a drop of water slides through the fully cracked ice, causing them on the ice to fall. He runs to get a bucket of water, which stops the cracked ice from falling.]

Bugs Bunny: Hehe. Whatta dope! What an Eskimo Pie-Head!

[The Eskimo stares at him, then lets go of the ice, causing him to fall into the water on a whale, and in the final scene, Playboy Penguin heads to Bugs.]

Bugs Bunny: Oh, you again! Well, scram! You've already ruined my vacation! Why, I ought to bang you one on your little kisser.
[Playboy Penguin starts crying, his tears turn into ice cubes]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, all right, all right! Turn off the ice factory. There, that's better. I'm sorry, but what am I gonna do with only four days vacation left? Huh? Well, now what?
[Playboy Penguin whispers into Bugs' ear]
Bugs Bunny: What? You mean the days are six months long up here? Wow! If I stay up here, I won't have to be back to work 'till July, 1953. [puts on top hat and tails] I always wanted a nice, long formal vacation. Let's go, kid.

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